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Why does not an ant want to swim?
What would you do if you are going to live for one day?
In which do you spend your time?
Nothing specific idk
☆ tell me a male name that you love?
Do you know how to fight?
Yeah I think
☆ do you cry easily ?
Not at all
☆ who do you miss?
Do you call someone pink panther?
Are you loyal?
Are you smart?
I like to think so yes
Do you feel if I have asked you before?
How should I know
How do you walk -/ ?
You tell me?
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Do you like to swim in a deep sea?
Not alone though
Km sa3h tnamen kl yom?
Do you want to know who I am?
When do you feel happy?
When I'm on the beach
Who do you love?
Ice cream or cold Pepsi?
A cold coke
Are you on tumblr?
U dont know wla wa7d fehm?:p
Mashael bint bader lisa tdrs fparis?w 3ndha twitter aw ask?
I don't know wallah
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Do you talk to yourself?
I havent been sleeping at all lately Mara fene ng9 nom:(
Try working out or swim during the day so u feel tired and sleep lol
Sara bint abdulaziz jameeeeeeeeela allah la y'6erha mashallaaah
Eee mashallah❤️ ameeeen
عندك علم متى ينزل الايفون6؟
اي بس قالولي ما اعلم
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