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Częstochowa, Poland
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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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what is a ic I thought its hot in europe right now
Internet Connection
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Plz play Gangsta :3
In 20 minutes I have the house all for myself, might even try streaming a bit with this crappy IC
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Drogi Amai mój kochany, klika klika sobie mapy, rusza myszką w lewo w prawo, na podkładkę dziś narzeka, co to z niego jest za gracz, gdy mu sprzęt jest chuja wart, nie wyklika żadnej mapy, bez tabletu, bez dt, gra nie warta, akysz precz!
całkiem całkiem
How do you handle losing your mouse grip in the middle of playing something ?
Usually I fail or just try to deal with it. Currently my mousepad is so worn out that small bit of pressure multiplies the friction by 50 so I try to keep my grip as loose as possible so it's not that much of a problem anyway. As one of Cookiezi's fans (yes I admit it... not a fanboy though, it seems like a derogatory term) I admit that he is not the best in every aspect... for example, he is not the best at spinning! And I WAS around when he played online.  Gigo
There does not exist a player that excels in every aspect that's fucking right.
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Thank you for answering with very detailed explanations If someone needs help! You helped me quite a few times!  Toni Petrovic
Sometimes I skip some questions bc #lazybum
1 person likes this I haven't seen it successfully accomplished
Look at all those dinosaurs like Kubu.
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Do you think it's possible for anyone to truly quit osu!?
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Do you think that there is a certain point at which someone can be certain that they are not capable of ever playing osu! at a level such as yourself (say, top 100)? Or can anyone reach into that level at some point and it just takes different amounts of time?
I think both, depending on the player. In theory any capable person (I mean healthy, all limbs and such) can achieve quite the proficiency in anything including osu!, but some people need less time to do it than the others, thus there will always be someone who can't handle it mentally and just gives up. Additionally there is always something called predisposition/talent which makes some individuals virtually impossible to tie (the skills) with.
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Were you a friend of polish players Kubu, ShaggoN, Adamus, other old ones?
When I arrived they were fading out slowly from the game, so not really.
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Does it bother you when people ask for advice?
I have nothing against answering well-posed questions about stuff that is not trivial. I do it even though I find asking for advice destructive. Players should think more by themselves. If you can't figure out what you're doing wrong, nobody else will. I'm disappointed that some people do it because they seek the reason behind which they can hide their lack of skill. If you want to be good at a game, focus on the game. For a long time you could call Rafis an osu!Hikikomori
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Is better to tap with index-middle, middle-ring or index-ring? i found myself tapping faster with my ring.
Choose the option that maximizes your performance. I myself don't know which is better. I mean, I find them all bad (thanks rsi).
1 person likes this Have you noticed that all Cookiezi fanboys and especially the ones that refuse to accept he's not the best in any aspect weren't even around when he played?
People grow up, it's been over 2 years since C was ranked last time so it's of no surprise. Similar thing happens with SiLviA.
1 person likes this what did you dislike about it?
It's plain stupid, especially the characters. I think calling them "characters" might offend any normal, real characters in anime, book, film. They behave like robots without brain and all they can think of circles around Love, nothing less nothing more. It is amazing how there could be so many ridiculous scenes in such a short show. I think the best moment is when a little, 13yo girl spots a guy with his arms/legs/I don't remember what else ripped off, blood everywhere and her reaction is like...
Sir are you okay?
The gore shit (no pun intended) is more hilarious than scary, blood coming out from places it shouldn't and such. It was implemented only for the hype from mentally challenged weebs, who become blind when they see blood or tits. Or both.
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Na siłę możnaby wcisnąć, bez 2. sezonu
No tak. To znasz coś podobnego?
Na pewno nie na teraz, idę spać
SnK może nie jest takie super, ale spełnia te warunki, nie?
SnK się nie skończyło
A polecasz jakies fajne, krótkie anime z gatunku akcji?
Dobre, krótkie, akcja.
Chyba takie nie istnieje :)
Shingeki no Kyojin Tokyo Ghoul Zankyou no Terror
Ok ZnT to dla mnie byla Tsukaima.
Nie oglądałem
TG to samo. We think alike... I couldn't stand watching past the first few episodes.
But still 70%+ of viewers are like 10/10. But well, it's better for them. People who are stupid or just can't see the mistakes/illogicality are always better off.
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Ogladales Snk, TG albo ZnT?
SnK - może być
TG? Co to jest, TransGender?
ZnT - Kugimiya na Toradorze się dla mnie skończyła.
Aim wise C > rrtyui > Niko > Index > Wolf ?
Why are people like that?
Why do people try to impose that everything is black&white, better&worse especially in a game like this where you can choose among dozens of thousands of beatmaps. Aim is a hell of a vague skill, you could hypothetically distinguish hundreds of types of Aim and you are trying to make a fucking ladder of players of your choice. Try the same thing with CS:GO players, same shit. You will never know if it's JW or KennyS that is a better sniper. Actually it applies to any other sports, like CR7 vs Messi battle.
Stop labeling people like that. Probably your question concerned my very subjective point of view, but yet again, why would you ask about it? I already stated it clearly that players do NOT care about each other as much as to compare their skills (this would usually end with losing motivation aka "I suck after all") and their Hatsune Miku figurines. Our opinions are based on the few scores we might've caught a glimpse of. Is it really of use for you? And later on you take that biased opinion and spread it, causing unnecessary ruckus. (e.g. "OMG AMAI SAID ON HIS ASK.FM THAT INDEX HAS BEST AIM, DIDN'T HE SEE COCKIEZI DOIN ALL DEM SCORES?? RETARDED FAG/FANBOY/ANTI-COOKIEZI ACTIVIST")
This also might be a little subjective, but please mind that whenever you ask questions like that, the receiver (usually a well-known player) is troubled, really. Because you aren't always sure who is better and we are of no help for you. If you want some real physical data, try doing some statistics yourself instead of asking irrelevant people.
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Amai is the best, raise your Amais (don't take this question seriously :'3  tjen
I am the best just after farto
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What's the difference between palm grip and claw grip in playstyle?
How am I supposed to answer you that. This is a very practical, physical thing. It's better to google the theory and test the practice. Random guy on the Internet won't provide you with the best info.
Are there any promising players you see in Poland's top 50?
I can see some talents, but I'm also sure they won't make it big.