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Ever skinny dipped?

yeah in high school once aha

would you walk on me with your heels on?

um, no cause that would be painful...

Are you going to the beach this summer?

I really want to!!

What do you do for fun?

whatever the f*ckk I wanna dooo :)))

Are you bi?


What the hell is a "Thot"?

the dumbest acronym ever.. it means "THAT HOE OVER THERE" -_-

do you think that school is like a prison?

I thought high school was but now that I'm in college, nah lol

With a body like that you need to be taken instead og given

lol thanks..

What would you do today if there is no more tomorrow?

well today is basically almost over with..

do you kik?

I think its allforyouuu_

Getting head or giving head?

both, at the same damn time ;)

likers get 10 likes?


Waffle house or IHOP?


Giver or receiver?


Who do you trust most in your life?


Stupidest thing you did for a boy?

trust the wrong ones.

Do you believe that a white boy who has a little black in him means he as swagg? And a black dude that has a little white in him makes him lame?

anybody can have "swag". it's just how you carry yourself and act, not just style.

What would be the perfect 21st birthday present?

hm idk.. I like surprises ;)

Do you need money to be happy?

no, I don't NEED money to be happy, but it helps lmao

Do you think that you’re a good person?

hell yeah.

Make love or get the hell fucked outta you?

make love.

Are you in college?


your kitty must be tight af !! oh man

you're sick

What do you think people think of you?

bitch do it look like I care? NAWHH.

I think Rick and Michonne should date on Walking Dead. What do you think?

um, nah. they don't seem like that type. lol


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alecia. 20. single. don't take shit from nobody. be the best and fuck the rest ;)

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