You're perfect😊 Zaira.

u too

I MISS U aria

I Miss u too bb

pap special 4 me pls bae Fofi

new hair

how old are you

17 :)

Do you speak French ? <3

je t'aime

Can u speak Spanish?

I only know the word hola and means hi, right? Hahaha.✌

who are you dating, cutie?

What is your least favorite food? princess

taco bell's food

My school hates youhaha all the girls are 1D and 5sos fans. We started a hater page and blog we got over 10000 haters on our page

When it makes you happy

what do you mean, don't delete we missed you

awh i'm sorry


omg im crying

1 like = question ?

Okaaay (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

fave pokemon? princess


but there are pictures of when you were little and gives blonde

Yes I was blonde when I was 5 or something, then my hair changed. And I also dyed them when I was 14 blonde again and now I have my brown hair back.

Where did you get that black hat you always wear?

I think you can still get them on urban outfitters, or just check the website


Achieved one of my life goals last night by taking a picture with this sign.. It means a lot to me and has helped me over the years and I want it to help you too. -

Hhheeeeyyyyyyy!!!!❤️❤️❤️ maram


hbd<3 ly Mia

Late hbd ♥


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