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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Any thoughts on that osu player named Angelsim?
Uhhh just a Korean player who reached Niko's DT level after 30k playcount.
Nothing weird here.
Czy to ważne, czy będę podążał idealnie w prostej linii za followpoint'em czy nie ??
Hmm, raczej tak. Aczkolwiek czasami nie da się tak :D
Lolk. Sorry bout the weeaboness, it comes out randomly (Part japanese) so, yea... Thanks anyway.
This looks like a big sulk : DDDDDDDD
How did you come up with your username?
why do you like anime so much do you wanna be japanese
Why do you think I like anime at all?
Although most of people studying japanese with me at the uni are actually weebs (and their japanese suck), there are people (like me) who are interested in the language and culture, not cartoons for kids.
how would you feel if you found out that all of your anon questions were asked by the same person?
I would feel bad because it would be like one person worrying about how lonely and unnoticed I am and trying to create an illusion that I am not.
kurwa kurwa gowno pierdole kurwa Is that how you say "hi, how are you?" in polish?  -Soba-
No, this is how you support Polish football team.
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Can I add you in Osu!? :3 Just looking for some more pro friends to talk to. If you have steam or skype, that's also fine :D... Kyou-kun is a slutbag, but my other sempai <33 ~Akirabreaderz
You made 3 major mistakes writing this request:
- osu! is lowercase
- you implied I'm using skype (what year is it?)
- you called someone sempai which is a sign of weeabooness
oh, and you called me pro.
On a serious note
I can add anyone, but I'm not the talkative type. I gain no pleasure talking with random people, especially those who somehow admire me. I'm not into cyber friendship really, though it may be the first step.
And Kyou-kun is okay.... I guess..... I still remember him trying to convince me that SiLviA can do more than I think he does along with /np ing me a based alternating map to prove it haha.
I also remember the very first verbal "encounter", when I deliberately told him that he sucks at hr. In 2-3 months he became one of the best HR players in US. Coincidence, maybe D : That's an old tale though (ppv1)
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fcd the 2key anhedonia after practising for 1 week with 98%. where do I go from here,raise bpm? I fucked up due to lack of stamina at the end a bit lol,and I still get finger locking on streams...
Hmmm, maybe try to forcefully set a main finger.
I mean when you stream, focus on your main finger (let's say index) and focus on its rhythm. (streaming is basically singletapping 1/2 with each of your fingers after all). The middle finger should just follow. You can try swap the main finger, too.
If you've been playing with index finger as your main, try changing it to middle (yes it is horribly difficult at the star) and start all your streams, triples with middle.
That's about the finger locking.
As to practice, yes you can raise bpm or play maps within "the range", that is like 170-190 which have some streams, e.g. Little Star
I also think cheaters should have a tag on their profile labeling them as a cheater. As it is right now, if you get banned you can just say "It was for bad behavior to Zallius" or something and possibly save face from the ban, but if you were labeled then you couldn't hide from that.
Uhhh Kind of silly idea with the tag, but I think the reason for any banishment should be well visible on profile, like infringements punished by silence.
nah i think he meant his account still work but he cant show up on lladdders and shit
This might actually work, being able only to appear online and maybe talk.
Still, it's overridden by playing offline and streaming and shit.
I feel like that's unnecessarily brutal. You can achieve a similar effect over a longer time by just never accepting a cheating appeal again. The next time a prominent player cheats, problem solved without removing contributors from the game.
If you want similar effect, why creating hope for them?
Seeing things as they are now, if Cookiezi and probably even Shizuru's pack would appeal, they would be unbanned in a flash instant and welcomed like war heroes.
Let's imagine it:
cheat = instabannedforever
- Everyone is aware that cheating is sayonara-bye to osu!
- people think twice or even more before they even download the cheat
- players who actually are proud of their scores don't want to vanish from the osu! history
- Less cheaters - less money and reason for programmers to actually work on cheats and updating them.
If you want to quit by cheating, please do! That would actually fucking work 100%
Maybe most of players are too young to have a brain, but still they should understand what are the consequences.
Rage/jealousy/disappointment are no excuses. It's the same as killing yourself because your gf dumped you.
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Do you think cheaters should have their account banned or just be banned from competition/rankings/mp? Mappers would still be able to map and submit maps if they cheated before, but couldnt compete with others or affect the competitive aspect of osu if it was the latter.
So you're telling me that banishment from tournaments (which is the only might-be-serious competitive side of osu!) is enough for a punishment?
There are barely any prominent mappers who cheated anyway.
So you'd ban fanzhen and others who are honestly breaths of fresh air to mapping because they made a dumb decision once?
As I said before, that wouldn't happen if there was no-tolerance rule towards cheaters.
They made the dumb decision once because they knew they can just appeal and 1-time-cheaters get unbanned pretty easily, especially if they are prominent.
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sorry but is 1366x768 400 dpi fullscreen is the same with 1366x178 400 dpi windowed on a 1920 display is the same? thanks
It is the same when it comes to actual sensitivity in-game. In this case the mouse will go slower on windowed mode because of 1920x res but the playfield will get smaller accordingly.
Mendes is a good practice map for streams?
For those who are relatively new to streams, yes.
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hey man,I played the anhedonia map for a while now and on the two finger one I can now get 250combo SS,after that I keep breaking. How long should I keep playing this map,till I can FC SS it?
The thing is to keep the rhythm as long as possible.
Still, if you get good unstable rates and acc you can move on to other bpms or just test the results of your training.
it is already so ridiculously strict. you get the one warning, yes, but beyond that you 1. have to wait 6 months (thats a long time on the internet) 2. its hard as balls to get it appealed 3. 30 days without score submission if this was almost anything else id agree with you! but... this is a game.  Soulg
Uhhh it's not strict, it would be strict if there were no second chances.
Appeals are troublesome because there is a shitton of them and like 2-3 people at most to deal with them. so if my appeal went through you'd just ban me again wow so rude  Soulg
The point is that if there was a rule of no tolerance few players would try cheating. If capital punishment was "served" for crimes like peeing in a public place, nobody would ever do that.
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Even Adamqs senpai? ;w;
He is my kouhai
and yes
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Co myślisz o niejakim Woobowiz, którego temat ma już przeszło 90 stron?
Robiąc ten temat rzucił sobie kłody pod nogi.
Nikt kto od początku stara się być medialny staje się dobrym graczem.
if you had a choice to completely ban every single person who has cheated or is cheating, would you?
Yup, that's my way of doing things.
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It exist too symetric maps? o-o I thought I shouldn't try mapping because I can't Map symetric. My life is based on a lie.  Ultrayano | アカギツネ
Nothing wrong with symetry unless it encompasses 80% of the map.
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Take advantage of sliders, spinners, little breaks to reposition your mouse, that is lift it and move to desired area of table/mousepad