What do you think about Angelsim's hr play on this https://osu.ppy.sh/b/658127&m=0


How do you know if your mouse pad is worn down?

The pad slows down, some areas become slower than the others.

What a wonderful day... AmaiHachimitsu

...for my HDD to die.

We didn't make it in time reddit!

Thanks for your twitch donations, at least partially they can cover the costs! Though spending another 70$ or so is ruining my IRL plans a little \:D/ Gotta really find a job now.

Regarding livestreams: The most recent stream was supposed to be the last because in 90% I am resigning from my current studies so no more dorm and its fast connection. (even if I continue the next possible stream would be in October)
But upon arriving home I noticed a leaflet... With the first-in-the-city FTTH ISP offer. All it takes now is for me to convince the family. Wish me luck.

Does the amd fx 8320 handle mouse polling rate 1000hz good?


Any real life tips you can give for a shut-in introvert?

What tips? Introverts are fine whatever they do.

do you warm up your fingers for osu!

Through playing slower maps.
I exercise my fingers with dr Levi as well ^^

also what shampoo do you use?

IDK the name, some kind of "local" shampoo from a city with a spa resort.
Anything goes as long as it has sulfurides.
Still uneffective against my hair problems.

When playing low ar maps do you focus more on the circles themselves or your cursor more?

Circles. And I enforce myself to read it "late"

Has your mouse pad come yet.


Do you remember what your first experience was like playing osu!?

"What is this big bright circle in the middle"
I didn't know what do you do with spinners. I mean I started to spin after several seconds but nothing happened. 2 minutes later I actually held the button when spinning and MAGIC.

Fuck this game i had mouse dift under control, now all of a sudden it's becoming a big problem again.

It's as if I was listening to myself.

How important do you think is a mechanical keyboard? I am considering buying one, because I feel that I can't really stream any streams longer than 20 notes (my acc goes all over the place) with my current one. The feedback from my keyboard just feels weird Zemqu

Mechanical keyboard is a really good investment for non-gamers as well. It's just awesome to use. I can't imagine myself using an office rubber dome keyboard now.
Of course it should also help with osu!, but the above is more than enough of a reason to purchase one.

Do you think rubber side grips actually help for griping, because in my experience it's pretty much the same grippiness.

Newer mice have a nice coating so rubber side grips are not necessary

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvxJpGtoCrM comparing this one and 2013, why do u think he changed the style? I dislike the weird standard music playing over his commentary instead of the actual beatmap audio. I ask because I thought he might have had a reason to do this change and was curious Beamaxed

No particular reason. Perhaps some potential copryight issues made him reluctant to do it in older style. 2015 video is made in standard way.

http://ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answers/137649616287 Chyba chodziło o CSGO.

W takim wypadku chodzi o płynność ruchów. Większe DPI obok czułości wygładza ruchy myszki. Tego in-game sens nie potrafi. Starzy gracze wolą nieco bardziej kanciaste ruchy, pewnie z przyzwyczajenia.

Why didn't you buy a tablet? kappa

Buying a tablet in my position equals to taking a 50$ bill and throwing it off a cliff.

http://ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answers/134146084255 For the guy asking about music genere.


fingertip 400dpi 768p here, i have lots of drift, even on tv size. It's really annoying because i know that i can do the map then my mouse start drifting >.< any tips?

Sometimes you have to give up. Sometimes you can try to change your mouse-holding habits and/or develop counter-drifting techniques.

what music genre do you like best?

I have no favourites really

Why don't you just use 450 dpi for in game then?? XD

I can't believe you asked this.

Putting aside my current mouse not having the 450 dpi step, I chose to use 800 dpi so I could play at higher resolution, earlier I played 450 dpi at 1366x768. If I had to use 400 dpi step now I would have to set in-game sens >1, like 1.3 or something, and I don't do it since it messes up the sensor's precision.

Which Zowie mouse do you use? And still 800 dpi?

ZA13, 800dpi but 0.65 ingame sens at 1600x900. So pretty much the same sens as I had with 450dpi

have you ever considered using twitter or are you just not interested in that kind of thing?

I don't even know how to use it

Regarding the mousepad... AmaiHachimitsu

I ordered one from the only source in Poland. Paid for it etc.

And just got a notice the delivery ETA is in.... 20 days.


Have any tips on better mouse consistency? Ive got good accuracy and movement but always seem to miss 1 or 2 notes on even the easiest maps no mater how much I retry... :'(

The focus of mind is one of the elements which contribute to the so-called osu! talent. This is not something you can easily learn, especially if you're older


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