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"If the sky is the limit, then how did we land on the moon?" <3

with a rocket

If a girl says she needs time to think whether we're getting together or not, is it a no?

no it is a 'she needs time to think'.

Opinion on me? (Sent to everyone I follow) :3


I don't know ya

Do superheros exist?

well I exist
you do the maths

Opinion on jack eggleston?

He's alright

Who did you meet that was new when you went Italy


you are well fit tweet or dm me @angusv711 ;)


if you where offered £200 to be tickled on your bare feet for 45 minutes would you accept the challenge?

depends if I could back out during the challenge or not

You know who it is ;) message me on facebook take a guess ;)


wats camborne like x

better than expected

wat school u at x

you scared?

Do you miss me?

i don't know who you are but probably

Miss you <3

aw who is this

prettiest girl you know?

most girls i know

My worst fear is losing you.

Out of almost 7 billion people, I chose you.

7.023 billion*

Who do you miss?

a few people

Snapchat name?


You want me to pop up? You don't know me at all :/

just do it

You're beautiful

pop up
i dare you anon

if you have blonde hairs it doesnt make a difference, they still look un needed and a bit like king kong xo

well I think shaving is annoying because you always miss patches and then you look like king kong's half human child

That's a little unrelated...

I wasn't sure if you were complimenting me or insulting Sophie, therefore bananas was the appropriate response

Good, I was going to say, it's not the most flattering of you;) Your profile photo looks really nice though :)

this is the story of my life


Ask @AlicePiper:

About no one:

14,girl,single,straight, don't say hi. oh and don't try and get a serious/ sensible answer out of me:-)
@kensajose10 is my netball friend
@HannahReid10 smells
@AnyaaaP smells worse