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hows life bro
When do you feel the most comfortable?
In my bed
that's cute bushra asked you a question and you got three likes
Actually I got 4
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todays Wednesday........
why isn't bushra your wcw
She is
hey afnan
Are you going to meet ur friends at cpsa?
Yeah hopefully soon
Who were the chillest guys and girls in your class?
All of them were pretty chill
Ma nigga ma nigga. Love you too no homo  Bushra Amiwala
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Who were you friends with there?
Do you miss ur frends?
It seems like a hitler school to me tbh lmfaoooo
It's whatever
Do u miss it there?
One word to describe your summer?
One word to decribe your experiance at cpsa
lmfao no srsly whats one word that brings back memories for you?
I'm serious too
Whats one word that brings back a lot of memories for you?
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what's your Snapchat??
shirtless pap then?
Pic of you're abs??
Got no abs
Bcuz u shud date Bushra, and tell her to stop liking u
Naw I'm straight
U would never date her. lol So she shouldn't like u. Its a waste 4 her time.
And you're telling me this why??
y r u defending her, u dnt even knw her. Shes ugly and you are hot. Don't deny it.
Okay buddy
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Shes ugly and will never get a guy like you thats whats funny
Bogus af, she can do way better than me.
Samaa likes you lolololol
What's so funny?