Alaa @AGM77
Alaa @AGM77
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Can you sing?
Only when I'm in a good mood lol
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What is the most embarrassing moment of your life ؟ -mf-  AbeerGh+
لما يكون فيه ناس كثير وكلهم يتكلمو واصواتهم عالية وانا قاعدة اصرخ ﻷختي *dead*عشان تسمع وكلهم فجأة يسكتو وصوتي يطلع ويطالعو فيا
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السعاده تشبه :  AbeerGh+
Cheesy fries:(
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وش الاهم عندكم النوم ولا الاكل؟  AbeerGh+
It's like choosing between water and oxygen:(
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One wish ✨?  روي .
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*im back* So2al Llgirls Nw Lmn T5rjo Tswo Makeup Wla la ;p=))*MF*?  EbtihalHM✨
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*MF*eda s2lkom 7gen alriyadh fen alb7r w almallat wdohm 3la alm6ar :) krehen bshkl:)  Azzam₹
استغفرالله خير يابويا واقفين على قلبك هما؟ولا البلد بإسمك على غفلة؟
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*MF* km nsbkom ya nkbt almustgbal=))?  Azzam₹
Lsa ma 6l3t bs enshallah kwysa
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Looollo :( I'm back I miss youuuu w kda :( :$
I don't know what to say..
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شي يسعدك <٣ :  روي .
لما اقرأ او اسمع قرآن ❤❤️
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اكثر مادة تكرهونها؟  AbeerGh+
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شي ممكن يغير مزاجك للأحسن؟  AbeerGh+
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*MF* klma jmela lkom bagi 3la alejaza 4 ayam:$=))  Azzam₹
Well my vacation starts tomorrow horrayy
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Esh t3lmtu mn Mamtkum ;p<33 ?
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كم عندك اخوات واخوان
5 sisters ,idon't have brothers
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How many messages do you send per day?
i don't count:)
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كلمات اغنيه بتحبها ؟  M7md Abdulwa7id
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Shy fek mst7il yt3'er? -MF-  روي .
M3rf wllah
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6yb ya5i la t39b :( :$ =)) !
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Meennnn ya 8lbi :( ?
3la asas bgol hna:)
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Loloo tb3'iii arw7 afjroo ely mnti myta 3leeh da 8ooli bs enti ya8bli Amri bs :( <3
Omg ewa bellah
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What age are you scared of?
Scared of?
1 person likes this haa Looloti keef kan ale5tbar :(
1 person likes this Loolo Ana a6fsh mn aldnya klhaa ely enti :( <3
Who is this??<33
1 person likes this 7ubkk br99 enshallah hya back off a7slk :) !!!
What the actual fuck
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