Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
Alice Zeksel @AliceZeksel
I was born In Russia!! I'm 16 years old!! Birthday 12/20! Snapchat: alicez14 Instagram: Alice_zeksel
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cutest interlake senior boyz?
I don't know many senior boys, I know senior girls ... But ummm yea I don't know
what's your snapchat?
Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
Nah!! I don't really like shopping!
What books do you plan to read?
Well currently the one for my English class
How many games do you have on your phone?
Only like 20 but I barely play them...
Haha, that's respectable, just know you have options :)
Ya... Wait what options? Lol
This question may seem a bit rude, but do you choose to be single, or are you looking for the right one?
Both.. Idk yet like I don't feel like dating but at the same time I want to find someone special
R u and billy still a thing?
What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
43 it sucks
You cute AND sexy as hell. Why arent u taken?
Idk lol... Thanks :)
Okay, well what are some things you'd do to terrorize/rampage on the city? Sorry, I'm really bored. x) lol
Step on it... And or crush it with my hands
Well, any city you want really. How about one filled with drugs/gangs and what not?
Ya I guess... Or just places I've heard that sucked
I see, sucks for the random people that'd just get squashed haha. Would you ever wreak havoc on a city?
Maybe... Depends on the city.. I have been much around the U.S so I can't judge yet
You'd be barefoot just so you know!! (Since giants don't get clothes :P) Is there anything else you'd do? Would the people you step on be selective, or completely random, or would you just not care and do it while you're walking? (Would be hard not to in a city)
Well the people would be selective... Well some of them others randomly... And I don't car if I'm barefoot I would still walk
If you had the power to turn into a giant 500 feet/152 meters tall, what are 5 things you'd do? Your feet would be 70ft or 21m long, and 24ft or 8m wide. A 6ft or 1.8m tall man would look less than an inch tall! (You could squish a grown man with a toe!) I hope this question is creative for you.
... That's a hard one.. I would walk everywhere and Travel the world by walking! I would step on people which would be fun( some people) and ya mainly travel tho
Last person’s house you were in?
Umm my friends house
How often do you drink
Not often
Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
How many games do you have on your phone?
Like 15 not many
Is there a person your mom or dad knows that you absolutely cant stand? My dad has a friend who swears every 3rd word.
Not really I like all my moms friends, well actually there is this one guy who is phone stalking her who I hate and she hates too but other then that no
I know it's thinking ahead, but do you have any summer plans this coming summer?
For right now not really
Hi from Australia where it is summer. I am moving to the States in March to Bellevue specifically, I am your age, what type of fun things are there to do? Have you ever been to Australia?
I like to hangout and party usually and I've never been to Australia
How is that working out for you and how do you like your moms friend?
I love it!! She is like a second mother
What is your second family?
Well my moms friend, we live with them in a house so it's my mom and I and her friend and the daughter
You are allowed one beverage for the rest of your life. What would you choose?
Water probably or apple juice