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Dat display *.* dayum  Emaan Niaz
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Whats your age? :3 That display is pretty though. *-*
sixteeeeeeennnn. and aw thank yoou so muchh. :')
compliment = you have cute face :) stay blessed :3  Ahmad Sajid
haha thank youu. :p
like my ans and follow me maybe ?  True Story
zindagi mei aur bhi kaam kernay ko hain..
Every day I wake up and forget all the reasons that make me sad because I just need one reason to make me happy and make my sisters happy for whole day. Good morning Unknown
haha good morningg to you too.
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Afternoon ho gai yr
I know ok. :)
Hahahaha you are late Unknown
late in whaat?
I don’t care whether the sun rises or not, my morning starts only after I text girl who I love like a sister a lot. Good morning. Unknown
hahah wow. oh, and *afternoon.
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The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few discover. Unknown
nice awhh.
Lahore sucks :p
Leaving for it in about an hour. :))
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that was me lol  eyman
lahore = fake people :)
Lahore.. LaWhore..
still love the place :)
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ONE WORD: besttt.:*  Malala khan
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thoughts on ahmad sajid ? you just gave him a tbh :p
all's said there, you can read that. :))
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Tbh: You're really pretty, And your sisters look exactly like you :o  Rida Khurram
aw, thanks. <3
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so like im so bored and stupid transformation i cant solve anything maybe i am very dumb idek plus i hate math ugh  eyman
bored? believable.
stupid transformation? trudat.
can't solve anything? HAHAHA right.
very dumb? wth.. LIAR
hate math? izok.
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Poem: there once was this girl She wanted to rule de world She loved Adam Levine And wanted to be his queen XD  Swars
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Tbh: Aimonz you're a nice person :3 Baatein achi karleti ho :p academy mein ahista bola karo xD doosri side tak saari awaazein aati hain :p khair khair stay the same :")  Saarim Nehal
HAHAHAHA YAAAR ;-; tum na suna kero na baatein?? :)
thank you, saarimm. :'))
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hi!how are you sis?
fine bro.
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bbm pin?
don't use that.
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like for a tbh
Ugh fine, veeeery selectively.
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TBH: Batch-mate. I like the qoute in your bio. You've a really nice profile with decent se answers. You are also in the council. And you seem cool too. : )  M. Hamza Ayaz
Thaanks a lot, Hamza. :D
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Roses are red, Violets are blue You are so halal, Can i nikkah you?  Mubashir Tahir
Um roses are not always red, violets are purple too, and no thank you.
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Compliment: Pajama party whaaa? Anyway, you're da bae :* sweetest person <3  Emaan Niaz
HAHAHA abhi change kerdiaa, pata nai tab mood houreha tha. :p
still hate you for that day doe :)))
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Skeejuuuu, oooh
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