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What time did you wake up this morning?
7 am
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http://ask.fm/TBTofy/answer/116075030352#_=_ اذا ماعليك امر لايك على الرابط اول مره اشترك $  طاريكك آربكني ♥
wtf ?
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Hello, it's me the old Lina:$  Lina
Yes I remember you<33
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مبارك عليك الشهر
علينا وعليك
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مين الشخص اللي فقدته اليوم ع السفره ؟  GIRL WITH FRIZZY HAIR ♛
محد الحمدلله
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كل عام وأنتم بخير ومبارك عليكم الشهر❤️  Migo✨
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Ramdan karem w kul sanh w entu 6yben w b97h w slamh yarb <3  EbtihalAH
ameen wyaki<3
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Hello beautiful! Do you know that there is someone loves you and want to make your day? So be happy and never be sad, many people loves to see you happy and you deserve that, think of what makes you happy and smile you're amazing and your smile is more than amazing ♡  To Make Everybody Happy ❤
aww thannkk you i was really depressed but you made my day better "(<33
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say advice ?*MF*  EbtihalAH
stay true to yourself
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What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
chili <3<3
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N7BK <3  N.A.A'blocked
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Dy Alejazh 3barh 3n(...)?*MF*  EbtihalAH
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Do you think about your future a lot?  NadineTA
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Do you lick your fingers after eating chocolate ;p?  NadineTA
who doesn't ;p?
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http://ask.fm/AGM77/answer/110842234653 m3lesh bs ash y3ne an6wa2e =)) :(?
يعني شخص مو اجتماعي منعزل عن العالم
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nhayt ur pin E66?
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the meaning of happines ?  Ayman
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i found my happiness in (....................)  SHADI.MOHAMMED
food duh
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My Following: Lw ja A7d w agulk Atmny Eli Tbyh Esh 7tkon Dy Alamany <3?  EbtihalAH
shy fe baly
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if you had the chance to pick 3 persons and stay with them all the life ' who would they are ?
ro2a and renad and fay
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someone asked me to make your day , you are lovely and amazing no wonder why people loves you , you've got a smile that a billion of people will die for , so keep smiling cause that's what we all love , and we love you for sure  Your day maker
awww how cuttee :(
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My Following:Girls esh aktr she yjthbkm fe al3yal boys nfs alshe ?;p  EbtihalAH
معرف بس انجذب للشخص الانطوائي
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what makes you fell happy ?*Following*  EbtihalAH
اي شي
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Sh59 Mn ktr 7bkum Lyh Nfskm T9'rboh <3=))?*Following*  EbtihalAH
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Ash5a9 Y9'7kok Mn Gulb =)))<3?*MF*  EbtihalAH
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