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How r u?

im good, wbu?

hey there


a girl who likes you

no thanks


who are you?!

How r u

im good wbu?

Am the same age as you and I don't look my age either I look older so you ain't the only person lol.

LOL :p.

you don't look like your 16 you look older

oh good..

How old are you?


do u think im cute?? xx


Yahoooo ya cute ;)


Your really cute btw xx


is today your birthday

yes, gbl ams bs tawni ad5l

I like your page ^.^ ,, so, Which level you are in English ? I saw you written some answers in English


what do you mean by level?

My birthday is one day after yours ! Im may 12!!

what year were you born in?

Top 5 Favorite Songs?

eminem - beautiful
eminem - when i'm gone
skylar grey - words
thats it ~

What do you miss?

my dad

how old r u?

15, ill be 16 next saturday ..

who are you??

I'm Abdullah.

why do you wanna be a player?

'cause i can play ..

sometimes I think I Am ................      |"what often you think of yourself ?!

crazy ..

ask me a question