Aina Kamilia @Ainakmlia
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Hey, how was your day??
boring haha
Kau dgn Faris ke ? dia pki nametag kau haritu
dia pinjam. no
haha funny
love your voice haha
thank you!
What's your favourite colour?
it changes depending on my mood but for now, baby pink, lavender, red and purple
What is national girlfriends day i never heard of it?
google it
Post a picture of you in your baju raya
alaaa takda ah
Selamat hari raya ,drive safely and forgive me for all the bad things i did to you  Amirulhaziqshah
thank you, hehe okie. forgive me for mine as well!
Selamat Hari Raya,Maaf zahir dan batin.if you are on the road drive safely
thank you, same goes to you x
Can i call you kamilia ?
no no no
desc someone that starts with the later m
letter m? ramai la
Describe fayyadh?
good looking, friendly and we should rlly talk more often :)
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i nmpk u td!!!
haha kat mana?
Awk ade lesumg pipit ?
takda, lesung batu ada la kekekeke
Who knows you the best?
u suka rogol siapa?
wuish soalan bagus ni, hmm u rasa siapa?
If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?
probably sleep or sleep
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what happened to my bby neymar? :c
idk man
kenapa you ske ignor org???
do i? sorryyyyy
You buat apa ?
hw sejarah :(
where to listen to your covers?
soundcloud i ada, its on my bio :D
I nak email you tapi i malu ... I nak cerita my problems tapi takut you judge i .
like i said, i would never judge you and i dont even have the right to do so pun and just use or something so i wont know who you are :) takyah letak nama in the name box pun takpa :)
Hi! followed! Can you please like my best friends photo on Facebook? They want to reach 6K so badly! The link is in my bio :) Thank you so much!  Jamie
I miss listening to your covers :( Hoping you'll make more covers in the future :)
i still do but not that often, i buat if cam ada mood je. thank you for listening to them :)