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اللهم صلي وسلم على حبيبك ..
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6b3n 4'ebaan
F ayt jam3a d5lt ? :P
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ela amz7=d bs gol 3ashan fi bint 7tmut 3alek o tba t3rf:p
mu lazm
Eash klw l3ab y3ni?!=D
le tfkerkm kda? alwa7d ma ymz7
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Taken or single?
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Beellaah :) allah al 3'ny agdr ansak mn 3'eer musa3dt a7d shkrn
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al8llb w maa y3shh88 ♥
aha okay
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La t7lf l2nk mo 3arf
elaa walla
Lo knt 7ass nfs e7sasi kan 3rftni w jetni , etha ma 3rft men ana yseer ma abak t3rf w nskt 3la almo9'o3
wallahi 3aref!!!
what if i cant stop thinking about you ? What if i can't replace you ? No one will be my king after you remeber that my one and only <3
i hope to know who are you
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7sabi fen ?! Kik ?
Laa ya5i d7een 5la9
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M7d shaf a7md rbk l78tk
i dont care amout anybody
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Pet y3ni 7ywan aleef allah y9l7k
god dammit=))
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Esh okay aho ?
if you need me come to me
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Arkani need you
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5lene sakta a7sn =p
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Ma shoft bnt labsa 3baya rmade 6al3t feek 3nd albab w mshyt=))
لا والله مين انتي
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Shoftkkkk gbl shwya =''')
sub7an allah 7ta ana shftk
What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
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but ur still in luv ! ur hearts taken
le mraaa mhtma bda almw9'o3?
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ashoof twitter wo ask kateeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
سو كيوت سوي فولو ف تويتر