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Leaving some questions might help?
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you nk ade boyf?
idk u tell me ahhahahhah
you ade boyf?
idk u tell me haha jk nope ;_;
fav food ?
theres a lottt
if i dm u will u be mad at me ?
well depends on what youre gonna say..?
Can you truly love more than one person?
i guess so yea..
jawablah question i :(
tak tahu nak jawab apa
nk dm u boleh tk?
aina are you there?
i need to tel you something .
what is itt
siapa crush you?
you dgn siapa?
im alone in my room.....
you have a crush ?
yea i do
What makes you really nervous?
idk u tell me
Cheesy or normal?
ive been staring at ur quest for mins trying to figure out what youre talking bout. but anyway, if ure talking bout wedges then cheesy ftw!
what about it?
No one will laugh at your height
i do all the time lollol
If you get a $1 for every time someone ask you out,how much money would you have??
none i guess HAHA idk u tell me
Was that an earthquake bcs you just rock my world
oh wow okay
Would you rather date a guy who is taller than you , shorter than you or equal height as you??
taller ftw!!! im short so i dont think its possible to find somene shorter hahah
If i belanja you mkn and tgk movie, would you go out with me??
if you belanja i makan and tengok movie, bukan ke dah counted as going out? i mean like you cant belanja me makan and movie if i tak keuar.. right?
What is your precise height??
dont laugh at me but 154cm
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jwb betul betul
apa dia
ada insta? nak id
ada, ainakmlia juga
Yasmen dgn sape
dengan aku zzzz