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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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What's your Steam worth?
I haven't own a steam account till 2 months ago.
You can figure out its worth given that I own CS 1.6, CS:GO and TROPICO 4
do you think its weird that im stuck for 3 months on 175 for 20 notes and one day I can suddenly do 190 20 notes consistently and play faster in general..and then the next day its back to as always. what happened?!?!
all those little things piled up in a good way
hand position, height of your seat etc
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I've always played on Fullscreen (1366x768), and I'm a mouse player with no adjustable DPI (old cheap mouse). I've heard that lowering the screen resolution has the same effect as heightening DPI. Is that correct? Would it pay off to change or is there no change to jumps or aims?
Yes, in osu! such thing takes place. The higher the resolution the lower your actual sensitivity is.
BUT, since your mouse can't change its DPI, it's probably around 800-1000 DPI which is pretty high for your resolution (osu! playfield is 4:3 ratio so your actual playfield is 1024x768). I am using the same resolution and the DPI is TWICE as low (400). Even if you consider me an exception, 800 DPI should never feel "slow" for you. Just learn how to move your hand properly.
And of course, use raw input/tick the mouse precision mode in Windows off Really? I find his maps like ascension to heaven and over my head fun to play.
He really is a skilled mapper, but the maps by him that I've played so far were boring.
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Jak poradzić sobie z martwymi punktami grając na myszce? Nauczyłem się już grać o wiele trudniejsze mapy lecz nadal danym chwytem myszki potrafię ogarnąć 3 ćwiartki ekranu.
Nie mam pojęcia, sam mam z tym problem, ale jakoś sobie radzę, zazwyczaj z ledwością.
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Zapy's boring
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what scores shows your beautiful aim the best?
Drop - Granat, MiddleIsland - Roze... uhhh I would find something else but I'm too lazy
can i see it? i love dem snapping with mouse owo
It's all in the past now, I can just cry watching my replays.
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imo FunOrange has the best mouse aim now owo
What I meant by coolest was the beauty of my aim :<
The best mouse aim thing isn't really settled, like 5 players are very close to each other in this term.
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coolest looking mouse aim after shizuru o3o
My mouse aim was always coolest.
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can you translate "トマトメルドの速イ回レ" for me, pls?  will never use the skin
tomatomerde's quick turn, something like that.
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czujesz różnice miedzy black a red switchami? :)
Jedno jest prawie dwukrotnie cięższe od drugiego, ciężko nie zauważyć różnicy o.o Are they all the same or are there some that has only a slight case of it?
It's hard to tell since I've met one in my whole life.
But I suppose yes.
between lewa, bikko, and mugio, who do you think has better unstable rate
what mousepad do u use?
what mouse do u use?
Everything is in my profile, the mouse is MS WMO 1.1A, overclocked
Worst fl player dostał jakiś czas temu bana prawda?
no już w miarę dawno temu, ta
do you love your waifu?
No, I love my wife
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do you think you need to train both fingers on their own?
I believe yes.
Last time I saw him was in the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.
I used the index finger and middle finger of my left hand to stimulate the area around her vagina. While taking care not to touch the center, I enjoyed the sensation of squeezing the two mounds together, then pulling them apart. "Ah, ah, ha mmm...!"
What bpm?
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calling yourself sweet, so modest mate
Amai means also naive, which fits perfectly.
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Amai I wrote your nick in hiragana and it translated to "sweet honey". Is that what you thought of while making the account :3/ ?
Yes, because I kind of know japanese so I knew what my nick is gonna mean.
The idea itself was totally random.
Though it describes me in a way.
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Do you have any autistic friends ( can be mild like hard to talk to, or really autistic that talks non stop ) if not would you befriend one?
I got one girl with Asperger's syndrome in my group at the uni.
My life is gonna be 2 years shorter because of her. It's almost impossible to deal with such people. I lack the abilities to engage in a talk with autistic individual and not lose my temper or not lose ideas of what to answer.
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Why do you always ignore my questions :(
Next person please!
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