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Tbh- you are gorgeous and flawless! (:  duncan compliments
Aw thanks :)
Add me on snap or something :)  LK
What is it?
6, 21! :)  LK
Thanks :) yeah we should talk
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Oh, I'm sorry haha.  Aidan Harding
Haha it's all good
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Bar down haha hmu?:)  Aidan Harding
I have a boyfriend and didn't mean to like that ahah, but thank you aha
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What is one of your biggest fears?
How big is tanner?
Not that big, like 5'10 maybe 5'11
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Party in chem is off, tansor party
I'll pass
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You said you don't have a thing with anyone
We'll I have a boyfriend so I guess a thing with him? Aha idk
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Whats up with you and Tanner? :(
What do you mean?!
Have a thing with anyone ?
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Tbh: I actually count you as one of my good friends now, you're super nice and helpful! Especially when it comes to boyfriend problems ;) you're gorgeous and you, tanner, me and cam have to go to the river or something one day soon!:)  Kira
Ahaha yes we should! Thanks :) same to you!
At a horse show, so show clothes
Who knows you the best?
Rach I think
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Your horse looks cool
Oh thanks
Post a picture of your pet!
I've got lots
Favorite girls going into grade 9 at quam
I only know Jada and Riley so them :)
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Tbh- we haven't really talked a whole lot, but foods with you was really fun! You're gorgeous and you're super nice! You also have a really good sense of style! :)  Tayler Green
Thanks :)) same to you
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Cute couples?
We've been through some sticky/shitty situations.. Which never gave us a chance to be friends, which I regret cause I know you are such a kind & sweet person, maybe one day
Hah that is true, but it's all in the past now && yeah maybe one day.
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Are you and tanner still dating?
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are you & tanner still dating rn?:)
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kendall who?
Stevens-Raymond, but this is actually like 10 months ago so let's drop it ahah
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Tanner got a bj from kendall the day after you broke up
No way!! I had no idea!
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