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HELLO GORGEOUS  fatima muzaffar.
Tbh I think you're very pretty and have a great sense of humour :) Good luck for the CIEs (if you have any left).  Minahil Tufail
i'm not so sure about the sense of humour part, really. xD but thank youu, Minahil, and yess 28th's gon' be the last. :')
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Would you follow the white rabbit?
Yes, I want to go on an adventure. So long, Alice, now it's going to be Aimen in Wonderland.
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What hobby do you wish you could pick up?
newspaper readinggg.
TBH: You're a really friendly person and you're having your CIE's so good luck mate :'3  Burhaan Niaz
Thank youu, Burhaan.
When life gives you banannas! Make mango juice out of it and keep life wondering how you did it! Never giveup on downs in life and remain strong and proud of yourself
wow hahahaa, thanks?
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Tbh, aimenn, You're super duper friendly. I don't really know you much but you seem like the type of person who anyone could easily get along with. You're gorgeous, MA.  Noor Tariq Sheikh
aww noorr! thank you so muchh, you're more gorgeous ok? <3
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Compliment: one of the really few propel I liked talking to. Your personality is kinda nice. Matlab the type who's always in a good mood :p Adam suck btw. In Sha Allah Talah AS mai shugul lagatay hain  Shafa Ullah Khan
masla kya hai apkay sath? :) Adam rocks. period. haha thank yoouu, Shafaa! and iA iA. :o
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Tbh aimen matlab may kya boloun ab? Sabsay RANDOM insaan ho tum! I LOVE YOU! AND YOUR EYESSS .__________. I'LL DIE OK. I'll always always be here for you because I love you so so much and I care a lot about you. Which is v rare I hardly care about anyone at all. But still your very dear to me. ily:*  Arhama Kamran Khan
aww u knw wut rumrum? u mak me crie, ok. and the randomness comes naturally, pls. B) you're amazingg alrighty? don't let no one tell you otherwise. I LOVE YOU MOREEEE 😭
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Like=TBH? Please you never do this please please please just once
dude?? u crazy? i do it soo many times and jsyk abhi cies khatam nai huay isliye no.
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#GoodGuyYahya  Yahya Khan Musazai
U.A.E. ki tyaari hougai apki? :))
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1) 5 logon wali ludo bhi hoti hai. 2) You should thank me. Me scaring you led to you going offline and studying for a few extra hours/minutes. Those few extra minutes/hours can change your A into an A*. :')))  Yahya Khan Musazai
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Meray baghair ludo kheltay thay...  Yahya Khan Musazai
4 loug khel saktay sirf pls aur tumharay sath tou khelna bhi nai tha usdin muje chemistry keliye daraya tha tumne bohat sab yaad muje :)
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What's your favorite board game?
soo me and my sisters and cousins used to play ludo in ramzan (other times too) and i always used to be the blue one because it was lucky for me i'd always use to win yez it's true so ludo would be my favourite board gamee. it's been such a long time since i played that omg cies take all the fun away not fair i miss it :(
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Thoughts- AIMEN CUTIE I LOVE UOU VERY VERY MUCH. YOURE AWESOME AND ITS BEEN SO AMAZING BEING FRIENDS WITH YOU! Thank you for the cie advise you gave Me like two days before the exams xD hahah they helped ok. Good luck for your exams. I love youuu and I'm gonna miss you!  Fiza Kingravi
fizzzz you're saying it like you're dying or I'm dying?? wut.. no bby nobody's dying heree, partying is coming sooooonn ok so fun! and happy i could helppp HELPER IN DA HOUSE PEOPLEE i might be a little high idky it kinda feels cies are over but i've got two left soo that can't be possible haha crazy right? we are getting to the point and it is that i love you very muchhh and i'll come visit girls branchh everyday for you only ok?
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Do u use unibreath\com?
the hell is that?
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Thoughts- Aimen you're cutie #1 :') And you're the sweetest thing everrr :') <34  Heba.
HEBAA :') thank youu!
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Thoughts on me? ☺️  laiba
i luv u lyk arhama luvs pizza, lyk u r world. <3
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Tbh: kya naam hay .__. Noticed it for the first time haha xD khair khair aimenn you're a really nice person, kaafi sweet ho, caring bhi ho :O, huihui everyone say's good stuff about you :l wow :l, khair it's always nice talking to you Aimen :3, stay the same and best of luck! :')  Saarim Nehal
Naam ka mazak nai hai ok? :) yaaar dou saal pehle banaya tha, cool ban rai thi. ;_____;
Hahaa thank youu so much, saarimm. :p you too you tooo.
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Tbh:I like your display,your taste in music and movies is also very impressive :3,Good luck for your Cie's,stay blessed! :))  Mujtaba Aamer
Thank you, Mujtaba.
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Tbh. AIMEN YOU ARE REALLY SWEET. CUTIE HO PURI OMG XD okay back to normal. I always confuse you and azka idk why ;-; you're da genuine babe. I love your smile. Pretty af display. :')))  Amna Mazhar
Best tbh I've gotten in sooo long, omg. ILY AMNA THANK YOU VEEERYY MUCH! <3
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Compliment: You've got the prettiest eyes :')  Zainab
Aw flatteredd. Luvvv u, zenbuzz.
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asslamualiekum  Hadia Sultan
Walaikum assalam. Suna hai apki birthday arai hai..
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Tbh: your saari was realllly nice at the farewell and youre so cute xD best of luck for the remaining CIE's and the result. xx  Zahra.
Haha thank you soo much, Zahra, you're so nice. ;-; to you toooo.
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