txrtlepower❗️ @AbbieFarmer
txrtlepower❗️ @AbbieFarmer
16|Uk|Straight| I don't think you understand how easily you make me smile.✨
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Picture of your uvula :)
Why just why omg.
Yup that's moi
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15 likes + follow for the first 3 likers only?
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honesty hour?
Go 4 it!
When do you feel the most comfortable?
Around my family
Do you prefer talking or texting?
Talking texting takes more effort lol.
post a picture of your stomach, who ever likes it thinks you have a great figure
I'll pass
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?
Ummm Nash Grier obv
Which word do you use most often?
How often do you change your mobile phone?
Only when it breaks. Not wasting my money on phones.
Why do some people enjoy life and others don’t?
They think of all the negative things In life &what could go wrong. In instead of thinking of all the great things in life & letting go of their worries.
What do you miss?
My childhood & school days.
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?
Always try your best. If your best isn't good enough so be it.
What celebrity irritates you the most?
Niki Minaj
How do you ask people out?
How do you ask people out?
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How can you tell that someone is lying?
When they say nothing is wrong & you tell in there words & facial expressions something is wrong. Sigh.
Are you scared of the dark?
Are you scared of the dark?
Do you wear a watch?
So if I buy 10? XD
Do you wear a watch?
Pap of full hands
I'm literally self conscious of showing my full hands..
Pizza or choc
Pizza ✅
What would you change about yourself?
My hair & skin colour urgh wanna b tan.
First liker gets 30 likes?
I wish there was a spam box on here.
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What is the meaning of the life in one word?
If you could have one wish what would you wish for?
For me and my family to live a long & happy life❤️
whats ur username on chatous?
Chatous? I don't have it sorry.