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Tbh- you seem nice and you're so pretty, also love your hair (:


Thank you 💗💗

Thoughts on Jada Lee

Detest her and wanna punch her in the face. That's about it

tbh/ ur so so pretty and seem super nice & I think we both hate Hannah so that's cool:-))

anya hermant

Thank you! Hate is an understatement lol😂 you aswell! ☺️

How'd you get sponsored by renard et cheval? And who is Keith Regan?

Keith is who asked me if I wanted to be sponsored. He repps Renard et Cheval

idk you or hannah personally, but this anon is an idiot, because you are clearly more attractive than her, and you don't fuck three new guys a week and you're not super fucked up on coke and shit all the time. so basically what I'm trying to say here is fuck what the anon thinks, you keep doing you.

Thanks anon☺️ but I don't really wanna hear about Hannah anymore soo

idc what the anon says your hot so fuck em lol

sydney robinson

😂😂 thanks Sydney! 💗I don't care what they say so it's all good!!

Hannah is way hotter than you anyways just saying

Yep, doing Coke and Molly and fucking different guys every weekend is so attractive and classy. Honestly I really don't care what you have to say because I know I'm nothing like Hannah and I'm proud to say that, and everyone has their own opinion so whatever floats your boat ☺️

Actually no

Actually yeah. And whatever I've had to say to Hannah I've said to her face. So if you have so much to say why don't you just come off anon? Lol stop sending me questions 😂

Don't say shit about Hannah

Haha what? I haven't talked about Hannah in quite a while. But I'll say whatever the fuck I want about her lol


Ew at you? 😂😂

TBH-English was cool ur super nice and you and tanner are a cool couple!

Tristin Gait


Tbh Abby I love how honest you are & I miss you being in french☹ you're so pretty and funny too❤️


Awe! Miss the frenchie fam :((( same to you girly 💗💗

tbh; you're really pretty & seem super nice!

Emma Rakimov

Thank you!

Tbh thanks for helping me with a computer that one time, you seem nice and seems like easy to get along with and you and tanner are a really good couple


Anytime :) and thank you!

Tbh I love your hair😍 also very pretty and seem really nice

danielle hill

Thank you💗

tbh; I don't think I know you. you seem nice and you're also really pretty. hmu sometime.

Paris Holland

I have a bf but thank you! Haha

What did Hannah zimmer do to you?


tbh don't know you that well but you seem nice and your good looking

kale eddy.


Tbh I think we might have hung out when we were younger not sure though you're perfect and seem nice and funny

Annika Kneen

Thanks! I'm not sure either haha!

Tbh good lookin lady, met u few times an ur nice

Brody black

Solid lol thanks Brody

tbh youre stunning and i love your hair!!

sydney robinson

Thanks!! Same to you :)

Tbh - you seem nice but your BF Is a dick


Thx & nah, he's not just tries to act like one.

Thoughts on Hannah zimmer

She's a little bitch who asked for a tbh but didn't answer it so here it is

tbh don't know you but you seem nice



Hay! 😡 were best friends ! 😉

Dylan Svendsen