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Aimen Masud @AimenTheMasud
Everything is so throwback-ishh. 15/BMI/O3.
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Yr tm online kb hut I hu......  qasimzubair
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I want to share one special thing with u as a friend can I?...?
Sure. :p
1 person likes this 1,5,9,13, 19, 2, 12, 16, 18, 20. :3  Warda Shahid Sheikh.
Aaww, love youu. :'))
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You don't go to supernova; okay.
Oh haha acha.
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Tarikat app ko kaisi lagi
Haha, kaisi lagi ka kya matlab? :p
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Yr ap fob py hu......(*_°}
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Okay. :p
Okay what?
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messi or ronaldo?
Donou achay hain.. :oo
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Yar banda reply he kr dyta hai..........
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You go to supernova?
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A0A!!!!! U there now
Walaikum assalam.
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Yar online hu k no :P
Go awayy. :|
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ager pata tha chuss mari hay tou answer hi kiun kia?
Meri marzi?? .___.
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Post ur Dp ^__^  (◕.◕) Belal
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Sad nai houtay..happy happy rehtay..wo na dil keliye acha houta... xD
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some one but they fail to deliver..
Senti much? :p
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see now you said "My sarcasm detector detects sarcasmm.." at 4:20 am, probably expecting a reply, constantly refreshing you page to see if I've sent you a question, but what if I hadn't, what then, doesn't it feel like being left in the middle of no where, when you expecting something so simple from
Yaar ab itna bhi nai..xD
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R u live????
Nai tou. Chalti phirti corpse hun na bas no biggiee.. :))
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My sarcasm detector detects sarcasmm..
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slept early, woke up early B)
Hahah wow. I should sleep now..
it's 4 am, why are you up? :o
Can't sleep. Why are you? :p
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pap of your mobile keyboard?
Nai hai mobile, byee!
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tbh- beaconite  Shafiq Amiri
No shit.
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This one iz your nice pic......... ;-(
Haha thank yoouu. :')
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Wsy ak bat btaon...
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