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ayaz <3
That's me
you dated desi girls though... #hypocrite
Um I think I said some aren't bad tho..
aweee aliyah is bae?
Aliyah's my nigga
who's bae?
I think we already established this
samaa, that hot girl, is bae isn't it
you and samaa would be cute
No thank you
can I be bae
how much do u weigh
140 something
Would you date a hijabi
you look ugly af
Gee thanks
so you gotta bae or nah
nicest girl you know?
desi girls or white girls
White.. Some Desi's aren't bad tho
u edit ur pics u fuck tard
Yeah I do
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your'e abs are so hawt
Lol I don't have abs
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u look like some expired parmasian cheese. Ps I don't know how to spell parmasian
Uh okay
you're hott
Why do ppl always say shit about you and sama, she said you guys were just good freinds
Yeah we're just friends
Come meet us faggot :'(
Who's us?
I miss your ass SO MUCH.
Who are you?
i go sleep now bi gt HD HDbi
you are gay
Okay buddy
are you gay
whos bae then ?????! zaineb?
Definitely not zainab
how awkward would it be if im a guy
Why would it be awkward?