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Name some!
Name some what?
10/10 your soo pretty :) I'm jealous  Caitlynredekopp
Haha thanks! Nothing to be jealous of :)
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Do you have a riding coach? If so who is it?
Yeah I do.
Cutest couples u know in any school ?
There's a lot of cute couples! So idk haha
Who knows the most about you?
Not exactly sure tbh.
Most recent picture on your camera roll?
Most recent picture on your camera roll?
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No problem! :)  Jaedan Carter
Tbh: your gorgeous, and very sweet the few times we hung out you where always helping someone out or just being a good person:)  Jaedan Carter
Thanks jaedan!
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Tbh: we've talked a few times and you're so sweet:) You and tanner are perfect together! You seem likes lot of fun to be around and you are so gorgeous!!  Taylor Hodding
Thanks :) you too
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Waddle waddle !! Miss you miss riding together and I love Kenzie she's such a cutie so much so just come back haha  Danielle Ketola
Workin on it! Miss you too!!
tbh you and tanner are so cute together and your so pretty and you seem really nice :)  kristin berry
Thanks (:
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tbh you're gorgeous, and so nice! definitely one of my favourite grade 10's! :) and you and you and tanner are the cutest!  Jada Brown
Awe thanks Jada :)
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Tbh, i've seen you around school, you're pretty, & seem nice! & you and tanner are cute!  Brittney
Thanks :)
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Tbh: you're really nice and super gorgeous! You and tanner are a really cute couple & I'm super happy to be able to consider you as a friend! You seem like a great person to hangout with!  Kira
Awe, thanks Kira! Same to you❤️
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Tbh we've only hungout like once with Marie but your super nice funny n pretty :)  Tannis Fillion
Thanks tannis! You too :*
How many followers do you have?
Tbh: we use to talk and when we did you gave me such good advice! I look up to you! On top of that you're so gorgeous, funny and nice! You and Tanner are so cute! He better treat you right, message me anytime:)  Riley Smith
Awe thanks Riley! ❤️❤️ I will(:
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You're actually so perfect woah
You're too sweet(:
Tbh; I actually love you! You gave the best advice to me last year and yeah! You're gorgeous and you and tanner are the cutest! Text me :)❤️  Hanna Daniels
Awe love you too! Thanks :* will do! ❤️
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Well, considering tanners your man, and he is also my boy, last time I rated you he told me I should have rated you a 10 because he said that's what you are. So you're a 10  Nathaniel White
Oh, thanks I think aha
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Linkers get tbh
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How do you know her?
I've never met her but I know of her from cam and tanner I guess
Haha still tho
Yeaah, not much i can do bout it now though
All the stuff below
Oh that was a while ago ahah
All of these people talking shit about you make me shake my head.. Like grow a set and tell her in person if you think you're so tough
Who's talkin shit?