Gina :)
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new york photo <3

What lol

That's true I have so many haters it's pathetic

Melissa Martin

It sucks the most cause my personal like was bought into it but idk I guess they didn't have anything else to do

How are you love? And sorry so many people are mean to you on Twitter

Melissa Martin

I'm doing okay, it's okay you gotta learn to live with it people are gonna love you & some will hate you

How many times hve u met alyssa

2 times, first last May & then in August


Stop what?

whats your favurite musicals

I love spring awakening!!!

Are you from?

New york

Inspire people how?

Like someday I wanna start a fund raiser or a charity for something because I've been through it

What is one thing you really want to happen

I wanna be able to be someone's inspiration :)

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Kayyyy u just think you're famous like stop okay can you not?!

Lol I don't though

u 22!! OMG i thought u were like 16 or 17.!! u really cute :)

Lmao yea I look like I'm about 16! & I still think of myself as a 16 year old lmao

hello :)

Hiii :)

What you doing?

Just laying down & just finished reading a book :)

how old r u??


Random Stranger.!! :D

Lmao well hii

Lol bras are AWESOME :P :P :P

Who are you lol

Any chance you wanna tweet stuff at my ex with a foot fetish? He loves to smell and lick girls socks and stocking feet. i once talked him into wearing a dress and tights just to smell my socks. I wanna embarrass him a little. would u wanna tweet stuff? lemme know and I will give u his twitter

Lmfaooo wtf??

Single or taken? :)

Single lol

whats the color of the bra u wearing ??


If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be?

Rachel mcadams because she's just too perfect & she's dating Ryan gosling

Ποιο ειναι το αγαπημενο σας χρωμα?


Are you friends with hailie?

No we never even met lol

random fact about you.

I used to have Aaron Carter's number but he didn't know because he said it in an interview once & I called it once and he answered so I hung up because I got nervous lmao but he changed it now


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hi i'm awkward get to know me :D

New York :)