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What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
dont talk to bushra shes a ho
Shutyo ass up
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dont talk to bushra she thinks shes too good for everybody
Shutyo ass up
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To be honest you're one of the realest, coolest, greatest guys ever, there are hella adjectives out there but none can string together to describe how amazing you are like real talk. To be honest I miss you dude you should hmu sometimee. Tbh beard game, clothes game, personality game too strong dude  Bushra Amiwala
Made my night, thanks Bushraaa ^.^
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Rate: You already knowww 10 dudee. Plus a few points for just being cool tho like always(:  Bushra Amiwala
You ma'am are too nice :) thank youu
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you're so cute♥ you have a perfect smile
Thank youu
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do u get annoyed with ask question??
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Hot or not; hot  Ariba
Why thank you (;
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oops, now you know i'm desi.....
I figuredd
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okay, well I have to finish homework, i'll talk to you later! allahfiz :)
Take care:)
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yeah, i'm like every tall persons arm rest.
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whats your favorite song?
Don't have one
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i'm so short, like 5'0.
Damnn :o
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any sort of work, working as in working for money.
ummmm girls?
i hate algebra 2 .......
whens your birthday?
December 19
hi afnan
haha lmao if i were to ask you if you did have experience what would you say?
In what tho?
i was talking to the guy insulting you.
are you working?
Working as in?
well then.............
Yeaaa :P
lmfaoo of the jealousy going on down there, people only hate because they have nothing better to do. You have no right to judge him, and btw are you speaking from experience?
What do you mean experience?
but i guess, we can talk on here if that's okay with you.
Lol that's boring
Change your profile you look gaaayyy
Lol that's not what she said