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tbh you and tanner are so cute! you're also really nice and gorgeous :)  hayley koers
Thanks :))
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Tbh you are super sweet, and so pretty, also you and tanner are cute :) we should talk more!  jenna howard
Yeah we should :) thanks
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Truth is you and tan man are soulmates  Max hajdu
Thanks :)) haha
Well that's good:)  Jaedan Carter
Yeah! Ha :)
Ya that was me. Pretty sure your the one who said you hated me? Haha but I don't have anything against you.  Jaedan Carter
Haha nope, never said that lol. Either do I.
Tbh your an amazing rider! And your so pretty we just don't get along very well.
Is this jaedan? Aha, I wasn't aware we didn't get along but alright! Thanks aha
Someone who admires from afar
Haha text mee
Truth is, you don't know how lovely you are to me. Thanks for being such a great person!!
Who is this :) :)
Just wanted to remind all you beautiful people how much you mean to someone. Whether its family, a friend, a lover or even me. You're worth it!!!
How kind ❤️
Rates: 9/10  Dylan Svendsen
Thanks dyl
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tbh you're so pretty and it was fun hanging out with you that time at Avs! we should talk more ((:  Tatum Isdahl
I can't believe how awkward I was!! Ahaha! But yeah we should! Thanks :)
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tbh you seem like such a sweet girl your very pretty :)  Sahara
Thanks :)
your my love bird❤️❤️❤️
Tbh you seem sweet and you're really pretty! You and tanner are such a great couple! Id like to get to know you better :)  LK
Text or snapchat me whenever :) thanks! Same to youu!
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Opinion on E cigs?
Don't have any thoughts
tbh, you've always been one of my favourite people that's my're really sweet and you just kinda do your own thing and it's super respectable. I love that you ride horses, you seem to be very good:) you're also very pretty! you and tanner are adorable  Kara Burton
tbh- you're the sweetest! And I love you and tanner! Text me sometime :)  aliina hakala
I will ❤️ thanks
what are you being for Halloween?
Idk something with Taylor
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Tbh you and tanner are good together and you're really nice!  HUMZA
Thanks Humza :)
Tbh your one of the nicest girls I know you are stunning and such a good rider! Your super fun to hang out with and your horse is the cutest! Text me sometime lets hangout  Megan Payne
Thanks Megan! Will do :)
I don't selfie
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what Tanner are you dating?
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Thoughts: Beautiful. Tanner is lucky to have you. He's a dime too. You two are perfect together  Chandler Tolman
Thanks haha
Tbh you and tanner are cute. So are you  Billy Robertson