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nampak kat fraser hill tadi
laaa yeke
I anon je wak.♡
macam roza
HAAAHAHHA jangan marah... Tp ni serious i nampak you kat hilton hotel you dengan family you .
memang family i gi sana tadi. tapi tu bukan i lah anon, tu kakak i :)
Nashwa? Salah orang kot hehe.
habistu siapa? hehe
i rasa i nampak you kat giant. hmm
salah org kot
i rasa i nampak you kat pavi. hmm
salah org tu
Oit aina.
ni mesti nashwa
Awak ade crush?
awak rasa?
Hail Hydra..
azrai is that you hahahhh
nak your blog link
its on my twitter bio :)
have you went to espressolab ?
nooo, planning to tho but dunno when
Hi could you please click on the link and then "sign"? It's a twitter petition trying to get my idol back on twitter. It takes like one minute and would mean so much to me, please!
i love your blog , no joke
thank you
Hey guuuuurlll, you dah fikir about my question yg about your crush?
yes, selalu.. haha
knp u ske post bende yg u sendiri buat lol
thats called self advising, look it up
aina bila you nak buat cover , i miss your voice
adomak hahahh
aina , you buatlah cover !!!!
Hey guuuurrll, if you have a crush, tell him. I know this is cliche gila but ingat, you could die anytime. IF... Hehehe.. I said "IF", you ada crush, let him know, okay Sis?
How did you meet your best friend?
thru ur nostrils
Hey, how was your day??
boring haha
Kau dgn Faris ke ? dia pki nametag kau haritu
dia pinjam. no
haha funny
love your voice haha
thank you!
What's your favourite colour?
it changes depending on my mood but for now, baby pink, lavender, red and purple
What is national girlfriends day i never heard of it?
google it