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Someone who admires from afar
Haha text mee
Truth is, you don't know how lovely you are to me. Thanks for being such a great person!!
Who is this :) :)
Just wanted to remind all you beautiful people how much you mean to someone. Whether its family, a friend, a lover or even me. You're worth it!!!
How kind ❤️
Rates: 9/10  Dylan Svendsen
Thanks dyl
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tbh you're so pretty and it was fun hanging out with you that time at Avs! we should talk more ((:  Tatum Isdahl
I can't believe how awkward I was!! Ahaha! But yeah we should! Thanks :)
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tbh you seem like such a sweet girl your very pretty :)  Sahara
Thanks :)
your my love bird❤️❤️❤️
Tbh you seem sweet and you're really pretty! You and tanner are such a great couple! Id like to get to know you better :)  LK
Text or snapchat me whenever :) thanks! Same to youu!
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Opinion on E cigs?
Don't have any thoughts
tbh, you've always been one of my favourite people that's my're really sweet and you just kinda do your own thing and it's super respectable. I love that you ride horses, you seem to be very good:) you're also very pretty! you and tanner are adorable  Kara Burton
tbh- you're the sweetest! And I love you and tanner! Text me sometime :)  aliinahakala
I will ❤️ thanks
what are you being for Halloween?
Idk something with Taylor
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Tbh you and tanner are good together and you're really nice!  HUMZA
Thanks Humza :)
Tbh your one of the nicest girls I know you are stunning and such a good rider! Your super fun to hang out with and your horse is the cutest! Text me sometime lets hangout  Megan Payne
Thanks Megan! Will do :)
I don't selfie
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what Tanner are you dating?
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Thoughts: Beautiful. Tanner is lucky to have you. He's a dime too. You two are perfect together  Chandler Tolman
Thanks haha
Tbh you and tanner are cute. So are you  Billy Robertson
tbh- you're super pretty and seem really nice and I want to get to know you  Olivia
Thannks, snapchat me whenever if ya want
Thoughts your dating tanner which is cool
Oh thanks
tbh you're truely a sweet person, you have good morals & I'm proud to be your friend ❤️
Thanks!❤️ I forget who this is though
Tbh you're attractive and I haven't seen you in forever. Hope you and tanner are good.  ßücky™
Thanks, and ya were good! Ahah see you soon maybe?
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If you were on my level you wouldn't have to ask me that
But what if I'm passed your level
Prove my gut wrong right now