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Closest one
Sophia & steph
Best friend?
I got more than one <3 can't pick
Is jake on the football team at Ike
If I haven't had my first kiss or bf and I'm 14 is that okay bc most girls have but me! no boys like me!
most boys don't know if they like men or women tbh so yes it's okay boys are stupid..boys like you they're just pussy & won't talk to you first. Just wait<3
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At what age you kissed for the first time?
I hope we have a class together at Ike! We don't ever talk and I really wanna talk to you but I doubt you like me! I hope we have a class together so I can talk to you bc you seem so nice! But if one of Your friends is in a class were in together you wouldn't talk to me! :"(
Aw that's sweet I would love to be ur friend! Talk to me!:)
Hottest girl I've ever seen
wow thanks
u keep getting hottterr
Can't wait to see u next year!
Eat me
No chill
Sext me hot stuff
No man
Ready for Ike ?:)
Babe ;)
prettiest blonde I know...
Thank youu!
jakes so lucky holy fuuuuuck
<3 aww
Wish my hair was blonde so fucking badly
Drivers training was dope I go to lhn
cool dood
Why u so sexy
y r u?
You have nice tits.
do you like people?
oh ya every1
ever dyed ur hair?
no that's stoopid
ur reallllllllly pretty
u too <3