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How do you communicate most with your friends?
In person
Esh mfro'9 ard etha a7d galy national day
Thank you?
طيب الحين لو عندي أثاث حرام توه جديد ما كمل سنه وشلون أتصرف فيه؟
Etbara3y feh
تعرفين الباند الي يحطونها لما يسون مكياج او يحطون ماسك في وجههم من وين؟
وشو البرايمر ؟ و وشو البيبي كريم و ايش الفرق بينهم؟
I'm not that big with make up you're asking the wrong person
الحين لو عندي أثاث من ايكيا شريته قبل سنه اقدر ارجعه لهم و يرجعون لي القيمة؟ او ايش
Madry wallah
Esh g9ta?
It's about a chemistry teacher who starts doing crystal meth and gets too far with it. Google it it's good
Wen ashofa?
Aby atab3 moslsl English wsh tn97en?
Breaking bad
3ade a'9efk snapchat?
If I know u yes
What's the best comfort food?
احدقالك انك تشبهي خالتك العنود
انتم ساكنين بحي المعذرالشمالي
Are you fine?
Yes are you?
I have asked you for 9 days but why you do not answer now?
I don't check this often
Is it hard to be happy
Not at all
Do like to watch movies?
How many years do you think you will live?
Only god knows
Why do you look beauty ?
Thank you lol
What kinds of cars do you like?
Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Audi, maybach, phantom
Are you fat?
Is the world trying to end?
Why does not an ant want to swim?
What would you do if you are going to live for one day?