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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Is stream snapping the thing that peachick does?
He is doing it, but I doubt we're talking about the same thing.
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An AR changer is a pretty big cheat.... And a pretty big advantage... Not that he cares at all, but definitely think less of him
I still think that overlays for FL, aim/click assistance are big cheats. You can manipulate AR without cheats (to some extent) so it is not as much of an advantage
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Ar Changer ? What is that
Flamerthrower throws flames, AR changer .... ?
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is thunderbolt HR a cookiezi-only thing or can anyone else do it?
HDHR could do it, or any top-tier player who would bother playing a terrible map.
What do you think about Astar? I mean, I know he has been an asshole with you and probably with other people, but do you think he is really hated by everyone/he is an asshole with everyone?
This is the guy I no longer comprehend
what is the name of the character on your osu profile?
Usami Haru
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What kind of maps are good for snapping practices? I heard practicing snapping helps aim
Start with simple jumps, shinxyn, Lan Wings, Galvenize are good mappers for that. But there is also sth called stream snapping, but this is actually hard to do D:
Mousepad that you recommend? i have logitech g100s ^w^
Any decent mousepad will do, all depends on what kind of surface you want.
If you have to say do you think you are a masochist or sadist? And which player would represent in the other category?
I'm S farto is M
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Out of interest, how does getting banned/unbanned affect your playcount? Like Bikko and his touchpad happened and now he is at 20k playcount, apparently _index was previously banned and now he has low playcount... etc
It all depends on whether your account had a score wipe. If there is no wipe, no playcount is lost.
how does changing gamma help with low ar? pardon my ignorance.
For your own good, you shouldn't know about this.
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Wait, why did he need to change it, wasn't ar9 easy for him? Or did it just make it easier on ar10
240 bpm map with high object density and fucking AR9 is the mapper being retarded, it is not easy to read, I'd say it's hell difficult. YES, it was still pretty easy for Niko, but he got enraged after countless tries with 1-3x miss in stupid moments. Do you know how it feels when you're better, but you can't prove it (at that time Niko was competing with Cookiezi)?
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I'm sorry if you don't want to talk about this, but if you want, can you please tell us about what happened with Astar, Sterrum and other polish players (those who may have done something wrong)?
I don't really know, I saw on Azer's some anon saying that the 'cheaters went down' and I'm yet to get what happened. Their accounts are intact, they have no infringements. The only thing I can think of is their accounts have been blocked (they can't log in) because they were lending it for Adamqs to play.
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I hoped you could elaborate since all I'm seeing is this. But I think his cursor snapping was way too clean for the 240bpm ar9 squares. IMO it looks unnatural, and I thought that he might be using some sort of cheat. But of course I have him tBotD and didn't make any conclusion basedoncursormovement
Niko's snapping was always clean for a tabletguy, the only guy with more clean snapping was prolly Mickey
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wait what? Niko cheated? I always though the snapping in his atama just didn't seem realistic.
WTF are you talking about? I said that he was using AR changer and it doesn't have anything to do with his aiming or whatever. Also what kind of snapping is unrealistic?
2 people like this my mom? he? no wonder you were against homosexuality
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Don't your parents complain about the noise you make from playing osu? How do(or how did you if you dont live with parents anymore) you manage the situation?
I've been studing far from home for 3 years so most of time I spent in dorm, so the only person that is pissed off is my roommate (from Ukraine), but well, fuck that.
When at home my mom often complains (he is using pc in the same room) about it but I have doors and I don't play osu! during night so it's all ok. What do you think about this? He also said he used an AR changer on some plays. Does this change how you think about him at all?
I knew that from the very start, I even told some people about it. He used AR changer on Atama because that idiot didn't know what gamma is. At least he was still aiming and clicking by himself, so what can I think about him apart from being a monster?
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link to your profile picture please.<3
ask? osu!?
a mam pytanie jeszcze, możesz dać zdjęcie jak myszkę trzymasz? xDDD
Mało livestreamów miałem?
Siema, rozdzielczość ekranu mam 1440 x 900(większej nie mogę), a w osu! mam 1366x768 window, myszka 800dpi, w windowsie mam 6/11, jakie są najoptymalniejsze ustawienia, żeby się wygodnie grało? Z góry dzięki za pomoc  Baunsowy Guru
Masz mniej więcej moje ustawienia, ale 2x więcej DPI. I nie jest to nic złego, ja z natury wolałem niższe ;d
Jest ok, na ewentualne zmiany przyjdzie czas.
Tesla Orava, a rozsahu tlmočiť všetko, čo sa nevykazoval takto som predložil, sa niečo financované vo formálnych vzťahoch, vo väzbe hlavne na to, čo najviac obetí a aby bola medzinárodná izolácia Slovenska do súkromného sektora. A k poklesu, ktorý platí od daňových základní oproti tej, ktorá vzrástl
And stop copy pasting random articles
how do you get stomach ulcers from osu!
Even though the ulcers have been proven to be caused by bacteria, the stress seems to be the trigger. Nearly everyone has the bacteria, but only some people have ulcers.
And since osu! is by far the most stressful game I have ever played..... you know the rest.
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Osu! is a drug and like all drugs, it will damage if enough is taken. I support you in your quest to quit osu!! Go Amai! Make it big in the real world! Work on your projects. Work on your assignments. But at the same time have fun and enjoy life with your real-life friends. がんばって and Never Give Up!
Quit osu! Are you kidding me?
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