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Aimen Masud @AimenTheMasud
Aimen Masud @AimenTheMasud
Everything is so throwback-ishh. BMI/O3.
Instagram: aimenmasud
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I Believe no power can buy Mr Jinnah. - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  Daily Quotes
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tbh AIMENNNNNN you're one of the sweetest and cutest juniors. you're always good to everyone and I like the fact that you respect everyone. stay blessed :')) sorry for the late tbh :p  Kashan Ahmad Khan
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Thoughts on noveen
Cutie tutie! She's having fun with Charlie and all the dragons in Romania, miss herr! :(
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kia batau ask hamza ateeq ._.
...ajeeb bakwas... :|
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Tbh, you're a senior. You're cool. Stay the same.  Yasir Iqbal
Thank you, Yasirr.
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n o :)
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ASQUARE if you know what I am, I'm referring to people ofc ;))
Zainab? -.-
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A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, 'Jackie, are you scared?' Of course I'm scared. I'm not Superman. -Jackie Chan  Daily Quotes
Haha. :'))
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hamza kay har picture pay comment kiu kerti ho ? itnee ignore kay baad bhi sukum nahi mila ? .__.
What the fuck? I don't. We're not even friends, bro. :|
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Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. -Will Smith  Daily Quotes
Wow. :o
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I am missing you so much!
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hey beautiful dp  Alikhanawan
thank youu.
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tbh : AIMANNNN BABEZ B) kewl ho bohat ap aur fazool bhi xD jk best ho bas tum bohat achi ho i love you janu xD bas shadi kar lo mujhse bohat zada achi ho nazar na lagay meri xD ameen  Aqsa Sajid
Aqsa manhoos, pehle spelling tou sai se likhna shuru kerdou :|
HAHAHA yaar thankss, lyt :')
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Tbh, aimenn you da best u know that already :3 Sweet ho. :') bilkul Azkaa jesi ho dekhne mei. Whenever I see you and azkaa the first thing that comes in my mind is Me and Fatima :3 lel Nice display. Stay happy :3  Amna Mazhar
Haha amna xD thank you so muchh, pretty. :')) you tooo.
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"No amount of guilt can change the Past and no amount of worrying can change the Future." - Umar Ibn Al-Khattab  Daily Quotes
Truee. :o
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Anar nai khanay chahiye Aimen. Hahahah :))
Gandi hou tum, Zainab. Achay bhalay pasand thay mujhe ;-;
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Tbh: Aimen, you da bae <3 boht achi ho, cute bhi ho. I love you <3  Eeman-e-Maryam
I love you too :'))
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Tbh, aimen you seem like a nice person. Good display and some of your questions are really funny :) Goodluck with CIE's.  Hamza.
Thank you, Hamza. You too. :3
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hamza ateeq bohat pasand hai kia ? :/
Hamza Ateeq? Wo kahan se agaya? .-.
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haha u accept my job I become your slave:p I would do nothing bss tmha dehkta rahu ga itni peyari joo ho:p
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Thankyou ma'am for hiring me your slave, i'll be a loyal slave *head down*
Quit talking and get me pizza. :3
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ohh your pretty face n dashing smile makes me your paka wala slave:D
hahaha okaay..
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I want a makeover from u
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Hey i want to be your slave, interested?
HAHA it's not everyday someone willingly wants to be a slave (and that too mine) so um it's gon' be a yes.
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