احمد |Ahmed @AhmeTarek153
احمد |Ahmed @AhmeTarek153
Mansourah, A Daqahliyah, Egypt
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Dp Rate Me F Q 😉😊  Śhúù-šhùú || ♥♥ (أآوزعہ'ة xp )
Hey bright souls ❤ QOTD 1/what does it mean to you when someone tells you that you run/fight/look/act ... "like a girl"? Stay nice ☺ --queen T--  friends with questions
no one said that b4 , so i don't know
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hey lovers (i'm pushing it 😅) .. has love just turned into a "word" nowadays? i mean where are all the feelings? is it just a way for us to get what we want? share your opinion .. too tired for a quote #Hc..btw sorry for the mistakes yesterday  friends with questions
it's more like a fashion
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Hey jelly bears 🐻 QOTD 1/despite the rule of not dating your friend ex boy/girl friend, if you knew that you're best friend is falling for your lover whom you actually not sure you're in love with any more, would you let him/her have your lover ? stay kind 💛 --queen T--  friends with questions
I would do what I'm comfortable with. If I'm not comfortable talking to my friend, then I won't. If the person is your friend too, she or he should understand. No need to force yourself to do something you're not comfortable with.
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Hey again 😝 QOTD2/what makes you hate someone? Not like you dislike a person,I'm talking about actual hate ,Remember hate is a strong word🙅 Stay lovely 🐱 --queen T--  friends with questions
I don't hate people ,I dont know if I ever truly hated someone, but disliked yes, and totally distrust them, I can hate how they act or what they do.
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hey again .. so have you ever thought about the reason of why our bodies flow on water when we die? .. you shouldn't be ashamed of the things you've done .. you should be ashamed of the things that you haven't done #Hc  friends with questions
I do not know the reason for sure. But I do know that in some cases that there is a pocket of air left in the lungs and this does keep them afloat. But I doubt that it is like that in many cases...so I really dont know sorry
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hey sleepy heads .. so i always wondered .. if fairiers were real would they have tail? i mean think about it :/ .. the moment u decide that you won't get up from the ground that's when the life has knocked you out #Hc  friends with questions
no,I guess it's a typical rules fairies don't have tails, and they will not
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Hey beauties ❤ QOTD1/If you could trade lives with an animal for an entire day what would it be and why?🐙 Stay awesome 💚 --queen T--  friends with questions
i hate animals , so no i wouldn't even if i had the chance :3
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Hey Cuties😘 1-we're unfollowing everyone and we'll refollow only who answer this question because a lot don't answer us😭 2-how are we doing so far? 3-do you have any segestions,requests? 4-who's your fav #hc or queen T😂? 5-we love you so much you're like a big family to us💚 stay awesome 🙌  friends with questions
i didn't miss a single Q ,you both doing great and i love you back
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What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever actually used it on someone?
-Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?
-I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by you.
-You're like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life!
i didn't :v
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hey brownies🌚..we all have some kind of drugs could be cakes..coca..chocolate..or even a person or a thing..what is yours?..never choose pure heart over a pure mind cuz hearts can change but minds only get better and better #Hc  friends with questions
anime , DOTA2 & music
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Hey Nutella jars 😍👌😘 QOTD1/If you could choose a voice of Singer🎵 to be your own voice🎶,Who would you choose and what would you sing?🎤 Stay toned 😉 (get it?No?ok I'm sorry 😭) --queen T--  friends with questions
Justin Timberlake,that gonna be really hard but i will choose since you asked, it would be "Diamonds" & I just got it by reading once again :3
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Hey again 😳 QOTD2/If you were changed into the opposite sex 👩👨,what do you want your name to be?💙 Stay cool ☺ --queen T--  friends with questions
weird question i don't know
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check my last answer 💜  Seif mostafa
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hey again..have you ever thought about robin hood's in a different point of view? have you ever thought that they were lying ? and robin hood was just another thief that when he steals loots he take 50% or more to him self and 50% to poor people? history is a lie that was made by winners' hands#Hc  friends with questions
i didn't think on that , i think it can't be true cuz he had the chances to take all but he didn't and even if he took 50% it dosent matter since he is making poor ppl happy , & i'm with you at the last point you have mentioned the history is full of lies so yeah
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hey peanut butter .. so they say that no one is perfect .. so how come that when we love someone we see him as the perfect person that all his mistakes are perfect? .. don't leave yout beloved ones cuz they are the moon in your darkest nights #Hc  friends with questions
no one is perfect The givers of true love hardly expect perfection
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Hey again 😜 QOTD2/If you could be any age for a whole week, what age would you like to be? And what do you think is the perfect age ? Stay magnificent 😍 --queen T--  friends with questions
at the age of sixteen , it would be sixteen also
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Hey again 😳 QOTD 3/who was your biggest crush so far ? Stay sweet❤ --queen T--  friends with questions
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Hey pretty people 😱❤ QOTD 1/where were you 3 hours ago ? Do you think someone was stalking you ? Have you ever stalked someone 😂? Stay healthy ❤ --queen T--  friends with questions
i was in my bed trying to sleep and i'm still trying , no , i did once
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yours *-*
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Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? What music makes you dance the most?
yes i do :3 , kpop (GangnamStyle ) :D