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does anyone know if austin has admitted to being in love with ally? also has anybody seen the epiosde where the what the card says and what is in it did austin say ally i love you in it? i just need to know
They haven't said that. And we found out what the card says in Roadtrips & Reunions.
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What role is Laura marano playing on liv and maddie
She plays Fang, a werewolf woman
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What is your favorite moment from Austin and ally season 3
Either when the cast sings the Mash-Up or when Austin sings Stuck On You to Ally :)
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What is the "WhatIsWhat" week? I live in Germany and don't know what it is..  L.A.♡
It's when other Disney Channel stars guest star on other tv shows
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I think everyone austin and ally fan should keep trending #austinandallyseason4:)
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is it true that R5 will be in A&A ibe time?
They were about to be on an episode. But hopefully if we get a S4, they will guest star!
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When is the #WhatTheWhat week?
It's during the weekend. April 11-13
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When comes the next promo? And what's its name?  L.A.♡
The next episode is #DivasAndDirectors. The promo should play during the #WhatTheWhat week or at least the week before
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Austin and De are still into comic books? Talk about kids at heart
They are :)
You don't live in the USA, so how do you tweet updates for us? And how and where do you watch the episodes!? Remember the Writers said it's copyright infringement. Please reply.
Actually I am from the US.
Will Grace Phipps be in A&A?  Connie Medina Reyes
Yes she will :) she will be in #DivasAndDirectors
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If u had to schoose ur fav a and a ep wat would it be?
That's tough! There are so many good ones and so much more coming! But if I did...probably Glee Clubs & Glory
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Do you think stuck on you was sung directly to ally
It could've been. It seemed like it to me :) #Auslly
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Was Nicole Anderson in A&A? and which episode
I don't think she was.
Is after episode Critics and Confidence will be episode Fashion Shows & First Impressions?
I'm pretty sure it's #DirectorsAndDivas due to Disney channel's What The What weekend of premieres.
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Where are you from? :)
Sonic Boom ;)
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I think A&A is just BEST SERIES EVER ! We need a season 4 !!!! Is that possible?? :D
We hope there will be! #AustinAndAllySeason4
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That picture with Austin and Dez with action figures Which episode is that from?
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I know this may be a bit irrelevant but i need your opinion on this: A.N.T farm's season finale is coming soon. First Shake it up, then Good Luck Charlie, now ANT farm. After that the question will be: Will Jessie be the next show to go? Or Austin and Ally? (since people are anxious for season 4)
It's up to Disney on that one.
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It is true that Selena Gomez will come out in the third season?? (Is that I'm from Mexico and still fail the third season)  Jessica Martinez
No I don't think so
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Remember that girl BB from Glee Clubs and Glory? She hates everything? Man what is that girl's problem?
It's just who she is. You cant judge her just because of that. She helped Austin & Ally out in the competition. She isn't the bad guy
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what happend on critics and confidence? ????
We'll have to wait and see ;)
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Do you know if Austin & Ally will ever be on Netflix?  Alaina
I'm not sure on that
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did trish and roger break up?
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How many times have you voted for Ross for the KCAs?  Alaina
A lot. #VoteRossLynch #KCA
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