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why are you mad?
dealing with fake friends
Who will go to hell?
all the people who treat other people bad
Who listens to u?
no one lol
What is one thing you are sure of?
I'm gonna be known one day :)
What insects are you afraid of?
spiders ew
Is there any person you are afraid of?
no because that 'person' is smaller and weaker than me lol
What about guys?
what about them? lol
Your cute :)
alexis you are such an inspiration. I love ur vine videos and I know your gonna be very popular in the future :) NEVER STAP! :*
that means a lot thanks babe :) :*
What would be the perfect gift for you?
a puppy :)
are you dating Dana vaughns????
What's going on with you and im5?
Why don't u answer question anymore?
i'm now just starting too :)
did u no tht me and chris are going back out??
Yes I did Jayla lol Aneesia told me
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how are u today lol
Umm tired
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Are your feet soft?
Umm idk that's random
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I'll be your friend
Thank you that means a lot :)
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So u don't got friends that listen to u? Dang
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Would you rather be white than black ?
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So you don't have friends that listen to u? Dang
Not all of then only some.
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What did you mean, as in you need new friends???
It's not fun being surrounded by a bunch of selfish people, and being ignored and LOTS of other things. I just need to make new friends. People that actually care and listen to me and care about my feelings. Bit being surrounded around loud obnoxious, innapropiate people that are just....
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Followed you - Follow back, maybe?  Flo Wais
Sure, how do you get so many likes?
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What is your favorite sport?
I like to dance :)
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hey alexis havent talked to u in a while!  Noah Holt
OMG Noah I miss you!! You better come back to alabama :/
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Hola :)
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