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same kik me  Michael Bellevue
how u been ?????  Michael Bellevue
Good . Wbu ?
What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Fr imma mke u my #1
Talk is cheap bruh
Cme join my team
Lol you crazy lmao
U is bad
Hey lil mama is u single
Ha yeah
As of right now
Yes damn . We're fucking done D-O-N-E . We are fucking friends ! That's all . He fucked up ! I gave him 3 chances & he fucked up all 3 ! He's dumbbbbb ! & he knows it !
So y'all done
As of right now YES .
How r u and Showtime
We're friends . & I'm okay with that . He did something he shouldn't have done . I hope he learns from his mistake . But I ain't worried about it . He can do what he wants .
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I love you <33
I love you tooooo , even tho idk who you are <3
Have you ever been inlove
Is there any person you are afraid of?
That's good to hear
Oh, y'all gone date?
Hopefully .
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How long y'all been talking?
Like 2 or 3 weeks idkkkkkk it's not like I keep count
You and showtime still talk?
Depends on who's asking ? Lol jpppppp yesssssss & I'm happy !
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How often do you go to parties?
Lol I'm my own party
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I don't wanna be friends. I want more than that. And you do care allie.
Omg . I'm done talking about this . It's done .
Yes it is allie. I'll leave you alone after that. If you don't wanna even be friends i won't talk to you after that i just wanna talk all this out before we just drop it.
We can be friends then . Idc anymore . I give up .
Get back on Fb i needa talk to you
Nothing to talk about . Bye .
Exactly . Good-Bye
Just is . What makes you think I'm going to tell someone who asks anonymously .
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As of now? You bout to have one?
It's complicated . Tbh .
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