Abbie throneberry @Abbiethroneberry
ask away
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How big are your boobs
not even sure tbh
Would you post a pic of you in a bikini
Lol idkk
hahahahaha u are cute my friend .. haha who am I !!!!
yeah. really.
U know sth… this was a big fucking mistake  Aboude E Elmeida
tf are u?
R u rich
In happiness :))
how can someone now u .. like to contact u ? :)
Ur insta pic❤️ but ur shirts see through
thanksss & ehh :/
Best ass workouts?
so them squatzz
if I was the president I'll totally give her a health care :)
oh good
are u open for new friends ??
always need friends
What gym class are you taking
already took gym in 9th grade..never again
Is it okay if a guy grabs your ass
LMFAOO just my bæ
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Are you gonna miss not going to school with Jake
omfg yess but it will be ok<3
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Are you nervous about going to Ike? I'm sooooo scared! Bc I've never been there and I feel like I'm gonna get sooo lost! Any advice?
nope I'm not! just go a couple days before school when u get your classes & practice walking around school & find where ur classes are:)
Do you know your way around Ike?
nope not really haha
R u nd Calista friends
yeaah she's sweet<3
Y r u so gorgeous?????
thank you!
Would u b friends wit Anya if she wasnt friends wit Abigail
I like Anya she's cool!
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common his not that bad ..why didn'T U ??
my grandma should have health care
If you were to see someone at school sitting alone during lunch would you go and sit by them?
well yeah maybe. some people like to be alone
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did you vote for Obama ?
hell no
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When is homecoming and why get a dress so early?
Oct 4 & so theirs more dresses at stores
What song do you love to dance to?
Any song :)
Like fuck me man