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Thoughts: Beautiful. Tanner is lucky to have you. He's a dime too. You two are perfect together  Chandler Tolman
Thanks haha
Tbh you and tanner are cute. So are you  Billy Robertson
tbh- you're super pretty and seem really nice and I want to get to know you  Olivia
Thannks, snapchat me whenever if ya want
Thoughts your dating tanner which is cool
Oh thanks
tbh you're truely a sweet person, you have good morals & I'm proud to be your friend ❤️
Thanks!❤️ I forget who this is though
Tbh you're attractive and I haven't seen you in forever. Hope you and tanner are good.  Bucky
Thanks, and ya were good! Ahah see you soon maybe?
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If you were on my level you wouldn't have to ask me that
But what if I'm passed your level
Prove my gut wrong right now
Solid gut feeling
Maybe your guys wrong
You can't prove that...
Why do you think I can't
get on my level (insert sassy girl emoji)
I'm already beyond your level
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Tbh I liked you in grade 9 but we never dated cause I was to much of a pussy haha  jacksonstanyer
Hahah yee
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thoughts: you seem like a really sweet girl and your really pretty :)  Sahara
Thank you! As to you!
tbh you seem super sweet and you're really pretty :)  Sk
Thanks :)
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iPhone 5s  Tann✔️
Thanks dude :)
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Pap of da booty
No booty to pap of
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did we meet on Chatous yesterday?
6,16,21 :)  Sk
Haha thanks
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Pap of texts
Lol why?
Pap of texts
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8,14,17  Bucky
Thanks :)
Tbh. You're dating tanner so you're a 10 and he's awesome so you're cool too  Chandler Tolman
Haha thanks!
Tbh I don't think we've ever met, but you're super pretty and seem really nice :) you and tanner are really cute too  Sk
Thanks :)
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Was that bad?  Chandler Tolman
No lol
4, 6, 22 :)  jenna howard
Don't have your number but thanks :)
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