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Who has your back no matter what ?
My boyfriend & best friend
You have a husband?
Yup & he's my king
Tiene miedo de el?
You have the afraid of what nigga u can't speak Spanish
How do you walk?
Thot walk lml
You gotta tell everything to your boyfriend?
Who you love?
Tyler Stanley
You ask God for mercy?
What state do you live in?
What does ur upper lip smell like after you lick it?
Do you still shot yourself ?
Do you have a bf?
What made you happy today?
My boyfriend
dam i thaught we was friends
can i message you on fb your cute(:
No sorry
Do you workout with your booyfriend???
Soo we cant just talk?
Your really pretty we should talk
Thanks but I have a boyfriend
Would you ever try it in the ass
Have you ever tried it in the ass ?
To bad your not with him but i will be in minute he wouldnt tell me to come over if your there dumbass(;
Ha ok
dont waste your time replying to these basic bitches your better than that. for real
Thank you
Your so pretty and so fit how do you stay so perfect
Awh thank you ! & going to the gym 3 hours a day plus allstarcheerleading does it too (:
On my way to limerick see him soon bye girl(:
I'll see you too (:
Yooooooo who ever is tryna take her man, you needs get a life and stop tryna ruin others lives. Like seriously your that much of a low life to try to do that. Well your prob a whore anyway so you don't know what love really is. Lol peace out. Oh yeah love ya lex(:
Thanks girl ! & yeah some hoe just mad cause they don't got a stable amazing relationship like I do wit my mans the just hattin but fuck em they'll get what's commin to em when I find out who they are (:
Your boyfriends a cutie wish i could find a guy like that