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sabi ko na nga ba eh! XDDD
Alin? :O
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Ate in a relationship ka ba?
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Ate pwede pahingi ng advice para sa story ko? Di ko po kasi magawan ng part 2 hehe
Uhm what d'you mean by part 2 as in book 2? Hmm, tantiyahin mo. Alam mo kasi may ibang story na it's better of this/that way. May mga story din na hindi na dapat pang pinapahaba pero kung palagay mo naman ay dapat. Then think about ideas and new plots. Kung ano-ano pa ang kailangan nilang pagdaanan. Importante rin ang mga twists.
Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
Sorta, kinda... maybe? XD Pakibasa naman po :) Thankyou :* Pafollow na rin po,please? =))) #SPREAD  kitkathmoo
What's your Talent besides from Writing stories, Sleeping, & Eating ?
Aray ko ha. HAHAHA hinay-hinay ka po. XD I do paint and draw/sketch sometimes. I also cook ya know? Hahaha. Kay -_-
Sge po.Friends <3  kitkathmoo
What's the most unusual thing in your refrigerator, right now?
Uling. XD
Sinong kilala mong wattpad user na super dami ng talent?
Si GreenWriter, Tonguetiedbabe, BlacktaintedHeart, Yoursweetestdarnfall. Madami po :3
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Hello :) Sino po pwedeng maging friend dito ? ;> As in yun makakaClose ko =))))
Hello! Uh, sure! :D
If everyone have to transform themselves to their most hated thing, What would you be ? and why ?
Heh no thanks. I hate it so why would I want to be one?
What can you say about bullying? And what advice could you give to people who are constantly being bullied?
Bullying? I hate it bullies. Don't let them get into you, I know it's hard pero lumaban ka. Kaya lang naman may mga bully kasi may mga nagpapa-bully.
What advice can you give to depressed people?
Look at the bright side of life.
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick?
At what age did you find out that Santa wasn’t real?
I always knew.
Do you like short or long hair on someone of the opposite sex?
Depends. XD
Do you believe in Karma?
Hell yeah.
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What's something that you would never wear?
A tutu. XD
Hiiii! Ano po watty name mo?  
Hello! Myvirgo17 po :)
What color socks are you wearing right now?
Marunong po ba kayong mag-drawing?  Keeym WP
Opo. Hilig ko po ang mag-drawing :3
HartsHarts <3 <3  Jay
Hearts everywhere! <3
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What is something you find hard to stop once you have started?
san po kayo gumagawa ng cover ng story nyo sa wattpad??
Hindi po ako ang gumagawa nung iba, pero uhm sa pixlr ako gumagawa :)
Ano po ba ang ibig sabihin ng OP?
Operator po.