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How many games do you have on your phone?


Describe your life in five words?

I have two. MESSED UP.

What is your opinion about same gender relationships?

I think that if you and that person share mutual feelings and want to be in a relationship, nothing should stop you.

how did you meet your boyfriend?

We met at a football game awhile ago.

What do you think you do best?

Mess things up.

Are you addicted to shopping?

If you get me in the right mood

What's the last thing you bought?


Who knows you better than anyone else?

Nobody honestly.

What do you miss?

What's your favorite photo that you've taken?

I don't have favorite photos so. Here's a beach selfie from yesterday.

Do you have phobias?


What do you expect in 2014?

Hopefully better things than 2013!(:

Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?

This babe,<3

Would you date yourself if you were someone else?

Lol no. XD

What grade are you in? Bc damn girl you look good

... Lol. I'm a freshman..

What part?

Red dot.

Do you live in Michigan?

Yes, I do.

What is your favorite word?


What sport do you do?

I cheer

What is your favorite sport?

To watch: football
To physically do: cheer, or basketball.

What is your favorite pic of yourself?

Here's a recent one because I don't have a fav.

Where are you at the moment?

My bed.

What inspires you?

People and photography.

What's your number one rule in life?

Live only for yourself.

What is the most popular lie, people tell to each other?

Did you hear that ______ was talking about you?


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