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Czy mi się wydaję, czy większość azjatyckich myszkowców gra na jakimś gamingowym gównie za 5 dych porównywalnym do naszego kochanego a4techa? xD

Nie porównywaj Koreańskich/Japońskich myszy do naszych.
Koreańskie myszki są całkiem okej. Monitory też (chociaż słabo z żywotnością).

No i na koniec tak, wydaje Ci się. Znam może dwie osoby z czołówki/byłej czołówki, która używa jakiegoś azjaty.

View more The streams have their own flow direction, it's nothing too hard or different than what's in plenty of maps The spacing isn't that high and there is full 1/2 timing between the streams. Nothing a good player shouldn't be able to do.

Yes you are a good player.

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Thoughts on LukerMaster?

Cześć LukerMaster, jesteś spoko.

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Why did you say that Red Goose wasn't a good pick for OWC? How are spaced quads and doubles too difficulty for pro players to be expected to play? I'm 5 digits and I've come close to comboing though the hard part of that map.

I would appreciate if next time you link me the quote source so I can shape my answer well. Tbh I don't quite remember saying that Red Goose was a bad pick. I only remember saying that I messed up on this map.

Those quads are difficult because of the flow distortion and pretty much anyone who isn't physically used to playing this pattern has a high chance of missing and you could see the aftermath.

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how do you aim cs5+hr?

Like any othe cs. Sometimes you are just afraid of missing and your mind makes those circles smaller than they really are.

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Do you ever question the legitimacy of some of the osu! players who suddenly seemed to acquire Rafis / Hvick levels of DT, like Vaxei, Angelsim and filsdelama?

DT is more about "unlocking" your potential, sometimes you just develop/discover some improvement to your technique (allowing for more comfy streaming, for example) which results in a skill sky-rocket. Therefore it isn't something that would make you immediately throw hackusations.

I am allergic, however, to sudden accuracy jumps or accurate aim jumps in skill since those are expected to go in a more stable way. It just can't be that today your usual unstable rate is -10 10+ and the next day it's -6 6+. Not saying it's impossible, but I am unable to comprehend how does this happen. Bikko, Toy please tell me.

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Śnieg sypie! Lubisz zime?

Nienawidzę z całego serca

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do you write japanese by hand? writing kanji over and over helps me a lot on memorizing

I don't in face though I am pretty sure you're right.

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How good is your japanese compared to your english? your english is good i think you are very smart person

I can hold a normal conversation as long as I understand the vocab. I don't have many problems with convo but I suck at reading kanji.

View more when will you play this :^)

When I get the opportunity.

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A lot of people call Adamqs emo, what is an emo person? is it sad or something ? i dont know english im sorry

Emo from "emotional" is a state when emotions take over your brain and you suddenly sulk or distance yourself from others due to trivial or made-up reasons.

An example of Adamq's emo state is OWC 2014 when out of sudden he said "the maps from now onward will be too hard for me anyway" and stopped showing up to matches.

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Where new top PPPEPPEPEPE

Юра Левков

When the hell freezes over.

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Why's ask dead.

Who uses ask in 2016

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will you participate in OWC 2016?

I am certainly gonna be in the lineup, what goes next I don't know.

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I looked at the notable osu! players and saw a player named James. Was he really that great of a player to get a hall of fame?

List of notable people.
He was a mapper.

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i have the same Grip that Touchette uses, ( and i have hands of roughly 20 cm tall. Should i get the Rival 300 or the Razer Deathadder (i use 350dpi @ x768)

I personally would go for Rival.

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are you friend with adamqs?


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what mouse grip do you use?

Currently experimenting with it, but it's something between palm and claw.

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i was thinking on buying a Corsair MM400, is a good option for osu! (i have a SS Rival300)

I heard there might be some LOD issues with 3310 sensor (that Rival 300 uses) but it shouldn't kill your osu! performance. Other than that it's a good pad albeit very fast

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What are the best hard surface mouse pads? I need one but I dont know much about pads

I used like two hard pads in my life and I liked them, but I have little knowledge as to which is better. Plastic pads in most cases aren't good for osu! since they aren't as durable (osu! kills mousepads faster than any other game), I would avoid Razer especially since their Vespula is a joke. I used Zowie Gear Swift but after a year it wasn't usable anymore. Still a good result given it was me playing osu!.

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I havent asked u a real question in ages. I have been getting some 10.3 scores but I really really rely on HD to play it properly. Without it I struggle a lot, do u think I should put effort into learning to read it without HD or just focus on generally improving with HD

If it works well with HD then it's good, you should play HD often. You might want to learn non-HD AR 10.3 if you want to be more versatile (for tournaments, for example)

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I actually laughed lolol that was clever


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i want to play with mouse But i cant find a mouse because my hands are too small, and im a man '-' (bad genetics), do you know a good small mouse ?

I am using one right now, Zowie ZA13
If it's still too big, try CM Storm Spawn/Xornet.

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How do you manage to remember Kanji readings? i always forget this and i feel like my japanese is not getting better

Well the truth is that I don't manage to remember them. I suck at kanji. Obviously some kanji readings are easier than other because of the frequency at which they are used. Nothing weird with having problems with some kanji readings, you just need to memorize them and perhaps practice using them in speech/web chatting.

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