Aimen Masud @AimenTheMasud
Aimen Masud @AimenTheMasud
Everything is so throwback-ishh. 15/BMI/O3.
Instagram: aimenmasud
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konsay concert ki pap hai ?
konsay concert ki post a picture hai...
anyway, rocqawali. :p
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Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
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1st liker will get 30 likes & a follow if his/her answers are worth it... 2 likes for the rest please?
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Like how much do you love Aaminah?
Hi, Aaminah. :p
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Who's your crush Aymen?
*Aimen -.-
and it's you. :))
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is ur hair naturally that straight ? :'o
I wish.
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pap of concert ?
pap of concert ?
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Likes=10 likes for the first one and rest get 2
Nai. :|
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aimennn :')  Ayesha.
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Hey aimeeennn. MADE ANOTHER ASK. AHAHAHAHA.  Dilek.
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concert pe aa rahi hou?
*ayi thi :p
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Pap with rabail?
I don't have a picture with herr. :/
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First impression: Sweet :")  Fatima Rehan :")
Fatimaa, thankss. :')
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is dua not on ask?
Dua who? :p
All Aimens be so pretty *_*
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Thoughts: Aimenn, I love you :* you're a really friendly person overall, cutie. And bs tum boht achi ho. Kal mujhse insurgent le lena okay :*  Eeman-e-Maryamm
"5 days ago.."
boy, am i late.. xD
HAHAH I love yoou too, Eemaan. Thaanks. :**
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TBH: aao na jee aimen yaar we don't talk much we should so that I can give you the longest tbh ever :3 you're very pretty Mash'Allah! And you seem to be very friendly:D stay the same and stay blessed :3  Khush Bakht Amber
thank yoouu, yaar. So are you! <3 and yess we shouldd.
how did your stats papee go?
Stats? I didn't give no stats paper... :o
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Thoughts: The guy in your back ground is shaadi shuda. :))  Warda Shahid Sheikh.
wo tou sai lekin bas um.. *background :)))
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Tbh aap bohot achi hou. Mera slush pee liya us din :) Haha i like you personally. You're v nice and sweet. You iz da pretz lyk omg. Okay stay cool and stay blessed. :')  Amna Tariq
HAHA amnaa cutie, thank you so muchh. <3
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First impression : "she seems so nice and friendly" :')  Mishelle.
haha aw. Thankks. :'))
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Ooo again change ur pic but phly wali bst thi
1 person likes this Compliment : Display best hai :')  Ammar.
Thank youu, Ammar. :')
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kardia theek  hammad ahmed
v good.
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im depressed
oho yaar, namaz parhou. NOW. :o
Praying always helps, mate. :o
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