احمد |Ahmed @AhmeTarek153
احمد |Ahmed @AhmeTarek153
Mansourah, A Daqahliyah, Egypt
20 Years old- anime freak :DD i also Love Games(dota2 player) & Music \(^o^)/,
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-  احمد |Ahmed
لنا رب ينصرنا ^^
kont bfas7 embar7
بتتفسح ؟ كمصرى لازم تتفسح
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آلضحــكة عـملة نـآدرة :')
واليورو عملة غالية
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Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
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what makes you happy and what makes you smile ?
my little sister she is my happiness,she is love /life & mariam memories makes me smile
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Happy New year ♥ :)  Hossam El-Mogy
Happy new year <3
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Merry Christmas :D
my name is Ahmed yours is Mahmoud anyway happy new year
بطل تحكها في الأجانب يا علق :'D  Shehab Ayman ©
i didn't she liked my answers so i did the same & btw its look like a fake account so good to be true u know :3 P.s عامل ايه :P
اكتر شخص ندمان انك ضيعتوا من ايدك و ممكن تعمل المستحيل علشان يرجعلك تانى
صعب اقول
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How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
i gonna spend the most of my time playing dota :3 no thing else to do also no one to stay with :v
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What good deed did you do this week?
no thing important
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Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)
Why is the sky blue?
hmmmm, maybe cuz blue is my fav. color ? no, well.
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a7aa el shbshb daaaa3.....
we gai tdwr 3leh hna ?
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Would you rather have white hair or no hair?
white hair
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20 لايك و ال يخلص يقول Done فى Q  حـــــلـــــمـــــى
انت لحقت.. دا انا قلت اسمك على اسم الغالى ممكن فيك الامل الرحمة يارب
ادخل بأيدك اليمين واركن جمب اخواتك
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first liker Get 15 like + follow
first liker هياخد على دماغه ؟
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followed :D  the lost boy
lol'd @ this name xDD
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msh9ol fe a?
وانت ماال خالتك
What kind of dish can you make/cook?
بعمل كل حاجه ... ممكن اسخن طبق فول و بعرف اعمل بيض لا انا اعجبك اوى
a7md tatek 5tak f el twra2a :D  smsm
انت كدا مرتاح نفسيأ؟
lsa msh fakrny ya moudy ?
lsa msh fakrny ya moudy ?
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bt3ml eh 3shan tdy3 w2tk ?
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What holiday gift would make you really happy?
its not about what actually i don't care , its just about who will give me that gift
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