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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Are you satisfied with your new pc?
umm I'd be 100% satisfied if I could reach 300 fps in CS:GO, but in overall I'm satisfied. I don't need anything more (It was a price/quality purchase)
what is aaev btw?  Revy
aevv (no longer known under this name) was (is?) a British osu! player who invented one of the first cheats in osu! It could play your replay in 1.5x speed (DoubleTime).
So you could pass Airman with nomod and then use aevv's cheat to get the same combo on DT. The goliathus glides nicely, but my mouse has better behavior on the steelseries qck  Raiko
That's what he said
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should i buy the razer goalithus control nousepad?
Goalithus best Nosepad
I don't know. I just bought Zowie G-TF Rough and I'm satisfied
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Who is the nicest person you have met online so far?
This is unfair
1 person likes this any hentai CG right :|? Also he you got it from internet or you had it from mashiro-iro gallery in-game?
You gave a link to the wrong answer.
I deleted mashiro-iro long time ago, so the Internet was the source of my avatar. I just cropped the full pic
Hello. I'd like to share something with you. With you people. My people. I want to show you, my beloved people, my new piece of art. Please take a second to look at it and rate it, I guarantee you are not gonna be dissapointed.
Gratz on new piece of art.
Sadly, it's not amusing nor impressive in any way.
Sorry :<
4 people like this thoughts on this for practicing 200?
Never played
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is there a non cropped version of your picture?
Bad boy
yes, there is
Jakbyś zareagował gdyby dziewczyna powiedziała ci, że płakała przez ciebie w nocy?
Przestałbym kroić cebulę w jej pokoju
2 people like this Why is this even AR10, not AR9 ;w; ( <- this map is easier in my opinion, albeit the higher star diff)
Cheatreal's objective was for players to practice.
Why do you even mention a map that is totally different and is harder.
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What kind of player are you?
Best player
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Hey dude ever wanna play CSGO together? Would be fun :3  Revy
With the connection that I have now, It might be imposibru since you're kind of far away
1 person likes this I was amazed by your score on this map particularly because it looks like it would be mouse drift madness lol. How do you manage these kinds of maps without drifting to an unplayable position?
Hmm certainly I experienced some drifts here, but they weren't as heavy. I had time to reposition my mouse so it was ok. It's worse when the drift is heavy and there're no microbreaks, like TU4AR's second part, [Nogard]. Especially on HR
4000th-something rank (with 3.3k pp) player here who plays mouse + keyboard. Currently practicing HR. Some people I'd asked say that it's too early to practice HR, especially with the fact I only have budget class hardware. What's your opinion? [ I can DT, but I want to HR :( ]
People were saying the same when I was starting with HR just to be amazed later. It's never too early to practice HR as long as you are getting good (I mean 97%+) acc on nomod. Start with mild jump maps and focus on getting high acc. Then you can focus on getting scores.
I've been playing on a setup worth less than 10$ (mouse, keyboard, mousepad) for most of my career so don't worry. Though I chose the best budget option for mouse (MS WMO 1.1A, still using it).
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What is your current cs:go rank? :D
No rank now, 7 wins.
And since yesterday I'm not gonna play random matchmaking.
I know all of this because I read some of the chatlog. Some good advice for newbies, not at all a way to being pro.
If you could have any two musical artists make a song together, who would they be?
M2U and DJ Taka
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WWW + 200 pp gg
Performance: [Tom94] Improve beatmap length scaling in osu! standard performance points.  AmaiHachimitsu
That escalated quickly
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Not yet, but I like the response.
I got a WMO 1.1a a few months ago. I already overclocked the refresh rate. I have to move too much to click every circle. Should I get used to this or change the windows mouse to 8/11? Do I also have to buy a good mousepad? Do I have to play in windowed mode if I don't want to play at 8/11?
One thing you seem to have forgotten about. osu! resolution also changes the sensitivity in a way. If you've been playing on 1920x1080 then there's nothing weird with not being able to aim well. If you want to keep your resolution you might try to play at 8/11, it shouldn't hurt as much. And it doesn't matter if you use windowed or full screen mode. As to mousepad, I personally can't play without a good pad, I mean I'm getting distracted just by a fact that my mouse doesn't slide smoothly and the feet are wearing off quickly. If your table is smooth or if your mousepad hasn't worn off yet, then there's no problem.
when i play these long stream practice maps,i just tense up like crazy after ~500 notes so i cant even stream properly anymore. should i just sit through it and will it go away with time? or do I have to change something in my technique
You need to find the reason why do you tense up. It might be probably simple lack of stamina or focus. It should go away if you concentrate on practicing long streams even further.
1 person likes this which players do you think are severely underrated because of this?
I'm too lazy to enumerate all of them, but just look at Rucker being #44, below multi-accers/cheaters like Nara and nonames like Akiko
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