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I'm off to rip of your pants at chloes and pound you!
hmm lovely! who is this!!!!!!!!?
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Am going to fingerbash you at Chloe's on Tuesday so make you you shave sweet cheeks.
oh lord Hahaa! Who is this!?
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Really,come sit on my cock?
aye! cheeky:)
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What shoes did you wear today?
Adidas gazelles
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Whats your snapchat??
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Your arse is so hot,what panties are u wearing?;)
hahahahaahhahaha granny pants!!
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What frustrates you the most?
candy crush requests!!!!!
Your arse is hot!
ha! thanks anon :))
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If you invented a monster what would you call it?
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Do you have Kik or whatsapp?
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Wag wannnnn
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Err panini fingers
Hi sponge;)
Your so beautiful!!
Aww thank you:)
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Says your offline?
Am online tho?!
Your not,
I am?!
Look who it is,get on chat so I can chat you:)
I am on chat?!:)
Would love to get to know you!
Sent this 3times?!
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Would love to get to know you!
Awwwhr! Who is this?!
Do you remember your first friend?
Aww thanks anon ;)
Do you remember your first kiss?
Whats the dirtiest thing you have done with a lad
Had a mud fight!
u wud
Ik babe!
Suck me beautiful
Alrighty then anon!!
What perfume are you wearing today?
Ralph Lauren!