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Częstochowa, Poland
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I've no idea why I'm doing this Polski/English/日本語 OK
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Is PeaChick better than you?
In most important skills he has the upper hand.
or had
You should check out Sakura Clicker, it's on steam. If you already know it, do you like it? Kappa
I've played more than enough clickers in my life, no thank you
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Do you think a mouse bungee(for example the razer one) would be a good thing to play osu with, if the cable of my mouse drags/hangs at the end of my desk? That messes up my aim quite a bit
how long have you been playing runescape?
9 years ago I made the account.
I need someone who can do some basic image cutting and simple gifs. osu! website PM please. This shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.  AmaiHachimitsu
I have one pic to serve as twitch donation announce. could you toss me a link to this skin?
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u a god even if ur a weebo nerdo pants :)
So apparently I'm a weeaboo nerd god
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I've seen that already, 10/10
I wish something was done about the current mapping meta with jumpstreams. They are everywhere despite being very unique patterns and by unique I mean they demand the song to fit it, but nobody cares.
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Is Rafis faster than Reimu?
I don't know I don't care about Reimu
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Have you played Little Busters EX VN by any chance.?  Samuel Mandody
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Miraizu > Illumiscape this pp system sigh
You can do nothing
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if you're looking to play eroges you should try out Grisaia, they're all masterpieces.
Aiyoku no Eustia is my aim now
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blue zenith is hyped because of this:  Lost Nephilim
And nobody remembers WWW getting a 1x 100 FC
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Can some players get good acc with HR without stressing their hand?
If you figure out how to do it, why not?
Get some good wrist rest perhaps?
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How long do you usually study Japanese everyday and what motivates you to keep going?
Currently, 0 hours and 0 minutes. I need heavy practice now, especially conversations and kanji. I know grammar well.
4 people like this The ktgster difficulty was always his, the person who reuploaded it before labeled it as RLC's by mistake.
Well, doesn't matter, good map is good. I'll be trying to HR ktgster's diff
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What do you think about CS7 maps?
It's the upper limit to be honest. Even when I love high CS
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Asphyxia map looks so overdone and bad aesthetic at some parts... like those streams which goes from wide to normal to wide to ultra low spacing.
Star rating wouldn't go higher otherwise :>
Set your priorities straight, it's all about pp
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What is Blue Zenith for a kind of map and why is it so hyped? (I'm currently on holidays so I cant play)
Blue Zenith is a Freedom Dive for plebeians, RLC mapped in once and it was quite good, the map was well known then already but never got the ranked status.
Now Asphyxia used his powers to have his maps insta-ranked and poof, we have a mapset consisting of diffs by ktgster (RLC remapped?), RLC and Asphyxia.
I don't know why is it hyped so much though
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favorite eroge you've played?
G-senjou no Maou
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is ora ora ora S-able with DT and relax ?
ask shigetora
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people can't tell whose dick to suck at a time
You're spot on mate
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A jak oceniasz szanse w tym roku Polskiej ekipy na OWC? Jaki skład przewidujesz?
Szanse teoretycznie są duże, ale ze składem (i formą) może być różnie. WWW, Rafis, Wilchq i SteRRuM to myślę że w miarę pewniaki. Ja z farto niezbyt chcemy grać, zwłaszcza farto bo mu skill spadł i nie chce mu się ćwiczyć. Sięgniemy pewnie bo kogoś świeżego jak dudson czy coś, wszystko się okaże w październiku.
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