Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
I was born In Russia!! I'm 16 years old!! Birthday 12/20! Snapchat: alicez14 Instagram: Alice_zeksel
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Happy birthday cutie!!!
Thanks anon!
What are you doing tonight?
What did Jimmy send you?
Just what he writes
Jimmy's weird af
Lol umm
Jimmy if you lay a hand on my girl I will fuck you up
Your girl?
??/ maybe it takes a minute?
Got it!
Haven't gotten Anything yet
i'd have to add you as a that ok?
what's your email? or I can text it to you
How bout fb
would you like to read it then?
favorite memory from when you were little
I don't remember much
Have you talked to Laura Bergsma recently?
No so sad!!
Do you like anybody ;)?
No :/ lol
have you ever kissed a boy while you were outside Wash State?
Nope's an erotic short story
Oh lol and
who is the song by?
It has drake lol
would you rather kiss in a movie theater or in a tent?
Tent! Bc it's private
Favorite song???
favorite place to relax
Hmm on the beach with headphones in wouldn't like it i bet.
Why not?
cool. I just finished writing a short story and taking a break...
That's cool
what are you up to now? and nice legs by the way...
Just watching tv and thanks haha
well you look gorgeous in it
Haha thanks:)
what's the occasion?
That was homecoming
wow...the 5 of you look AMAZING!!!
Haha thanks!