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Ask questions related to the Disney Channel Original series, Austin & Ally. Starring: Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez & Calum Worthy Watch Austin & Ally on Disney Channel @ 8:30/7:30c
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Why not Raura?:$  Raky Saby
I never said I didn't ship it.
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Is there Raura ?? say Laura has a boyfriend, is that true?  Laura Fox
That's their own personal business. Not ours.
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Auslly or Raura ? :)
Auslly, but people have the right to choose what their heart tells them. :)
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what do you think Ross?  I'M #R5Family
He's a great guy! He's super talented and (in the words of Laura) a sweetheart.
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Laura has ask?
No she doesn't
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Who are you? A fan of A&A Or who?
Just a fan :)
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Laura and Ross are very close?
Yes they are very close friends. Both have said so.
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Why haven't you got verified account on Twitter?
Haha I'm not sure.
How many episodes of season 4 have you filmed so far?
Since filming started, probably 3-4 episodes
Which is your favorite TV show?
Austin & Ally
Whwn is R&RC coming?
November 23rd.
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Are you excited for the season finale?
Super excited!
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In videos and villains will be some Auslly scene?
We'll have to wait and find out.
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Does anyone from the cast have a secret Twitter or an
No they do not
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Dez still not revealed his surname ?
Yes he has. It's Wade.
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For starters, will I be talking to the cast or the writers of the show?
What do you mean? I'm a just a fan-run account :)
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Austin & Ally they are couple in the next episode?
I would assume, yes.
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Do you have any links for videos and villains promo?
There is no promo for #VideosAndVillains yet. Promos are usually released 1-2 weeks before the episode airs.
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Know when go to start to record the 4th season of Austin & Ally ?
Production and live tapings (as the creators have said before) start in mid-October.
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Do you like Auslly? <3 <3
Of course!
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I hope you all stay together as a cast. It's happened too many times when someone's written off the show, or someone is replaced. Do you all expect to stay together?
Considering how close the cast is, they wouldn't replace or write off anyone. It wouldn't be the same.
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They should make an episode when Austin, Ally Trish and Dez get mad at each other for some reason and they stop talking, but near the end they are shown a film of all the good times they had and that they've been through a lot worse, and they reconcile. Excellent idea?
Aw I'd love it! My heart would break but I'd love to see that
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How do you feel about Trish actually maintaining a job at the beach club? Do you miss her switching jobs every day?
I'm quite proud of Trish for holding down a job. But yes, i do miss her not switching jobs every so often
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Remember in BC and BFFs when Ally and Trish's friendship is tested with Kira coming between them?. They shoud make an episode when Austin and Dez's friendship is tested by something
They have. In #WorldRecordsAndWorkWreckers, both Austin and Dez competed against each other for the record holder's spot. Thanks to Ally, they realized that they were best friends and shouldn't fight. But in the end, both lost the challenge.
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