I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Cześć Amai, niedawno zmieniłem klawe z gumiaka na gumiaka o mniejszym travel distance , przez co w sekwencjach gdzie muszę skupić się na aimie/speedzie wszystko wciskam zbyt szybko , bo jestem przyzwyczajony do starego travel distance. Masz jakiś pomysł jak to naprawić ?:)
Może pograj trochę więcej? D: To powinna być kwestia przyzwyczajenia.
Hej, jaką mysz polecasz do gryw OSU? Zawsze miałam problem z tym, że albo się zawieszały na ułamek sekundy albo po krótkim czasie (miesiąc, dwa) po prostu padały. Zależy mi również na cenie do max. 120 zł :)
Intellimouse 3.0, ale ona jest tylko 400 dpi (choc mnie wystarcza luzno)
http://puu.sh/88gAq.jpg this is good?
this is ok
W co teraz zazwyczaj grasz/robisz?
CS 1.6/opierdalam się
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Daj jakieś rady do single-tappowania bo mi to średnio wychodzi
No to po prostu ćwicz. Niektórzy nie wiedzą nawet, co ćwiczyć, bo mają problemy ze wszystkim. Ciesz się D: Żadnych rad jako tako nie ma, singletapping jest może nie najprostszą, ale najbardziej prymitywną techniką potrzebną w osu!
Should I occasionally switch the keys I use to tap for osu so the keys don't die? (I have a red switch mechanical keyboard)
Well, that would be better than using z/x all the time for sure.
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Is it same like changing DPI?
When you change dpi you still DO HAVE something to "learn again", that is muscle memory. This is why finding the perfect sensitivity is so important at the beginning, you later keep the same settings for a long time, develop your muscle memory and finally become the master of your tool.
If I am cptnXn and suddenly I need to change all my peripherials due to various reason,after I change it,my ability is still the same or I need to start from scratch..(sorry if bad english)
If those new peripherials are at least the same quality (I mean performance-wise), you only need to find a proper grip/hand position and that's all. The skill itself never vanishes.
http://ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answer/111329116063 Thanks for the advice! and looking at how you respond to my ar thingy I Guess i'm a somekind of a mutant lol
You're not a mutant, you just probably don't get the term "reading" in this case. To "read" in osu! is not only "to react to sth appearing on the screen". Reading is - ability to aim it easily, click on time and be consistent about it.
FunOrange #3 in big black surprised you?
All his scores surprised me.
Like... who the hell he is?
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Hi, i'm fairly new in the game. (4 months) I can read ar 10+ with no problem, but the problem is my mouse aim is utterly shit. do you think dt ing insane map with relax and play it like every day for 30-45 minutes would improve my aim? thanks
Why do you care only about aim. Playing on relax might in some ways improve your aim, but playing without relax would be 100x better. Don't stick to maps centered on one ability. Play various maps which are demanding for you at the moment. Improving is going beyond your limits. Get yourself a normal mouse.
And I don't believe that you can "read" AR 10,3 "with no problem". Actually I'm pretty sure about that you can't.
http://ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answer/111319143839 In other words "Play more and don't care about ranks"?
That would be perfect.
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How to improve consistency?
Consistency is more of a mental thing, players are FCing maps consistently because their difficulty level is below their abilities. Once you got the skill, just play and get experience and keep your mind at peace.
http://ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answer/111287010975 that mouse joke was so bad it gave me cancer internal bleeding and 7 different types of ets and aids you are now responsible for this
"and aids", you just admitted that you've been fucked by a mouse joke.
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Katakiri Rekka
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should we hold the mouse straight while playing?
You should never hold it gay. Apart from that, it doesn't matter really as long as you can reach every point in the playfield comfortably.
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How do you know a map is FCable or not?
In the same manner as when I drop anime after 2 episodes because I know it sucks.
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How to make avatar like Silvia?
No idea, I don't think there are any restrictions regarding how small the picture can be.
Post your pc spec
core 2 duo T3400 2,16 ghz
4GB RAM (32-bit OS so it's like 3GBs are used now)
Integrated graphics, Intel HD4500M
The rest doesn't matter zzz
can we be mutual friend?
What if I'm not who you think I am?
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New youtube?
Just changed the display name.
WHat is Niko youtube?
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Favorite /song/, currently?
I've totally no idea. I've never had a favourite song.
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pointer precision is mouse acceleration? (don't call me freaking noob for asking this stupid)
People call it like that. For me mouse accel is more general. Every mouse has some slight accel, for example. Pointer precision is like artificial and constant accel.
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is worst fl player better than you ?? ??
Nice try, worst fl player.
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