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did we meet on Chatous yesterday?
6,16,21 :)  Sk
Haha thanks
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Pap of texts
Lol why?
Pap of texts
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8,14,17  Sean Buckland
Thanks :)
Tbh. You're dating tanner so you're a 10 and he's awesome so you're cool too  Chandler Tolman
Haha thanks!
Tbh I don't think we've ever met, but you're super pretty and seem really nice :) you and tanner are really cute too  Sk
Thanks :)
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Was that bad?  Chandler Tolman
No lol
4, 6, 22 :)  jenna howard
Don't have your number but thanks :)
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6, 22  Mackenzie Howard
Tbh: You're so sweet and super pretty! I miss you!!  Kristina Biello
Aw same to you! Miss ya too❤️
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6,22 :)  Emma Rakimov
Thanks :)
8 18 22 :)  dyllanfoote
8,14,18  Chito
Sweetest girls going into grade 9
Jadaaaa❤️❤️❤️ & I'm sure they're all sweet!
7,8,16  Braeden Bucklee
Haha thanks
Tbh we don't talk much but that's ok :/ you and tanner are perfect. See you soon maybe  Sean Buckland
Haha chat me if ya ever want to! Yeah see ya soon!
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6, 16, 22!  Keisha Dixon
9, 17, 18  HUMZA
Thanks :)
What face makeup do you use?
Not sure what it's called
Going to sunfest?
Yeah! Been here for 2 days already
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Tbh; the first time I met you we didn't talk much but you seem very nice and pretty! Also you and Tanner make a cute couple :)  Taylor McCormick
Haha yeahh, and thanks!
Tbh- you are gorgeous and flawless! (:
Aw thanks :)
Add me on snap or something :)  LK
What is it?
6, 21! :)  LK
Thanks :) yeah we should talk
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Oh, I'm sorry haha.  Aidan Harding
Haha it's all good
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