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How often do you change your hairstyle?
i dye my hair alot but very rarely change the hairstyle
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You will never know. I'm pretty sure you actually do though :3
i dont, hints?
What is the meaning in life ? ? ?  Alex Anthony
To share moments with people you love, and to make people happy <3
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Fall inlove with me again? :3
who is this ;0
well thanks ^.^
How are you?
good how are ya?
wana suck me off?
no thanks i have a boyfriend
My cock?
Can I read some of these stories? :)
why? Because who you used to do be was a lot more fun... and a bit better of a person... Now I don't really like who you are... I'm sorry
I havent changed the slightest if you meet up with me tbh
Would you Model merch for my band if we sent you a free T-Shirt? :D
of course!
No like with your life? Are you a model? Do you sing? Artist? What do you actually do?
I play drums, I go out alot actually and i dont have facebook on my mobile so i dont go on it when i go out, im looking for job right now, Ive been writing a lot of storys recently? ;3
I dont know theres a lot =)
But that doesn't answer the question, WHAT DO YOU DO?
like in my spare time?
What do you even do? I mean you just like put bare random shit up on facebook all day, what is your purpose?
why not? what's that even supposed to mean O.O
my god I haven't heard the word 'bare' in so long xD
Truthfully... I used to like you a lot... but whereas before I could stick up for you... I no longer can... I can't even talk to you anymore
why? ;/ who is this?
Is there anyone besides your boyfriend you'd talk too if something were wrong?
Of course! I can be open when I want to be I guess and sometimes I go to people for advise on us etc so you have to ^_^
Well hai erm, your a Stunna, could youse with a porka ;)
Well hai there chicken :3
yah porkerrr
Are you 'in-love' with your boyfriend? And don't just say yes because he can see this n.n
what is this meant to mean? I love him with everything, i wouldn't give him up for the world <3
Still can't guess? :(
tell meeeeee