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who's this jasmine?
My niece♥
you've changed
Lol it's called growing up, you should try it.
Prettiest girl you know
Smartest girl you know
That's a hard one
Nicest girl you know
They're all nice
whenever I listen to Bollywood love songs I think about you♥
Uhhh okay
whats up
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dude u never reply in time
I'm sorryy
wheres ur abs these days man?
At home
hey man
hay man
I would be offended that you called me moti but idc bc food is lyfe right?  anam saleem
Right loll
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ask me for food again. I dare you  anam saleem
Lmaoo hook it upp
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Dude I can literally still taste all the food I ate lmao  anam saleem
I bet motii
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Anam saleem
She gives me food
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javeria irum
I don't know her like that
Tayyaba Hanif
She's nice
Amina saleem
She's coool
Which one?
One of the realestt
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Nimra bajii
Which one? They're both cool
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face, body or personality? pick two
Body and personality I guess
is there any girl you'd consider from cpsa