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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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do you love your waifu?
No, I love my wife
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do you think you need to train both fingers on their own?
I believe yes.
Last time I saw him was in the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.
I used the index finger and middle finger of my left hand to stimulate the area around her vagina. While taking care not to touch the center, I enjoyed the sensation of squeezing the two mounds together, then pulling them apart. "Ah, ah, ha mmm...!"
What bpm?
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calling yourself sweet, so modest mate
Amai means also naive, which fits perfectly.
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Amai I wrote your nick in hiragana and it translated to "sweet honey". Is that what you thought of while making the account :3/ ?
Yes, because I kind of know japanese so I knew what my nick is gonna mean.
The idea itself was totally random.
Though it describes me in a way.
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Do you have any autistic friends ( can be mild like hard to talk to, or really autistic that talks non stop ) if not would you befriend one?
I got one girl with Asperger's syndrome in my group at the uni.
My life is gonna be 2 years shorter because of her. It's almost impossible to deal with such people. I lack the abilities to engage in a talk with autistic individual and not lose my temper or not lose ideas of what to answer.
Why do you always ignore my questions :(
Next person please!
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czym się różni stream od bursta
Burst to jest krótki stream, najczęściej występujący w serii (może być przerywany singlami). Triplety też są burstami. Łatwą mapą burstową jest np. Night of Knights.
Stream to coś bardziej ogólnego, ale z reguły stream ma więcej niż 7-8 kółek.
Who has been the most important person in your life?
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Hi can you give me the link to the 2key anhedonia map thanks
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Have you ever had a friend who was an asshole? Are you still friends with him/her?
I can smell an asshole from miles away.
And I choose my friends wisely.
The above concerns "real friends", not classmates or osu! "friends" etc.
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most osu players are weebs :fact
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everyone who isn't a weeb
You mean everyone who hasn't played any japanese song in osu!
osu avatar source?
Kochiya Sanae from Touhou.
Like, seriously who doesn't know her?
Do you have any idea how to rebuild my muscle memory? Retrying map for 20 times I can miss on the same place for 20 times, being unable to do anything (I do see where and how I miss, but when I retry and try to place my cursor on the right place, I place it wrong on the same position all the time)
What you need to focus on is not the circle you are missing, but the object BEFORE that. You need to be sure that the line of movement you take is perfect. I don't see a reason for rebuilding your muscle memory unless you changed some sensitivity settings. Let's say that my muscle memory is more or less perfect, but I still can't aim at some shit. It's all matter of reading (well, sometimes speed, too).
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Masz może jakiś pomysły jak nauczyć się kwadratów (square jump) czy jakoś tak XD Bardzo bym prosił :))
Na to ciężko znaleźć jakąś poradę, trzeba ćwiczyć ruchy prostopadłe i jeśli jest to duża sekwencja jak np. na Masterpiece to gapić się na kółka, utworzyć linię ruchu i podążać za nią.
Any thoughts on that osu player named Angelsim?
Uhhh just a Korean player who reached Niko's DT level after 30k playcount.
Nothing weird here.
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Czy to ważne, czy będę podążał idealnie w prostej linii za followpoint'em czy nie ??
Hmm, raczej tak. Aczkolwiek czasami nie da się tak :D
Lolk. Sorry bout the weeaboness, it comes out randomly (Part japanese) so, yea... Thanks anyway.
This looks like a big sulk : DDDDDDDD
How did you come up with your username?
why do you like anime so much do you wanna be japanese
Why do you think I like anime at all?
Although most of people studying japanese with me at the uni are actually weebs (and their japanese suck), there are people (like me) who are interested in the language and culture, not cartoons for kids.
how would you feel if you found out that all of your anon questions were asked by the same person?
I would feel bad because it would be like one person worrying about how lonely and unnoticed I am and trying to create an illusion that I am not.
kurwa kurwa gowno pierdole kurwa Is that how you say "hi, how are you?" in polish?  -Soba-
No, this is how you support Polish football team.
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