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Abeer lo a7d y7bk mara w enty ma t7bena wala tkrhena ketha ma fe msha3r tjaha w hwa y7bk mara w yb'3ak bs enty ma tben wala tb'3en tjr7ena eish tswen m3ah?
I don't know I'll probably explain, but it depends
عندك حارس شخصي
عندك مربيه
لولو بنت خالتك عنود عندها اسك اوتوتير
ممكن تنزلي صورة عرضك بالواتس اب الحين هنا بليز
A7ki 3n ur daily routine
I wake up, eat, do whatever that needs to be done that day, see friends, eat sleep repeat
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كيف علاقتك مع حصه الروقي
Ma a3rfha kwys but she's my friends friends
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Eshtgt ad5l alask 7gk w agra ur answers ❤️❤️m3 eny walla ma a3fik bs ketha 67t 3lek btwitter w 9rt ad5l alask 7gk kther , almohem allah ys3dk
7abeeeebt galbiii wallah lol ❤️❤️❤️ ameeen yarab w ys3dkkk
I phone 6 or I phone 6 plus ?
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تعرفين مصوره تصويرها حلو بالرياض تصور ام حامل
Loool la
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Tell me how was your holiday
Hows it like living out side the country? 7lw aw la
Mta 3rs Sara aziz?!
Wsh rayk u ask Sara aziz?
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esh esm e5tik el93'eera?
Do u know a man made disaster that has occurred in the last 50 years ?
Leg r7ty Miami ? Ma bga shy 3la t5rjk
97 3leek u know better
Abeer missssssss you so so much cuz:(❤️❤️❤️❤️
i hate it when people tell me here why don't u tell me personally lol
Do you read blogs?
If there is someone in the US that loves you why would you leave ?
Because it was never about the people
Do u miss ayam awal? Aw la
Ay ayam
Aish esm malahi cannes eli zay fatanunu?=))
Antibes land
If u got engaged will u get married before graduating or u prefer to graduate first
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A5o abook amer najran?
3am aboy
What could you do as a child that you can't do now?
Sleep whenever I want
Y3rfen account fe Instagram yswon 5atm 7g elesm?
La wallah