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10/10  Dylan Svendsen
That's kind of you :)
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Who's your grad date?
Not sure haha
Tanners weird
Jenna that's you
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He's kinda creapu
Ur creepy
Why do u date him
Why do u Jenna
Tbh haven't talked to you in a long time. The way you put up with tanner earns respect lol jk  James Cummings
Haha thankss
Tbh; who even are you? Oh r u my bestfriends gf?  Jenna Payne
I'm ur best friend****
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Tbh your sooooo nice, and gorgeous I love your hair, and you and tanner are super cute! Text me sometime :)  jenna howard
Thanks Jenna! Will do ❤️
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tbh; I ❤ you!!! ur sooo fun to be around and I see u all the time, ur really nice funny pretty and u and tanner r super cute!! ur a fantastic rider and u make me weird HAH oh ya btw I like tanner more ❤❤❤❤  Jenna Payne
Actually you love me more❤️❤️Haha thanks Jenna!
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What's your biggest phobia?
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Hoodie and lulus
Jk you can probably beat me up❤️ You are soo pretty and easy to be around and talk to! Your a great rider, it's unreal what you have accomplished with Kenzie! I had so much fun at William Fox Pitt! And can't wait to watch you kick some ass this season!!  Megan Payne
Thanks Megan❤️ you too!
Tbh: do I even know you?  Megan Payne
Uhh idek :// didn't mean to like it sry
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I know that  Noah Bonin
Ok then lol
Cool  Noah Bonin
Haha you liked it?
Personality  Dylan Svendsen
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tbh; don't know you but you seem really nice and your good looking, I'm guessing your friends with keenan so your probs pretty cool aha  Kale Eddy
Haha thanks :)
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tbh favourite grade 11 I love you and your hair you and tanner are y favourites we should hangout soon aswell ❤️❤️  aliina hakala
Love you❤️❤️ yeah we should!
Your friends with my sister so that's pretty cool and u seem to be really nice but we don't really talk haha :)  Callum Davison
Almost tbh twinning
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Tbh: you're awesome really nice fun to hangout with. Also u and tanner are cute thanks for having me over the times I need to stay!  Dylan Svendsen
Haha no problem! Thanks dyl :)
Tbh I'm waiting for my tbh from you  Ty Berger
That's an awesome tbh! I did yours!
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Tbh you're cute and also very nice and you and tanner are cute:)  Gus Wilson
gee thanks Gus
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Tbh your so gorgeous and fun to be around! Your a great rider and kenzie is so cute! Chiliwack was really fun and I cannot wait for eventing season and camp! Oh and at least you don't cheat during marco pollo lol❤️  Megan Payne
Hahahahah Jenna, fricken cheater. lol, I'm excited too! Thanks ❤️
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If I know you well enough
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