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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Pewne pytanie, wrocilem po przewie do osu, robilem mapy 5,5 stars teraz powracajac po jednej takiej mapie moj nadgarstek odpada nie jest zdatny do dalszej gry, po prostu bol jest tak odczuwalny ze nie jestem w stanie dalej klikac, czy jezeli bede gral codziennie to zniknie?nie wiem co jest przyczyna
No jeśli doprowadzisz do zerwania połączeń nerwowych to możliwe że ból zniknie ;)
Urazil Cie w jakis sposob ze jest przesmiewca czy cos innego sie stalo?
Widzę ziomuś za krótko w osu! jesteś. Inaczej byś wiedział.
I tried the skin that guy sent you, no malware should be safe. Also rip NA cs 4Head
osu! is NA's last chance :DD
Nie lubisz cookieziego?
Nie lubię prześmiewców.
if it says it's malware after you finish DLing, go to downloads (Ctrl + J) and you can recover it there  frendle
I always had problems with Miiro's stream. I tried this skin for lulz and FC'd first try just what the fuck I hate this game
how do you play with mouse using high sensitivity (3000+ dpi)
I never played with over 1000dpi wtf dude.
400-450 since like 2012
how on earth do you play the mouse with a higher sensitivity?
niezle, cookiezi wrocil dla kasy a teraz ma jej jeszcze wiecej po unbanie xD
Przydałby się jeszcze dodatkowy chromosom :^)
nvm, this one is with black numbers and snow hitcircles
For some reason chrome blocks it (malware). Any idea?
today i found your old skin "snow", someone really long time asked for it, if u want i can upload it
please do
I just watch worst fl player streams , who is he actually?
He's the worst fl player
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Let's play でかむす  やぽねしあ
I'm scared
Thoughts on C's unban?
I explained it numerous times, players don't care about each other as much unless they are interesting beings. Of course I exclude players with some friendly relations but it's obvious.
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Do you think your Zowie mouse would be good for mouse only? I heard the click switches on Zowie mice are harder to press compared to other mice.
Nope, it's totally useless.
Cookiezi is unbanned, a lot of guys need to change their diapers, hypeee
and you should get a grip I guess
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i suddenly found and .. dude, i feel so similar, couldn't explain better props to you, hands down  _index
Oh wow, I wouldn't expect someone digging so deep into my answers ^^ Thank you. I'm now doing fine partly due to those painful experiences. A good lesson perhaps.
Well, we're soulmates apparently, I also had the "I feel the same" thing not so long ago when I read
High five blyat!
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Did you guys expect to destroy Austria the way you did? Whenever I watch the vod it reminds me of Virtus Plow when they win in csgo
Not at all but we had some strategies ready for them and we knew what to expect.
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I like Katakiri Rekka
I like you
5 people like this i like katakiri rekka too.....
Man you're weird ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
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i play 1080p D: but i have a big pad and only use like 1/3
fair enough
i use 800 dpi, should i go for the qck?
Should be enough unless you play on 1080p
Which SS score in osu do you think is most impressive?  Evrien
Pluto I guess
Night of Knights is awesome, too.
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the only difference between qck and qck+ is the size? my desk is not so big, if i go the normal qck i'll be fine?
Yes, only size. If your sensitivity is very low then I'd go for +
A year ago our game was at 7:00. That was the biggest bullshit ever. You're pretty lucky if your worst yet is just 10:00.  ­
Ok, problem solved
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