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comel farah khairuddin tu punye crita mse dia jumpa husband die, untungnye dpt uncle cm tu hahahaha
hahaha i pun baru tahu jalan cerita dia kenal wife dia sebelum ni dia main games je all the time ahhaha
Dulu kau main habbo and habboon eh?
please i know you're in there, people are asking where've you been....
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
caaaaaaat person
Describe syafiq azhari
bising, the last time we talked, you were so into singing hahah tak tahu la sekarang dah senyap ke apa hahha v friendly huhu rindu
Cool gile kt wedding boleh ambil gmbr cmtu :D
hahahhahaha kam
thoughts on ilyssha then? :))
shes the most humorous friend ever, she is reaaaally understanding and pretty in the inside and out! miss you :(
Do you know ilyssha?
Yang gambar tiga yg u post kt insta tu kat wedding farah khairuddin eh? mcm mana u kenal dia?
yes. husband dia tu uncle i..
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omg i rasa i nmpk u kt wedding haritu
wedding siapakah?
What do you think about more than anything else?
about other people's perspective towards me?
do you read fanfics ?
yea, a lot actually
Asal tak masuk asrama?
Please one like would mean a lot !
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Your kakak debate english ke bm? Btw, dia pernah debate sampai mane yg paling jauh?
english. dubai i think
Your kakak debate kan?
song that u couldnt get out of your head ?
most probably grow up by paramore
Maroon 5?
whats with maroon 5?
ur sis sklh mana?
mrsm tgs, kuala lipis
brp adik beradik ?
you ambil gambar dengan kakak you semua tu kat mana??
wedding my uncle
everyday roza cerita about u. Dalam hati I, Im like "okay its obvious she miss u" baik semula please? you guys punya frienship is precious, to me la. she once pernah cakap, "aina selalu ada when i need her". you guys always be there for each other, i love you guys xo :')
daily routine?
wake up pergi sekolah balik buat homework sambil skype until 3am then repeat
Kenal imran waris?