Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
I was born In Russia!! I'm 16 years old!! Birthday 12/20! Snapchat: alicez14 Instagram: Alice_zeksel
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is manon single?
Ya why?
Does mourad get a chub often?
A chub?
Lamest thing u will do over the weekend
Sit on my couch and watch tv
Funnest thing u will do this weekend
Hangout with all my friends!
Pap no makeup
Pap no makeup
Did u enjoy a cool weekend
Super fun!
Glad it sparked ;) were u kissing back right away or did it take a bit?
Of course right away!
can you talk about you and mourad's first kiss?
Well we were watching tv and cuddling and we started to face eachother and he leaned in for a kiss it was amazing cause there was that spark !! Well at least for me !! :)
What about her?
favorite time mourad kissed you?
I don't think I have a favorite... They are all good :)
What will you do this weekend
Probably hangout with Mourad!
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
like 3 weird boys in the class of 2014
I'm not really sure lol
How would you describe your perfect sandwich?
Meat and melted cheese!!
weirdest outgoing interlake 2014s?
Wait what?
Who knows you the best?
My friend Dariya
Sweet picture by water, where is that at?
Rattlesnake ledge
still cute
Aww thanks :)
Post a picture of your pet!
Post a picture of your pet!
lol think that still counts ;)
Haha really? How
What is the next big thing that will blow people’s minds?
Flying cars
pic of you and mourad first or any kiss
pic of you and mourad first or any kiss
pic of you and mourad's first kiss or any kiss?
I don't have any kissing pictures but I do have a cheek kiss picture though
What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
Idk I haven't used it in forver
Do you think sometimes or it's something out of your range?
... What?