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abby @AbbyDiromCline
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shit I meant 10/10!  Tanner
Haha ok. Thanks :)
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rate 10/19 tbh don't know you but you're attractive and you seem very nice  Tanner
Tbh: I miss being close and talking all the time! You seem like such a nice girl and a really good friend, your hair is Sooo nice! I'm so jealous haha, hope you and tanner are doin good :)  Kirz
I know! We should hang soon! Text me :) thanks ❤️❤️
Tbh: you're tiels girl and I Donno how you put up with him hahah
He's not weird with me hahah thanks
tbh you're such a beautiful girl  Tatum Isdahl
Aw ❤️ you too!
sometimes you seem really nice, sometimes stuckup. how would you describe yourself
I'm usually always nice, unless someone's given me a reason not to be or if I'm having a bad day aha. I don't mean to be "stuck up" if I ever come across that way
Tbh you're a great gal  HUMZA
Gee thanks humza
Tbh you're the nicest girl I know, You're super pretty and you and tanner are so cute!  Riley Smith
Awe thanks Riley :)
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tbh I like that you like tanner :)  Connor Bissett
Deep. I like that I like him too.
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tbh- we don't talk, but you seem like a super sweet girl and you're gorgeous, and you and tanner are really cute:) snap me sometime if you'd like!  hannah
Thanks! You too :) I will!
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Your hot
Oh, thx
Tbh- your so nice and easy to talk to! Your absolutely stunning, and such a great rider! Text me some time lets hangout!  Megan Payne
Will do! I only have Jenna's number though! Ahah! Thanks :)
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tanner!:)  baylee hopwo
I didn't mean to like it, haah! But thanks :)
Post a picture of yourself without any makeup
Gunna go with a no on that one
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oops sorry haha  Olivia
Haha no worries :))
T.T  Olivia
I didn't like the who I'd be cute with one haha! But thanks :)
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Pap of un answered questions?
Pap of un answered questions?
tbh you and tanner are so cute! you're also really nice and gorgeous :)  hayley koers
Thanks :))
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Tbh you are super sweet, and so pretty, also you and tanner are cute :) we should talk more!  jenna howard
Yeah we should :) thanks
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Truth is you and tan man are soulmates  Max hajdu
Thanks :)) haha
Well that's good:)  Jaedan Carter
Yeah! Ha :)
Ya that was me. Pretty sure your the one who said you hated me? Haha but I don't have anything against you.  Jaedan Carter
Haha nope, never said that lol. Either do I.
Tbh your an amazing rider! And your so pretty we just don't get along very well.
Is this jaedan? Aha, I wasn't aware we didn't get along but alright! Thanks aha
Someone who admires from afar
Haha text mee
Truth is, you don't know how lovely you are to me. Thanks for being such a great person!!
Who is this :) :)