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At what age did you kiss for the first time?
Lol that's funny
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Hi :) I want to be your friend
Hey(: then hit me up id love to talk to you!
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I just wanted you to know you are beautiful, kind, strong, worth life, smart, full of talent, and over all incredible.
That gives me chills reading that... Thank you for making my night! It means tons to me
What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
Your beautiful
Thank you! That really means so much!
i love u.
...Ehh how do you know what I look like if I've never met you?
are u of Italian ancestry?
Yes hahah hence my name
which state r u in?
I'm not telling you! Im up your ass
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I'm a Marylander and racially black.
No your not stop! I don't know anyone from Maryland hahaha I'm not talking to a stranger! Safety third!
I go to a high school in Maryland. What about u?
How do you know me then??
ur beautiful.
Thanks but who are you give initials or a hint?
a new friend of urs
A new friend? Where do you go to school?
the person asking u is a he. but thanks.
how old r u? and r u a high school student now?
I'm 15 and yes... Who are you?
Hey beautiful
Hey sexy;)
Hello how are you?
ABBY YOURE BACK! (: <3  Amanda Bradley
Yes I am! For a week but hey I'll be back for good soon(: I'm sooo happy!
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you don't have to post an answer but i just wanted to say that i know what you've been through, i know from personal experience. and no one deserves that, but especially not you. you are an amazing beautiful and talented girl and i hope you are genuinely happy now. stay strong lovely<3
Awh whoever this is thank you so much. I can truly say now I'm happier than ever and I feel more free than ever for my ed. Chat or text me if you want!
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Abby come back!
Here I am
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Hey I just want you to know that you are a beautiful person inside and out and i think you deserve the best in the world. You are so strong you can get through anything cutie
Awh thanks babe that means a lot
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What position do you sleep in?
On my side
Are you okay? I just want to make sure with whatevers going on you're okay
I'm okay I'll be back soon
You are so beautiful :)
Ash thanks so are you!(:
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I MISS YOU  Vanessa
I miss you too!!
Do you still go to school is matawan ?!
Ya I'm just away for a while