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Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
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picture of you and ex
I don't have one anymore
I went to HS with her and I can assure she was never pregnant lol, that girl is her sister.
Ya! If this is a different person thanks
Not sure to believe u, u look like a mega party girl. kid looks like a newborn, if u didn't birth the child who did. baby looks like u
Ya cause my mom just gave birth smart one, I do have a mom who is only 35 so she has the ability of giving birth
who are the kids in the pictures? Hopefully not urs..unless u are a really bad girl
Lolz nah my step brothers
when was the last time you kissed a guy?
I don't remember
post the most recent selfie on your phone
post the most recent selfie on your phone
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post the most recent pic on your phone
post the most recent pic on your phone
The silence isnt so bad, till I look at my hands and feel sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.
Oh my just tell me who u are lol
Since day 1 I've been so happy because you made me happy. I have never me anyone as nice, as pretty, as smart, and as loving as you are. You're the most important human being in my life an without you im worthless. With you in my life I am so happy. So happy that there aren any words to describe how
Who are u???
lol I don't know that previous dude but that was a funny ass response
Haha thanks
Where hav u been? ):<  Zach Lopez
Hmmmm we would go out on a star gazing date. You would have like a truck and we'd put a whole bunch of blankets in the back, and I'd make us some baked goods. Then we cuddle and at some point after talking for hours you look me in the eyes and tilt my head up and bam it happens. Hbu
Bam what happens? And how bout me what
If I knew I would be falling in love with an angel, I would have searched for you harder and found you sooner. Btw I'm not the same guy keeps asking those questions below thought you should know this with someone as special as you by my side any thing is possible
Um wow u should come out of anon
pap you and manon
pap you and manon
I dont think you like meee
Well tell me who u are first
I wish I was lucky enough to kiss you
If I only I knew who u were tho
even on the cheek?
Ya, I would only take those kind of photos if I had a bf not a stranger
post a pic of you kissing someone
I don't have one... That would be weird
you are too damn cute
I think my cats cuter
you are too damn cute
Yuppers puppers
you deserve to be kissed every day
Aww thanks!
last time you kissed a guy?
I don't even remember like 2 months ago
You tug at my heart strings
Well thank you
pap of you and your sandals?
I don't wear sandals In the winter or at least when it's raining
last time you kissed a guy?
I dont know