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abdulllah.i.h @AHI00
Hey Welcome To My Page <3 So My Name Is Abdullah .. if you wanna know anything about me just ask ;*
if you wanna know anything about me just ask ;*
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لا بلا عبط يعني ما حبيت وحده ؟
Alwaldah <3
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مدينه ودك تسافرلها؟
Las vigas
Ma 3mrk 7beet ?
Ela 7bet omi w aboy w al3yal
ياخي احس انك تحوب
T7ub hhhh la walla ma a7b
i'm T
La walla y3ni 3rft ke4a !!
i miss you wallah:"(
Meen ?
abduallah hiw are you?:*
Tmam meen ?
Momken likes plz :)❤️  خ.
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Hey , how r u  ℰƪ wàǮŗà ❥
im fine
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مين جنبك
mzhryah :)
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Do you already have app for iPhone?
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3ndk 7beba ow 5wya ow tkalm ow yemkn 3ndk
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شخص ودك تحاكيه اللحين !! اسمه !! وايش يعني لك !!
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*/ يقول المثل { . . . . } !!
يامن شرى له من حلاله عله =D
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If you could leave tomorrow with a one-way ticket, where would you go?
las vegas :D
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What is your favourite TV show?
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انت تدخن ؟
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City or countryside? What do you prefer?
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Follow me twitter ‎@rouni1414
Ma 3ndi twitter
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ليه ماتحط صورتك ؟
H4a ask mu b6agt a7wal :D
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Do you tolerate heat or cold better?
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Do you remember your first day at school?
Eeeeee Knt Al3b cycal fe al,sa7ah :$
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What are the most comfortable shoes?
My shose :p
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Do you have account in twitter ?
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