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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Your stick and stone nomod does seem pretty good for only after playing 5 months but did you slow down after that ? Because there are some pretty aim intense maps out there that you can get pp out of
I have more As on aim maps than you think
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Cptnxn arrived to Poland, he stayed overnight at Lucid Astray's house.. .. . . And out of sudden he got gastroenteritis. He might not be able to take part in UMCS. THERE IS NO GOD FUCK MY LIFE.  AmaiHachimitsu
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You should make a liveplay with the cam focused on your mouse hand,all of your liveplay/stream recordings are focused on keyboard
Request received then.
I'm off to Lublin for the UMCS Tournament now, will be back on Sunday evening. Wish me luck, cya
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Znasz japoński na tyle dobrze, by słysząc dialog/piosenkę od razu zrozumieć znaczenie? Czy jednak zajmuje Ci to chwilę, zanim wszystko sobie przetłumaczysz? Ile uczyłeś się tego języka? (Być może były już takie pytania, jednak nie chcę przelatywać całego aska).
Nie rozumiem polskich piosenek, co dopiero japońskich. Z reguły zrozumiem mniej więcej o czym są, ale przetłumaczyć nope. I w sumie dobrze, że ich nie rozumiem. Nic mi nie zepsuje słuchania. Ciężko nazwać to nauką, ale gdzies od limby
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If I have >5ms latency when enabling Raw Input, should I disable it or not? (because idk about this latency thingy)
This latency is something else, don't really know much about it. My is like 16 and is okay
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What's your opinion on AmaiHachimitsu?
Very similar to me, I could swear we're identical.
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enjoy some more s tag, love some anon <3
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What's your opinion on Doomsday?
Awesome player, awesome personality, someone you would've problems imagining in today's society.
16 people like this Could you post a screenshot of your nomod play?
.osr is the only memento
Dude nice sticks and stones score
I never tried it with HR because my nomod score there was historical (for me) because I set it after 5 months of playing and I was very proud of it. But well, couldn't stand the temptation.
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In most of Funorange's replays,it seems as if he is strictly following the followpoints
You know, it's hard not to follow the followpoints and not miss.
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Do you focus on followpoints to get that robotic cursor movement?
no why, with good muscle memory you don't need anything.
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Do you think _index can go for #1 as HR-only player? Also, what you think of hvick's 560pp score? Ridiculously overweighted?
#1 is too much for HR only. Hvick's score is most likely super overweighted.
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Wykonujesz jakieś ćwiczenia przeciwko RSI? Widziałem gdzieś obrazek z nimi, a że potrafię już naprawdę szybko napierdalać w klawisze, to nie chcę się tego nabawić
Przed grą po prostu rozruszaj dłonie, są filmiki na yt. Dla mnie już trochę za późno, robię tylko ćwiczenia stricte dla tych, co już się RSI nabawili.
Oh ok. Well for me, I've gotten used to 5k so you almost don't see my hand move when I play some games. But it's still sometimes hard to control. But when I use low sens, It's hard to move my hand that far on the mousepad lol.  Meeeeew =^.^=
it's not hard at all, it just feels inconvenient for you because you probably feel like you're losing control when the mouse moves far from the central spot.
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Czytasz jakieś mangi? I czy jakieś kupujesz?
Nie stać mnie na części do PCta, na pewno kupuje mangi lol...
Z mang obecnie nie czytam nic, bo za wolno wychodzą. O dziwo jeśli już to czytam jakieś shoujo, bo z reguły ten gatunek jest spierdolony w anime.
Jedyne co pamiętam to Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata
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What is the best method to develop muscle memory quickly?  Cute Loli
You will never believe me, but IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE the best thing you can do is
play the game
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Naw lol. I use 1920 by 1080 and windows sensitivity is 6/11. I normally use a tablet for osu though and I use my mouse just to play for fun sometimes. I use my mouse for other games. I've heard you use really low sens. How does it feel being able to control it? Is it rly accurate and good for aim?
There's nothing to be proud o using low-sens. I'd rather ask Angelsim "how does it feel being able to control it (his 2k dpi)".
Yes it is accurate and good for aim unless you get very fast or very wide jumps.
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Could you sum up this article in english?
This just explains the basics of mapping, nothing to say about it.
I use 5k dpi lol  Meeeeew =^.^=
You can use 10k DPI, but if you're playing on some humongous resolution or you fiddled with osu!/windows sensitivity your real sensitivity could be somehow acceptable. Though I suspect that's not the case.
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anything under 400 super low?
wow u clever
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What is your definition of low, mid, and high sensitivity?  Cute Loli
If taking osu! into consideration, I'll show it on a sample of when 1024x768 resolution is used and windows/osu! settings are default.
Low - 400-600 DPI
Med - 800-1200 DPI
High - up to 2000 DPI
Anything above 2k is super high
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Your thoughts on ProOrange quitting yet again?  Cute Loli
This is what this game is meant for
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What are your CS:GO settings?  Cute Loli
2x sens, 1920x1080 res.
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