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Aina Kamilia @Ainakmlia
Leaving some questions might help?
RSS answers
Who am i?
missing anyone?
yes, terribly hahaha
kwn u semua dah ade boyfriend kew
ada ke hm ada ke ada ke tak tahu la awak
On the scale of 1 to 10,how much you hate me?
who r u
What do you think of future?
well, future would probably be me as an older version of me, a better one i think doing greater things in life yea thats probably it
update lah blog!
how's your last day
gr8 hehehehehehe idk u tell me
What is your biggest regret?
theres a lot, i choose to force myself to not think about it tht much.. kinda helps
On a scale of 3 cowboy hats to 79 bottles of ketchup, how far is one apple to the Milky Way candy bar, if Julie has 6 bananas shoved down her throat while singing Call Me Maybe in space?
Describe Aisyah Munawer
priddy, tall, fair, funny, kalau caap ha kau pekat gila, pandai masaaak, a strong, strong gal indeed heheh
ada dUCKscarves?
noooo but planning on getting one tho but idkkkk
dah dapat result periksa?
Asal you tak jawab my question ?
sorry i tak buka ask fm selalu and i dont have the app :(
You ni cute lah
hahaha thank you :)
Who's the healthiest person you know
healthiest?? well this is strange-ish hhahahah but emmi i guess?? yea emmi
Yasmeen dengan chup cpl ke
tak tahu la tanya dia ‎@yasmeenabubakar
are you more afraid of robbers or ghosts ?
whats your greatest fear?
theres a lot hahaha
Who is the most annoying(guys or girls) in your class??
im the most annoying girl in my class i think hahahhah, most anoying guy would probably be the ever trashy hafiyzul
Do you like guys who smokes??
hmm i dont actually dislike a guy just bc of his bad habits. its not that smoking can define who he is as a person but i dont actually like the idea of my crush smoking though but please dont think i have anything against guys who smokeee
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
kittens :3
Hi aina just wanted to tell that you're so cute :) alright bye :)
hello anon! thank you, youre v cute for saying that too :)
Hi Friend
Do you know Amirul Haziq,if you do describe him??
of course i do haha, classmate, tall, fair, hyper, happy go lucky, funny-ish sometimes oh and also a family friend i suppose? heh