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why don't we hang out more often?!  Nichole Miyoshi
We should
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Where were you 3 hours ago?
Home?!?! why
tbh ur cool and weird, like me and ily baeee ~Nichole ♡♡♡
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              
Best question ever
It's not better to look fake.....js
Calling me fake........ says the one on anon
You wear WAAAAY too much make-up. You even look fake
sorry I do what I want. I defiantly don't wear makeup to impress people, I wear it for myself. It's better to look fake then be fake on the inside. Thanks for using your time on me Anon <3
LIkes get 10 likes ?
ily too anon <3
U like Robert?
Who's Robert .....
What's ur Instagram
no trust me you are gorgeous
Awe who is this ? And that's still you
youre freaking gorgeous!
That's all you anon :)
Who is your best friend
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do u like anybody
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a friend
Which friend
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we should talk more
Who is this ?
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how old are u
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what's ur kik
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u know u got prettier than in middle school
Thanks!!! kik me anon
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how did u get so fine girl !!!
Awe thanks!! And I didn't lmao
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Why do you hate tonya
i don't hate her I just dislike her for now lmao she hates me
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Do u go to glades
Yes ..... do you who ever you are ?
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Can youu postt pics of your cruise when you go?
Sure :) who is this ?