Aina Kamilia @Ainakmlia
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What was the last movie you watched?
taken 3!!
i cakap hye kat you haritu tp you tak jawab haha xD
sorrryyyyyyy!!! its either i tak perasan, i thought you cakap dengna someone else or i tengah termenung cse pagi pagi en cam tak function sangat ahhaahah
do ppl deserve sec chance?
i love this question. yes, they do. people learn from mistakes and thats what second chances are for, to give people the opportunity to change, trust me second chances arent that bad if you give them to the right people with a sincere heart. let go and let God :)
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hey aina i want to say sorry for everything i did to you before , i nak tegur but takut you marah
hello.. i think i know who you are but anyway its okay, as long as both of us are doing better. hope youll forgive me for whatever ive done too.
Ainaaaaa i see you are a cat lover and my friend ada nak bagi kucing
but im not sure if i can have a cat anymore since i have to move in a few months plus other reasons :""""( but dm me the details manalah tahu my dad tetiba bagi hehe. thanks for the info though!! :)
are you excited for school?
yes, no, yes no, half yes half no ha
asl ko kacau balak aku lagi hah?!ko tunggu ko  Zulhafiy
serabai zul meroyan
asl kau nk gatal dgn balak aq , gi mmpus la prmpuan
sesat meroyan sini dah kenapa
Ainaaaa , you kenal arwah Ridzman Tay tu tak ?
yess, kenal sangat
ade brape ex ek?
lol berapa kau nak
I just had......?
do i have to continue ur sentence or..?
kau yg sombong ~T_T~
nedee hahahha
lol camne nk bising hahaha  adibmal
tak tahu hahahah
huhuhu samalaa  adibmal
senyap je sekarang
lol saya siapa hehehe  adibmal
adib!!! hahaahaha rindu!!
suke lelaki ?
tak, suka kucing
How many hours do you sleep at night?
sometimes 5, sometimes 6, sometimes 8, sometimes more than that.. depends
wait you aree? mende tuh? lols
lols awak siapa?
hye ainaa! long time no see
hello, wait you areee?
hai there!!! i just wanna say that u r such a qt ;)
haii aww thank you!!!
awak kat mane
kat mana awak nak hihihihi
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What happened in your latest dream?
i think i know who you are but you dont deserve to know, no one will anymore lol
what kind of boy that u like to be your bf?
hahaha idk someone that could keep up with me i guess? its pretty obvious im a v complicated person nyeh
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I nak wazir bole tk ?
nelehh haha jk ambik la