Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
I was born In Russia!! I'm 16 years old!! Birthday 12/20! Snapchat: alicez14 Instagram: Alice_zeksel
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would u rather kiss austin ball or duglas carmona?
Umm I guess Austin
what's ur gpa
I think a 3.2 or soemthing hopefully getting up
whose cuter, duglas or tyson?
Duglas who?
weird people from odle
I don't remember ppl from Odle
who did u was weird from odle
? I'm sorry what
cutest boys in each grade
Freshman: don't know
Sophomore: don't really know
Junior: Ata Y, junior and Austin are attractive
Senior: Kevin B
Weirdest Interlake senior boys (that just graduated)
Umm Duglas haha for sure
Weirdest Interlake seniors (that just graduated)
Definitely Victoria George and Laura Bergsma
What is your weekend going to be like?
Pretty boring and was
Thoughts on: Brandon Galland, Brandon Kruse, ahmahn Edwards, Alon Peres, will Douglas, Derek Dawson, Sam Kim?
I know one person here and have heard of 2 others, I know Will Douglas who is pretty chill actually and I've heard of Sam Kim who I've heard is really cool and I think Alon I've heard but i don't remember
As a person
Football: Kevin Benedict, Zeke is nice Umm Jason is pretty nice and I don't know anyone on basketball
just answer 1,2,4,5,6,7,11... they arent that bad!!
1. 16 2. 5"3 4. Single 5. No 6. Yes that's all
1:Age? 2:Height? 3:Ever been fingered? 4:Single? 5:Virgin? 6:Do you wear thongs? 7:Bra size? 8:Ever given a blow job? 9:Ever had your pussy licked? 10:Ever have a 69? 11:Do you masturbate? 12:Have you ever flashed anyone? 13:Ever sent nudes? 14:Type of underwear you are wearing now?
I'm definitely not answering any of these
fave ihs football and basketball player?
Like as a person or as a player
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pic of ur hc group
pic of ur hc group
pic of u rn
I don't have one, and not going to take one here's one from yesterday
pic of u rn
good :) you shouldnt be all upset, all it does is make life harder than it should be :)
That is definitely true haha
if you need to talk to sombody call an old friend or something haha
Haha I've got couple friends helping me
well things will get better they always do :)
I really hope so :/
NP so out of your ex'es which one will you never forget the most?
Mourad haha the one that just ended
gayyyyyy :p well your still cool shit :)
Haha thanks :)
what happened?
We broke up a month ago:/
pic of cora and diego
pic of cora and diego
you and that one guy still dating?
Mourad? No