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Where would you like to live?
I wouldn't go anywhere ,, I love where i live here with my family and my friends <3 ,, but i would like to visit many places ..
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7abet agool lik enik a7yanan t7aseseen elli gdamik enik shayfa nfsik o ma y3jbik shay o a7yanan eslobik y9eer mo 7lo, knt abi agool lik wjhat n'6ari bs ;*
wjht n'6rk 3la 3eni w rasy ,, w akeed mo g9d mni lma aswii k4aa emkn akon mo mntbha ...
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If you could name a star in the galaxy what would you name it?
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What do u thank now ?
i thanks Allah ,,
or if you mean what do u think now ?
I'm thinking about Sleep
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Should we read a lot of books?
of course we should ,,
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If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?
Loooool math ;p ,, maybe something in law ..
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مين اكثر شخص تغارين منه او تتمنين تصيرين مثله!!
اغار مافيه ,, بس اتمنى اكون مثله اللي يعجبني ستايله ولاجماله ;)
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اذا سالتك من انت ايش راح يكون جوابك
انا بنت محظوظة بوجود اهلي حواليني وصحباتي ,,
احاول اثبت نفسي باخلاقي وطموحي ودراستي ..
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What's the movie that made you cry?
actually i don't cry on movies ,,
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