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Do ogólnego użytku i grania nie tylko w osu brać browny czy redy?
raczej browny
is rafis better than niko
Since Niko isn't playing, yes obviously.
I play with 1500 DPI on 1600x900 and I have recently switched from my smooth mousepad to the table which is rougher and my performance drastically improved. The problem is that the table has some places where the tracking is really bad. I want to get a new mousepad but I'm not sure which. Any idea?
osu! is in general more fun on plastic pads, but I'm not sure which is the best. As to cloth pads, anything goes, what counts is quality/durability.
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Co oznacza słowo "modestywnie"? Spotkałem je w opisach zaimków osobowych j. jap. ale nigdzie nie mogę znaleźć definicji.
modest - skromny. Powinno Ci to wytłumaczyć, jakie to są zaimki :)
Do you have girlfriend?
Something more
is rafis better than WW
Mieszkasz w domu czy w akademiku?
Mouse have its perks too, but in terms of theoretical raw performance it loses heavily. I dont think it's impossible tho...I want to believe it's possible..
When you take all factors into account, tablet's RAW PERFORMANCE seems to be superior. This is what you should count when talking about POSSIBILITIES. Long story short, best tabletguy will always be better than best mouser. I hope you get what I mean.
1 person likes this Isn't it possible to grip it in a way which won't impede movement, or use high DPI?
Any grip has some limits, even if you find a grip that helps you clear virtually any pattern, you will most likely suffer from unability to reach high movement speed. + there are factors which lower your consistency making it inferior to tablets, such as huge effort you have to put plus being dependent on the surface you're playing at, sweat, crumbs, dust - this all change how smooth and fast your moves are. High DPI indeed overcomes some of these obstacles, but then again, your consistency drops due to high precision you have to move at.
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Co tam u twojego ukraińskiego współlokatora? :D
już się dawno wyprowadził, bo nie mógł ze mną wytrzymać.
Physical restraints. The way we hold mice is limiting our movement.
Shizuru- could have played like rrtyui :o
1. no, he couldn't
2. he played mouse in 2012 and early 2013, switched soon after
Do you think mouse players can do this kind of stuff?
This is the same as "Do you think mouse players can play like rrtyui or cookiezi?"
No, they can't and will never be able to
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A co dokładnie jest nie tak z twoim zdrowiem?
Nie przepadam za pisaniem o tym publicznie, obok wielu dolegliwości najbardziej uciążliwym są wrzody i przewlekłe zapalenie błony śluzowej żołądka. Tyle starczy
Co z twoim zdrowiem?
Nie jest tragicznie, ale daleko od "dobrze"
For FPS purposes can you name from your experience your top 3 mice
The thing is that I actually used 2 mice in my life for FPS, FK and WMO. Both are great
What makes the death adder better than so many mouses? They all seem the same too me
Nothing, because I never said DA is superior to all mice.
1 person likes this Can you make an updated version?  ­
there are many versions, probably subjective or related to some kind of content (fps games, e.g.)
Co studiujesz?
filologia angielska tłumaczeniowa z j. japońskim
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Mind linking the DA I should buy? sorry for trouble just everyone i asked before said that shit adder i got was the right one when its not T_T ty for help Amai!!! :D
Just type deathadder 2013, this is the full name. There is 2014 too or something (chroma?) but nothing really worth overpaying.
This is like 2010
next question (pick) : g402 or g502 ?
I would pick 402 over 400 so yeah, 502
but if you're gonna choose between em' which will u pick g400 or g502?
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How long do you think before people will forget Cookiezi?
Those who witnessed cookiezi playing won't forget him.
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