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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Masz zaznaczone "zwiększ prezycje kursora" ? czy lepiej bez ?
Nikt normalny nie ma tego zaznaczonego.
Lepiej bez, chociaż w osu! można to obejść zaznaczając bezpośredni sygnał w opcjach. I donno if you already explained this but how to do finger independence training? is there a special thing you do or just start tapping with the other finger?
The easier, most player-friendly method is to play very low streams. So low that you would normally singletap them. Normally players should have some problems with maintaining good accuracy on those, this is because their fingers aren't trained independently well enough. You can use this and play diffs in this order A B 2 3. A and B differ in the main (beginning) finger used. 2 and 3 are singletaps, more focused on stamina. In the normal training, you MUST NOT move your hand, just fingers. If you somehow manage to get 97+% on both diffs, you might try the pro training that I invented. When playing diffs 2 and 3, keep the non-clicking finger holding a pushed button, e.g. if you're training index finger on X key, push and hold Z key with your middle finger all the time. This one is more straining so don't do it unless you are really capable of doing it without injuring yourself.
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Jakie masz zady i walety?
nie żam madnych
If you visit ur friend's house and play with friend's mouse, then can you still play insane songs with decent aim and might fc? Or you will play shitty?
If his mouse/computer lets me set the sensitivity right and the mouse's sensor isn't 0/10 I should be able to do FC some easy ones.
Do you think you could play on full screen?
I was playing full screen in the OWC one year ago and several months after. Only after I bought a new PC I could change it to window. that's funny, 'cause my hand is relaxed while using index finger and tensed as hell while using middle (main) finger. And relaxed hand = more BPM you can click, but also acc suffers a bit (at least from my experience).  Lucid Astray
Well, I kind of omitted the biological thingy. Actually you will tense up only when you use middle finger because that's how our hand is built. With middle finger, you move your ring and pinky fingers. It is also more difficult for one to raise his/her middlefinger without lifting the hand at least partially.
i always alternate on hard jumps even tho im mainly a single tapper. is this a bad habit? and i cant control my singletapping on jumps especially back and forths. should i learn how to control that?
Uhh although I have no reason to call this a "bad habit", for the matter of consistency, you should learn how to play jumps the way you play the whole map.
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You gave him usefull tips. I also have a small question. I like triplets and streems are not a big problem, too. But every time doubles appear I lose my good accuracy. For me doubles have no real rythm and in my oppinion they do not fit most times. Do you get used to them if you play?
Yeah they were problematic at times, but fortunately, there are many maps that you can train them on.
Lon - Sweet Magic by Suzully was probably my first map when I struggled with doubles for a longer period (with DT) If it's mental thing, should i take a break?
Good players can stream regardless of their state of mind, so I'd recommend more practice, especially on very low bpm streams.
A very good thing that I discovered while playing is that if you aren't alternating you may choose to change your main finger. Especially on short bursts. e.g. if your main finger is the index finger, try to start every stream, every triple and click every single note with your middle finger. If you haven't practice finger independence, this training will be hell difficult at the beginning, but it worked for me. Mind that this will make your hand tense up, so it might be a bit dangerous if you're prone to RSI.
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do you know how I can check my max mouse speed while playing a game such as quake or csgo? I want to see if I ever reach my mouse max track speed.
You can check it using some expensive, unusual tools. It would be easier to try to google sth like " perfect control speed"
You will probably have severe problems reaching perfect control speed, not to mention malfunction speed (speed at which the mouse stops tracking) in any decent mouse. Overclocked WMO has PCS of about 1,5m/s and I don't remember reaching it. Actually you wouldn't even noticed if it did.
Czy poprawiło w jakiś sposób Twoje umiejętności w realnym życiu? (czas reakcji itp)
Powiedz no mi, w jakim momencie mojego życia jako student na filologii mogłaby mi się przydać szybka reakcja?
Nie mam jak tego sprawdzić, jak na razie nic dobrego dla mojego życia ta gra nie wprowadziła.
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Sometimes my index fingers stopped in the middle of long streams...I thought I still have not warmed up enough.After I played for 2 hours it's still happen.Why is that? This never happen to me before.
It might be mental thing, but it also may be concerned with your hand position, which is invaluable for efficient streaming.
What is dpi setting? I cant seem to find it on ur userpage. Anyway, do you use that setting in normal computer use too? or only for osu?
My mouse doesn't have adjustable DPI, it's 400DPI all the time.
jakiej podkładki używasz?
Tak jak napisane w profilu, ZOWIE G-TF ROUGH Dzięki za polecenie, bardzo szanuje tą mysz. Teraz pytanie, jaka podkładka/ślizgacze etc? ;w;  Astar
Podkładka to chuj wi, każda decent firmy podkładka będzie mniej więcej ok. Ślizgacze kupuje rantopada u jednego gościa na allegro (one są pod IE 3.0 albo IO 1.1, ale to wszystko to samo), bo są najtańsze. Planowałem spróbować corepadów ale w sumie moja WMO przechodzi powoli na emeryturę więc dam sobie spokój chyba.
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Are the bullying there in Poland harsh? here in South East Asia, the bullying is so harsh that it could turn a really hyper kid into a stay at home loner
Uhh it's pretty normal, especially that we don't have many ethnic minorities.
It's like, it isn't as common, but if it happens, suicides are not surprising.
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how long havr you been studying JP?
I wouldn't call it studying, but I've been into japanese like since middle-high school
Why isn't your avatar wearing a santa hat?
Why should I hide the beauty of my heroines?
What was the last thing you bought?
a sandwich
Anon should ask any average mouser
What do you think of this kind of maps Does it feel uncomfortable for a high-level mouse player?
Never played this map and at this point I'm unable to.
I need a break from this game. A long one.
to co amaj gramy w heroes 3 przez evolve albo cos podobnego? :D  [ Konrad ]
Gram z farto D:
I przez tunngle, bo pozwala na używanie dodatków bez problemów.
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Wanna fuck?
Get me a full-time job in Scandinavia and I will
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Bedziesz startowal za rok na OWC ? Interesuje cie jeszcze jaks WC?