I hear mouse pads wear down because they have a coating on them is this true?

They wear down because they ... wear down like any material.
But yeah, higher end pads have a special coating which wears down quickly so you can feel the difference within weeks since the purchase.

Since you're decently conversational in japanese (B2?), are you good friends with japanese players and speak japanese with them? Did you even do that to learn while studying?

There are like two people I talk in Japanese from time to time. Not much I can learn from this apart from getting more confidence and flexibility in vocabulary use.

Have you ever try a aluminum mouse pad before?

I cherish my mouse and my mouse feet.

What mousepad that is most similar to the G-SR? I can't find it on my country

I don't think there is a pad that's really similar, but it's okay if you buy any high-end cloth pad like Talent.

do you use the same grip for csgo as you do in osu! ?


I think the perfect grip is where you have full control over your wrist, and mouse.


AmaiHachimitsu, do you suck at playing with a tablet and pen? XerneasYveltal


Have you seen angelsims latest scores? Still think mouse can't do everything? :>

I guess I have to change this because some people are too new or too stupid and I ain't gonna explain this profile entry each time.

Since farto and Wilchq posted the same pic from Szczecin (in which I look like a drug addict)... AmaiHachimitsu

I think this one is better

Have you seen the picture of angelsim LOL

LOL no

Any tips for improving comprehension skills?

Perhaps there are some but practice and repetition is the most vital.

repetitio est mater studiorum

is QCK+ worth the $16?


Do you clean your mouse pad with microfiber cloth?

Nah. For small hairs etc I use this silly roller with a tape one uses to clean shirts etc.
Other than that I use any cloth I find and just wipe it gently. If the pad is really dirty I just wash it with hands.

is there a difference betweeen 400dpi & 2 sens and 800dpi & 1 sens or is it just placebo?

Speed = no change
Higher DPI might feel more smooth.

Does a good mouse shape helps with reducing the drift?

It's all about the grip and how you move your hand.

This game is so dumb i couldn't even aim this morning then i hope on at night, and all of a sudden my aim is at it's peak wtf is this.

99% of players perform better later in the day.

Does your resolution effect your sensitivity in osu! ?

You could answer it yourself by changing your resolution....

Yes it does.

Do you ever have those days where you can't aim for no reason?

Hard to tell because I'm currently I'm not playing osu! really. But in the past yeah I had those days. The shape for the day is an extremely important factor.

can i talk japanese w/ you ' 3'

If you can hold a decent conversation I see no problem.

Do you think one can learn Japanese without studying it in school, only through books and internet sources?

Theoretically yes but good luck having a proper conversation when you have noone to talk with.

ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answers/138959696287 Ad1 I often beat ppl with higher ranks in multi Ad2 i just play harder maps 6-8 stars. Often i dont warm-up, just play whatever. Ad3 Recently i had 1 week break, it didnt help me in anything. As to mods i never really played any besides DT on ar 8-8.5

So you have now only two choices
Give up
Don't give up

Is it normal that your mouse feet move from their original position that they were placed?

Sometimes it might take place but it's like impossible to feel unless they are very badly glued

i am 15k rank. I can FC to 5.50 stars maps but i cant improve in any way for a long time now. I feel like there's some bottleneck i cant pass, for like 2 months. my aim didnt improve in any way, i am slower than earlier, and also my stamina is worse. I dont know what should i do anymore.

1. Ability to FC 5.5* maps should place you in the top 5K
2. Anyone at some point of time has to hit a wall. Not much you can do but:
- If your gaming sessions were short - prolong them
- Choose your warm-up maps wisely
- Download more various maps. If you can't advance physically you can always advance by sheer experience and knowledge of patterns
- In case you don't/can't handle the above - take a break or at least try something new in the game (different mods? Or maybe try to beat your scores from 3 months ago?)

what is western europe doing wrong when it comes to the migrant crisis?

There is a lot of mistakes, but one could fit most of them into the word "control", or lack of it in this case.
No control over who enters the country
No control over how many migrants enter the country
No control over how they prosper in the country (allowing for no-go ghetto-like zones which are the seed of crimes and for example islamic radicalization)
Western Europe could be compared to a man who distributes fliers inviting all over the city inviting to a party taking place in his own house, anyone can enter and do virtually anything just because they are guests.


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