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Answer my questions NOW

No they are inappropriate and mean and they aren't helping the situation

matts extremely rude


I'm so sorry


My friend told me they flirt


He knows exactly who it is. I feel bad for you

Will you tell me the Instagram username?

Your prettier tho

:D thank you but idk who she is

some girl that used to be blonde?

Who...? He dosent know who she is either

Matt likes ALL of emilys answers I think it's just to show he's still interested but he is taken he is just putting her on the back burner but as soon as you guys are done they will have a thing

Who's Emily?

Are you going to be matts women crush wenesday?

No I don't think so

You are too lucky to have him!!!


Hunter Felt?

He's one of Matthews best friends he's really funny!

1st period today. I just have do do the reformer guy. Thanks for the help -_-

Liam gorby

Hahah I'm gonna go second with hunter and Maggie! (There is no point in her coming!) HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

rate 9.99999999999999998 date noo

Hahahaha thanks icecream and cakey cake! HAHAHHAHA

Raina and Matt sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

Oh wow your just soo funny...

You and Matt are so cute! I saw you guys at skating and you're so prettyy! Hmu sometime

Trinity Paradis

Awh thank you so much! :) and ya ttms!

Do you think you two will last?


Hiii so thanks for the like 900 snapchats of you and Matt lol (my only friend) aha Kik me!! <3 you guys are so f***ing cuteee


Hahaha idk why you are but thank you and no prob there will be many more! ;) ;) hahaha ttms!

What would you change about it or him?

I would like to be in the same grade but we don't really have a problem on weekends seeing eachother! :))

What do you like best about your relationship?

That we always have something to talk about we have a good time together and the fact that I'm not like shy around him, I'm myself were like good friends but more than friends it's just awesome!

Tbh you're in my gym class and you seem really nice! Rate 9! Date no haha

Thanks girl!

Your snapchats are too cute

Awe thanks!

Hi beautiful!!


Because you guys are the best together.

Ryan Beighey

Oh ahha thanks!:)

Btw your snap chats are best haha

Ryan Beighey

Hahah why?


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