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Just messin with ya  Jasmine Lisboa
Why would u hook up with maxcence quandeir???  Jasmine Lisboa
I couldn't help myself I'm sorry
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cute guys in grade 10?
Don't u ever hate on Lorde again u fuckin skank I better not see u around rci bitch  blur savage
Ily but she was talking shot about Drizzy
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Who is your most hated celebrity?
lorde , hating on my bb
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/AlexiaCabone I still laugh
loool we all make mistakes
Post a selfie?
are you dating anyone atm
What type of people are you afraid of?
Judgmental ppl
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you dont have to explain shit to that kid that told you to delete ask tell em to fuck themselves if they talk shit again
Exactlyyy! Ily
Favourite song/artist?
Drake , can't chose
kinda confused then aha?
Is he in gr10?
Lol I seriously don't know if I like anyone
What's the last thing you bought?
like anyone atm?
What is in your fridge?
Literally nothing
do a like for inboxed tbh??
I don't doo that
hows vuk
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why u so fat and ugly stupid and you look like a piece of shit
Idk :ooo
What party
Teijas sweet 16
how was the party
What invention has had the greatest impact on society?
Do you like being alone?
Yeah sometimes
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Thoughts on pink hoodies?
Love emm