Aimen Masud @AimenTheMasud
Aimen Masud @AimenTheMasud
Some people say I'm random. But who cares, chocolate is amazing. 15. BMI. O3 now.
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Come on you said that you are frank. Now you don't getting close to it. That's unfair :/
It's not my fault you assume stuff. :))
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Hahaha okay. So Kik?
Nice try. :)
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Umm kisi nay nae :p Well that was kinda bisti jaye :D!!!!
You don't say.. :))
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Lol no. you know Rootsians hates Becanoites :p Well frank hmm Thats great. Humari achi Banay gi :p
Ap ko itna free kisnay kerwaya? :))
^Plot twist. :)))
So typical like BMI girls or lil frank?
A bit of both, I think? HAHAHA IDK. Whyy? xD
H r u :)
All good, alhamdulillah.
Hello :)
Uh, hey.
hey :- )
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Tbh. Your really cutee. I like your display :") Answers maze kee houte hein. I've seen you in schoo. :p  Aimen
Haha thank youu, Aimenn. :')
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Tbh Aimenn. I don't know you that much but you're sweet! You're a nice person. Bohot pyaari hou :o ;-; MashAllah nazar na lagey xD :') We should talk someday you seem fun. Stay blessed. :D  Amna Tariq
Aaw. :') thanks a lot, Amnaa.
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Ew no. Go do that to your mom, freak.
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Fake Account!!lolx boht ho gya ab bus
Jee ach.
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Abdullah Ibn Al-Mubarak (ra) said, "I once borrowed a pen from a person in Syria and forgot to return it. I only remembered when I reached Marw. I travelled all the way back to Syria and returned it." *The distance between Syria and Marw is at least a thousand kilometers. (Sifatus Safwah, Tarikh Dim  Spreading Islam
Ma Sha Allah. :')
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Whats going on...
Mera sarr. :)))
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U there
God, yes. Yes I am! What do you want? .____.
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U there
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U there????
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How r u??
All right, I guess.
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Tbh: Aimennn. Pyari hou magar choti reh gayi hou. :p OMGOMG!!! dude this is your senior year!! Bhoki insaan. Tauba tauba. xD Itni annoying hou. And you look super cute when you are asleep/half dead. :p Heuheu. Stay blessed and love you. <3  Azkaa Masud
I'm not fond of these lovey dovey things you're saying to me, Azkaa... Not one single bit...
Am I dying or something?? WHAT IS GOING ON TELL ME.
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U there..
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:( #AK
Yes, you're still a stranger. Don't know you so umm, sozz.
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maybe we can talk somewhere else? or maybe I untick and lets talk question to question cuz its a bit cheap talkin here in public :/ #AK
Haha I'm so sorry but you're a total stranger to me. I don't talk to strangers like that. But sure, if you want to untick then untick. :p
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idk yaar... but seriously, im not tryin on u or something im serious #AK
Yaar. Ab mei kya kerun?
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aimen u there? :/ #AK
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Your father must be a thief because he stole the brightest star in the sky and put it in your eyes - #AK
Haha this is old but thank youu, I guess. xD
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