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AmaiHachimitsu @AmaiHachimitsu
I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Dlaczego według Ciebie Rafis miałby nie prześcignąć WWW w osu?
Spytaj się może Rafisa?
Have you noticed any difference in cursor sensitivity when playing between native and borderless fullscreen? When I play in native, the cursor moves much more accurately/smoothly and stops instantly. It doesn't as much compared to borderless.
Maybe Windows Aero is enabled?
sounds like bad provo
In your opinion do you think Rafis can overtake WWW in terms of skill, or will WWW just keep improving?
The possibility of Rafis overtaking WWW in terms of skill in general is par with the chances of man landing on Jupiter.
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Okay... maybe not easiest but 210+ is problem
3 people like this I can do "big" jumps nomod but on dt i suck at easiest jumps...
You're doing something wrong then. I've never differentiated between the two.
Like, what is the difference between 250 bpm nomod and 170 bpm DT jumps.
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Do you use gamma when playing AR10.3?
No, why
I already said that 10.3 isn't a problem
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How to have better aim on dt?
It's the same as nomod aim, just faster T.T
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A majority of problems that a lot of mouse users face is probably aim inconsistency, what can you advice for that? :(
Most of time is experimenting with sensitivity. After you find "the one", it's all matter of practice and developing your muscle memory. Also grip technique is important, but you also learn it with various patterns on the maps.
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Wyraź, jak bardzo mawrtiłeś się O SWIOCH NAJLEPSZYCH PRZYJACIÓŁ Adamqsa i Astara, kiedy grali na koncie Konrada...
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What are some pros & cons for you as a mouse player?
No idea, I haven't played with a tablet as to compare both devices thus I don't know what problems tabletguys have to suffer from when playing.
One advantage is being praised for doing things a random tabletguy would do.
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How is it like to be a mouse player?
2 people like this Amai the god!! Raise your Amai!!
( ˘ω˘ ) RAISE YOUR AMAI ( ˘ω˘ )
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well, to nie jest szmaciak tylko jest zrobiona z mikrowłókna
Tak się właśnie mówi na podkładki z mikrowłókna czy innej tkaniny geez.
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At what type of maps do you need to switch out WWW
I'm now a base player so I don't switch out WWW. More like I'm being switched out for some maps.
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when you write japanese here, do u type it urselt or using translator?
Why would I use a translator? Why would I set Japanese questions as acceptable if I were to use a translator?
Oh wow... Poland vs South Korea. This's gonna be interesting. Poland had been strong team in every OWC. but somehow you guys always ended up quater finalist or semi finalist every time. Maybe this is one of the reasons why...
Maybe this time is the last real opportunity to change the course of events.
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Steelseries qck też tak wyczyszczę?
Szmaciaki nawet do pralki włożyć możesz. Byle nie na wysoką temp.
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May I please ask for your: - Mouse DPI. - Mouse speed in windows (assuming 6/11). - Mouse speed in osu. - Raw input on or off? - Mouse polling rate (1000? 500?) It isn't specified on your user page and I'm curious >u<
Click the mouse picture as to see information about it. Raw input is on, Polling rate is 1000hz (overclocked). Below the peripherials section there are settings and it's stated that both osu! and windows sensitivity are default, which means 1x and 6/11, respectively.
can you push? cant find
Ask Nekozi
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Jak czyścisz podkładkę pod mysz?
Pisałem poniżej, nie za gorąca woda + mydło/płyń do naczyń. Zaznaczam że moja podkładka jest hybrydowa, nie jest typowym szmaciakiem i woda mu nie straszna.
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Is there any player who were going to join Poland OWC team but got rejected by shit OWC rule? And do you think poland team got some damage from that? Cuz I think Poland's main players didn't really change from last year, like you, farto, and wolf is still there. Still strong.
Like half of our team lawl.
Rafis, No01 aka Necro, Adamqs, Astar (Astar is another case, kind of deserved).
Yes we got some serious damage, I never intended to play as a base player, I wanted to have my peaceful OWC as a guy who can sometimes pop up and do the wet work the others can't or are afraid to take responsibility for. Then I would retire, marry an asian girl and find the meaning of life.
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Niko Skin 6.3SD
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I love you!!!!
Mom how did you find my Stop it it's embarassing >///<
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