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Ask questions related to the Disney Channel Original series, Austin & Ally. Starring: Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez & Calum Worthy Watch Austin & Ally on Disney Channel @ 8:30/7:30c
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Is there will be a season 4 coming out still doing season 3 on Austin and ally
Season 3 is still airing. And season 4 begins production in the fall.
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We'll see. We'll see ;)
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Why are you so sure that no one of cast has  Queen Of Kings
Because none of them do. They have never said anything about them.
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Did you know today is #1YearOfStealYourHeart ?
Haha I did! I just tweeted about it! Crazy how time flies!
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Do you ship raura?
People will follow their own hearts ;)
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Austin and Ally do really love each other, but some people think it'll get way serious, last year someone suggested an Auslly sex scene. They've got to get in their heads that this is a Disney show not a teen drama
Haha well the majority of the viewers are at least 14+ and they were just kidding about that
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Ally really needs work on walking in heels dont you think?
Ally wears heels all the time. I think they meant high(er) heels.
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This isn't a question about A&A but i love your acc on twitterWould you want to visit Sweden :)
Aw thank you! I would love to visit Sweden!
What is funny moment on the show of Austin and ally
There's so many!
Favorite show
Austin & Ally! Haha
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oooww do directors have an
No they do not have one. None one of the cast or crew has one.
What is your favorite Disney movie
The Little Mermaid or Frozen :)
Is there a possibility that austin and ally will air in the Philippines?
I'm not sure. I do not control or have a say in that.
do you have rainis skype snapchat or number
No. The cast doesn't give out personal accounts or info
do you have calums number skype or snapchat
to they tweet you back????
do you have lauras skype
No I do not
do you have lauras snapchat
Laura may have a snapchat but she has said she does not know how to work it and she probably would not share it with people she does not know personally.
do you talk to laura raini ross and calum
I tweet them yes :)
are you often on the set
I'm not part of the cast or crew. Just a regular fan. :)
do ross and laura do cute stuff on the set  kiara
The whole cast has a blast together on and off set. :)
who runs this account
A huge fan of the show :)
Do you guys got your own Instagram account yes or no
Yes. It's AustinAllyFacts.
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When will RL&RC come out?
No info has been released past the August dates yet.
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when will austin ad ally air in the philippines?
I'm not sure. I'm sorry.
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