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Abbie throneberry @Abbiethroneberry
ask away
RSS answers
hay babe ilysm
Hottest sophomores at ike?
lol tb to 7th grade
Where did u buy your hoco dress
Group usa
can I eat ur ass
lmaoo nah
your really pretty Abbie
what do you think about the juniors this year?
lol idk
lemme see ur hoco dress
you'll see @ hoco
wow thank ya
are you going with people??
yuup im on a bus
can't wait to see you at homecoming!
your so gorgeous omfg wish I was you
thank youu!
you cheated on jake??
wtffff noo never everrrr !!!
Ur one of the prettiest sophmores
thank u!:)
is Sophia hall pretty?
yes she's so nice :))
prettiest juniors?
They're all pretty <3
you have pretty hair- is it natural?
thanks && yeahh
Sophia tini is ur bestfriend ?
one of them yeaa
Whts ur opinion of Kaylee Duffey
she's nice & sweet & pretty but we don't really talk:))
do you like Ike?
I like Ike I just hate school lol
My gosh, you are incredibly beautiful!
thank youu!
Spanish, english,3D crafts, algebra, history, biology
R u ready for school tomorrow
oh ya totally ya
Personal opinion of Danny Smyk
he's rlly nice & funny..we don't talk really
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Still dating that boy?
ya & that boys name is jake :))
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