Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
I was born In Russia!! I'm 16 years old!! Birthday 12/20! Snapchat: alicez14 Instagram: Alice_zeksel
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ever play too long your hand started bleeding
Oh god no
Pic of u at school
Pic of u at school
Have you ever been jealous?
Yes of course
do you at least last awhile at slap tennis or give up right away
Sometimes a long time
Ever been fucked
Meaning sex yea already answered his many times
ever play slap tennis - two people hold left hands and go back and forth slapping them with your right hands until one of you gives up by letting go
Omg yes! I almost always loose
Are you wearing a thong or panties
Normal underwear but who cares it's almost bed time
pic of your hair right now
I already did
pap of u at school on the day of a gymnastics meet
Usually I just wear fancy stuff but I don't have any pics right now
Kitten is SOO CUTTEE!!!
Ya thanks
Video response hour
Ya no I'm almost about to sleep
oH ho :(
? Haha
I like your necklace, where did you get it?
It's my moms!
omgg I love cats! Pap?
omgg I love cats! Pap?
PAP a sexy pic of u :P
Ya no... And don't have one
do you have any pets?
Yes a kitty
pic of u right now
pic of u right now
how many pullups can you do in a row
None! I am so weak when it comes to arm strength
lol naww pic of u kissing someone
Don't have one
pic of hair right now
Straight and in a ponytail
pic of hair right now
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favorite high school besides interlake?
Umm idk never really been to others
favorite pajamas?
My fuzzy pjs
kissing pic of u?
? How would I kiss myself lol
pic of u and logan?
Don't have one
pic of you doing gymnastics
On the bars!
pic of you doing gymnastics