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tbh i dont know who you are sorry:/  Amy Horne
Oh ok.
pap from the dance
My loves❤️❤️
pap from the dance
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Rates: 10/10  Dylan Svendsen
How kind :)
Tbh you and tanner are cute
Oh thanks
Tbh: you are gorgeous and so nice. You are such a good rider and i love your horse! Lets hang out soon:) text me or something. Oh and you and tanner are really cute!  Megan Payne
Will do! Might come to Shannon's tomorrow, I'll text yeah! Thanks Megan ❤️
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tbh; I don't know you but your with tanner so that's pretty cool, you seem nice and your good looking  Kale Eddy
Thanks :)
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101/100  Tanner
Oo thank ya
Tbh: you're really pretty and nice and easy to talk to :)  Sheldon
Thanks :)
Thoughts on; honestly we started off on the wrong foot and I still feel horrible about that but you seem really nice and you're absolutely gorgeous, we don't really talk but you seem really chill:) also you and tanner are quite adorable, I'm gunna have to say 7/10 just cause we don't talk much  Jordanne girard ☀✌
Thanks ahah!
8/10 dont think we have ever talked but tanners a lucky guy, you're good looking  dyllanfoote
Your attractive i dont know you tho 9/10  Brody black
Thoughts on: you are beautiful! You are so easy to talk to and such a sweet girl:) We should hang out soon,i love your horse and you are such a good rider! Also tanner are really cute:)  Megan Payne
Thanks Megan! Same to you! ❤️❤️ yeah we should!
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Tbh your pretty and nice and you and tanner are cute together  Gus Wilson
Thanks gus
tbh flabbs your a pain in the ass but I love you and you put up with my shit so thanks ❤  Amy Horne
A pffttt, how am I a pain in the ass (; but thanks anuuu..
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Ya, I'll do some
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shit I meant 10/10!  Tanner
Haha ok. Thanks :)
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rate 10/19 tbh don't know you but you're attractive and you seem very nice  Tanner
Tbh: I miss being close and talking all the time! You seem like such a nice girl and a really good friend, your hair is Sooo nice! I'm so jealous haha, hope you and tanner are doin good :)  Kirz
I know! We should hang soon! Text me :) thanks ❤️❤️
Tbh: you're tiels girl and I Donno how you put up with him hahah
He's not weird with me hahah thanks
tbh you're such a beautiful girl  Tatum Isdahl
Aw ❤️ you too!
sometimes you seem really nice, sometimes stuckup. how would you describe yourself
I'm usually always nice, unless someone's given me a reason not to be or if I'm having a bad day aha. I don't mean to be "stuck up" if I ever come across that way
Tbh you're a great gal  HUMZA
Gee thanks humza
Tbh you're the nicest girl I know, You're super pretty and you and tanner are so cute!  Riley Smith
Awe thanks Riley :)
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tbh I like that you like tanner :)  Connor Bissett
Deep. I like that I like him too.
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tbh- we don't talk, but you seem like a super sweet girl and you're gorgeous, and you and tanner are really cute:) snap me sometime if you'd like!  hannah
Thanks! You too :) I will!
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