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Oh, I'm sorry haha.  Aidan Harding
Haha it's all good
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Bar down haha hmu?:)  Aidan Harding
I have a boyfriend and didn't mean to like that ahah, but thank you aha
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What is one of your biggest fears?
How big is tanner?
Not that big, like 5'10 maybe 5'11
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Party in chem is off, tansor party
I'll pass
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You said you don't have a thing with anyone
We'll I have a boyfriend so I guess a thing with him? Aha idk
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Whats up with you and Tanner? :(
What do you mean?!
Have a thing with anyone ?
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Tbh: I actually count you as one of my good friends now, you're super nice and helpful! Especially when it comes to boyfriend problems ;) you're gorgeous and you, tanner, me and cam have to go to the river or something one day soon!:)  Kira
Ahaha yes we should! Thanks :) same to you!
At a horse show, so show clothes
Who knows you the best?
Rach I think
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Your horse looks cool
Oh thanks
Post a picture of your pet!
I've got lots
Favorite girls going into grade 9 at quam
I only know Jada and Riley so them :)
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Tbh- we haven't really talked a whole lot, but foods with you was really fun! You're gorgeous and you're super nice! You also have a really good sense of style! :)  Tayler Green
Thanks :)) same to you
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Cute couples?
We've been through some sticky/shitty situations.. Which never gave us a chance to be friends, which I regret cause I know you are such a kind & sweet person, maybe one day
Hah that is true, but it's all in the past now && yeah maybe one day.
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Are you and tanner still dating?
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are you & tanner still dating rn?:)
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kendall who?
Stevens-Raymond, but this is actually like 10 months ago so let's drop it ahah
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Tanner got a bj from kendall the day after you broke up
No way!! I had no idea!
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High 8 u have a nice butt  Brendanporter
Ahha oh, thanks
Pap of call history
Why do you want to know these things?
Pap of call history
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You're so naive Abby. Tanner cheated on you..and I wouldn't trust him one bit. Don't be that dumb girl who gets screwed over because you're "so in love" with him.
I'm getting so tired of these kinds of questions. If my boyfriend 'cheated' on me then have the decency to tell me, either texting me, calling me or facebooking me. I really don't care how you do it, just don't do it over ask.
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