احمد |Ahmed @AhmeTarek153
احمد |Ahmed @AhmeTarek153
Mansourah, A Daqahliyah, Egypt
20 Years old- anime freak :DD i also Love Games(dota2 player) & Music \(^o^)/,
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احناا كوويسين مااداامت المساافة بعيدة ،والمزيكاا عاالية ،واللون الأسوود لسة بخيرر.
mtedeni 1oo likes ysta 5alek gda3 :'D  SmaSemo:'D ♡ام 3 غمازاااات♥
100 likes we a3ml wa7d
10 likes = 10 likes deal ?!!  Shosho A7mēd
Low. Wenta. Mashi. Fel. Shar3. Ma3. Mark. We. Tel3o. 3lek. 6 we 2lolk. Htha. We. 3"oor. Enta. Fe. Seten. Dahya. Hat3ml. Eh. Klmt. Shraf. We 2ol. Oksem Belah
hdehm mfte7 sh2a
wllahi m ana radd xD
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برج ايه :D مدش يقول القاهرة .. الحمار .. ايفيل :D :v الصراحه راحه :v ♥  Aya * 4 Days Left
مش معنى انك برج الحمار يبقى كله زيك
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لو سالتك انت مصرى تقوليه اييييييه ::V  Aya * 4 Days Left
العب باليه
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thanx anon xx
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like=3like  YOSSRA.
yala ya shatra el3by b3eed
What was the last gift you gave somebody?
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smasemo ? ?? emshy ya awad be7tramk xDDD
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Yaala Likes w elley y3ml yktb 3ml kam f q :)  Mai Alaa
yala ya bet mn hna
omk 7lwa?
What freaks you out?
The future of my relationship, Somewhere out there is the woman I'll marry, but I will probably waste my time dating several others first.
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status :-V
...المسافة بينى وبين الوصول لهدفى
زى الفرق بين دبى ومصر
-  احمد |Ahmed
لنا رب ينصرنا ^^
kont bfas7 embar7
بتتفسح ؟ كمصرى لازم تتفسح
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آلضحــكة عـملة نـآدرة :')
واليورو عملة غالية
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Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
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what makes you happy and what makes you smile ?
my little sister she is my happiness,she is love /life & mariam memories makes me smile
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Happy New year ♥ :)  Hossam El-Mogy
Happy new year <3
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Merry Christmas :D  سرجاني.
my name is Ahmed yours is Mahmoud anyway happy new year
بطل تحكها في الأجانب يا علق :'D  Shehab Ayman ~paranoid~
i didn't she liked my answers so i did the same & btw its look like a fake account so good to be true u know :3 P.s عامل ايه :P
اكتر شخص ندمان انك ضيعتوا من ايدك و ممكن تعمل المستحيل علشان يرجعلك تانى
صعب اقول
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How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
i gonna spend the most of my time playing dota :3 no thing else to do also no one to stay with :v
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