AmaiHachimitsu @AmaiHachimitsu
I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
RSS Report answers i think he can fc all of your fc hr scores
He is better than me at hr so I guess that would be fucking surprising, what is wrong with you guys?
Is it worth it to invest time into learning HR over DT? Are there any pros/cons over this? For a mouse player, would his time be better spent learning HR or DT? Sorry for asking these dumb questions.
I never thought about that when I was getting better. I don't see any cons in playing HR apart from DT mastering being delayed. I think HR should be trained earlier anyway. You will gain stability, precision aim and accuracy. Then you need to sacrifice a little bit of each and add speed to play DT. He was close to FC senketsu HRHD, you can't even fc it nomod
Oh, kid. He has scores that I won't ever beat, but so is the other way round.
He had <3 miss runs on Airman HR (offline of course) as well. Nobody will really care...
...and don't treat people as if they were against you just because they don't flatter you. (you=your idol in this case, niko niko ni~ faggot). I wish you wouldn't try to destroy the already terrible relations between me and him.
Isn't it like everyone got a shitload of "fucked up" scores on maps? If there was no stress factor, 10 FCs on Airman would be certain including mine.
Roughly all of my <96% acc HR scores are doable for me at 98%, but who cares when I can't pull it off at the end?
I had 3/4 FC Kokou no Sousei [Chaos] and somehow failed, oh please acknowledge my skills senpai!
I can't tell if Adamqs is overrated, but I think Azer's point is partly based on the sheer knowledge about his tries. Adamqs tends to cry to all his friends about how he messed up this and that score and how bad he is. It's no surprise anybody knows about what he can do.
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Name all your friends in osu!
I have no friends
no skill
small dick
peptic ulcers
devastated fingers
slow connection
no job
one exam retake remaining
no motivation
tl;dr No, I won't.
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If there are so many Multi-Accounters / Cheaters in the top 1k of Osu! why are they not banned?
I don't remember saying that. osu! is more or less clean when it comes to higher ranks, though I can imagine there are several people who are legit, but cheated some scores long time ago.
I already gave up on multiaccs, let them be. Their only use is to annoy people by provoking to suspect them. But as long as they are legit, I don't care. They are faggots who want to act like prodigies, I hope they are proud of that.
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Do you think your Anemone score is overrated?
When osu! tp still worked I checked this map and DT only scores were worth over 200tp so I knew this map's worth is overrated.
Anemone secretly being best PP farming map, Koigokoro u mad?
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Wait, where is scarlet rose?
Scarlet Rose is something beyond the reach for the brains of humankind.
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Top 3 hardest maps (ranked ofc) 4 u?  Milk Monsta
Freedom Dive
Rainbow Dash (should be unranked though)
and... I don't know... Perfume ft Peppy - Baby Cruising Love
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Didn't knew you had to solder swiches when you change them. I always though Cherry MX switches were the "just pop it out and replace it with something better" kind
This kind of thing is possible on specific, usually custom keyboards, which are rare. And IIRC they must be PCB mounted (with exception of Phantom keyboards)
2 people like this I fell in love with the language, 6 months of studying later I am still in love with it and really really want to learn it but my motivation is fucking zero.  Soulg
Keep doing things related to it (eg. play VNs)
How long have you been studying Japanese and any tips on how to start? Like is it worth to take some long distance courses from a school or better to find something online, thanks in advance.
Start by noticing the language and, if possible, fall in love with it. As to learning you can learn most basics alone (Japanese basics are very, very easy) so I'd recommend you to simply look up some sites, plenty of them. Learning school is a good idea, because keeps you focused on the language, but the quality of teaching you receive is going to more likely disappoint you.
It's best to just go to University or, if you're ambitious, to just buy the books used in the Uni and try learning it alone. As I implied at the beginning, you need to love the language and the Japan. A simple weeaboo won't do, trust me.
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what was the avatar which made you get silenced?
I was bored with the previous avatar and couldn't think of any good to replace it.
So i put an image of peptic ulcer.
you anime fag kurwa
hanari pls
What anime would you recommend ?
Oh god not this again.
I don't really know what should I recommend you, because I don't know your taste and watching history.
Currently watching NANA, worth it.
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Do you think its possible to play same level as tablet with mouse? I dont know what i need to learn, cause tablet is easier way to play but with mouse i feel better.
Mouse will never equal tablet.
As to your case, mouse is a kind of challenge itself, should be more fun, I guess D:
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Are you those kind of people who doesn't feel drifting omg ;w;
The list of maps I'd fc without drift is too long to post here.
proton-pump inhibitor
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Which do you like the most, 2d or 3d games? Also, why?
2d or 3d doesn't matter for me.
Tibia rox
Ile zajmuje przyzwyczajenie się z wysokiego do niskiego DPI?
Jest to wprost proporcjonalne do różnicy czułości. Jeśli zmieniłeś z 3200 dpi na 400 to na pewno trochę dłużej to potrwa, ale sądzę, że parę tygodni regularnej gry wystarczy.
What does your morning routine look like?
Get up, turn the pc on, open the window, wash my teeth, face etc, take the medicine, eat breakfast....
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Amaiu, jaki kierunek studiów? Jesteś na japonistyce? Jeśli tak, co zdawałeś na maturze?
Na to się liczył inglisz tylko, teraz to nie wiem.
Sorry to be that guy but where can I find your (or thelewa's) skin? He's dead on and there's no link to it on his twitch/profile. I've searched around briefly but can't find anything. Could you please upload it for me?
lewa had the link to his skin on twitch bot, it was !skin or something. I'm sleepy now, so sorry, I won't upload it for you :<
Mam pytanie co do ustawień, mam myszkę która źle mi się trzyma, ale mogę w niej ustawić dowolne DPI, druga to ta która ma 400dpi,ale jest dużo wygodniejsza i nie ucieka mi z dłoni, co radzisz?
Jeśli nie przeszkadza Ci gra na niższych rozdzielczościach (x768 i mniejsze) to graj tą z 400 dpi, zapewne WMO albo IntelliMouse (sam używam WMO).