Have you ever tried ironing a mouse pad to get rid of bumps on it?

I have no bumps tho?

1. Jak sobie radzisz z poskręcanym kablem od myszki , bo mnie denerwuje cały czas zawija się w 10 pętel i czasami przeszkadza w poruszani myszką , masz jakiś sposób aby go wyprostować? 2. Najlepsi maperzy w osu! starzy i nowy . np. NatsumeRin , Tsuka , DJ pop , 09kami , jak uważasz ?

1. Poobracaj mysz wokół własnej osi, w końcu kabel powinien przybrać akceptowalny kształt. Potem możesz podkleić taśmą do biurka tak, że zostaje tyle kabla ile potrzeba.
2. Za dużo mapperów jest, żebym pamiętał wszystkich. Galvenize, shinxyn, NatsumeRin i val byli jednymi z najlepszych w czasach, gdy zaczynałem. Potem Skystary, Cryo, Lan Wings, Gamu. A 2016 mapping to wymiociny i nie zamierzam się wypowiadać.

Oh, I see. Thanks. One more question then: do you like any of those? Which genre of music do you prefer?

I am a music lover, I don't have a favorite.
Of course there are genres which, due to their specific traits, will not fit my taste (such as reggae/rap). However I can't see a genre that would be most "successful" in pleasing my eyes.

Hey. I have a question about a few very popular in osu! community artists: memme/yooh/ryu/leaf/nekomata master/onoken/xi/ginkiha/P*Light/M2U/somethingsimilar. Do you know genre(s) of music of these artists? I need the name of genre/genres but could not find it when I tried :( ps english is hard.

Very often the genre is shown in the background of the map in the original game (beatmania e.g.)
Plus these artists' pieces cover various genres.
e.g. I remember Ryu and P*Light doing Happy Hardcore or similar.

hey Amai, any tips on fixing tapping sync? Most of my misses are because I hover a note and move on before I press :( I've tried rohulks low AR practice and going back to FC'ing low stars, but it doesn't seem to help...

Talented players always have a miraculous trick that works.... only for them though.
I really liked when Xilver said that one should "read the streams circle by circle" in order to get good accuracy.
Well, he IS absolutely right, but maybe 10% of players have the ability to focus to this extent.

As to the question, I miss quite frequently in this manner and I'm yet to find a solution. But still I think it's about concentration.

alternating vs single taping? when i started i was alternating but ive been considering switching since alot of people say single taping is better for aiming...

preference vs preference

how big are your hands? mine are 21 cm for base to palm and im trying to figure out which size za mouse i should get.

Mine are about 17cm. I think you could go for the middle one

Strange i've owned a steelseries heavy for about a year it still feels the same even with heavy gaming, but i did get a new mouse pad and it was faster, but i noticed it got slower maybe placebo that the pad slowed down?

It's not placebo.
Qck is an entry level pad so I guess they could resign from coating.

Have you ever tried an artisan mouse pad before?


hey amai long time no see. If I remember correctly you use ps3 eye for ur cam, do you know where I can get the drivers for that? I cant find them anywhere :( Beamaxed

Probably this, not sure http://puu.sh/q2I2H/d5ba32f0ef.rar

I thought snapping is always useful..?

Snapping is always useful, but it doesn't need to be supported by a perfect straight line and robotic movement. Wilchq snaps as well though he does it in a more smooth way.

your aim looks very robotic and snappy. did you have to make a conscious effort to get your aim to look like that or did it just happen over time naturally for you. some people like wilchq's aim never look like that. im just wondering.

I refined this kind of snapping when I was still a beginner. To be honest, it isn't really effective when it comes to today's maps, but the reason I refined robotic snapping was looks to begin with. Nobody thinks of going pro after a month of playing.

http://ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answers/139178671519 the same Ryosuke who's involved in the ATBT drama?


Hello, anytips you can give me for reviewing for exams and any particulars test school related?

I wish I knew a good way to do this.
The only thing which works always for me is to simply write down the data I need the most (or is difficult to memorize). All I write gets into my head.

Hej, Amai. 10k mouse player z tej strony. Mam pytanie odnośnie celności. Zauważyłem, że poruszanie całym ramieniem i używanie go jako dźwigni jest zbawienne przy większych jumpach. Ale taki sposób kontroli myszki powoduje random missy prostych odcinkach. Da się to wyćwiczyć, czy gra na ramię tak ma?

Dlatego ja gram wszystkim. Kiedy trzeba to ruszam ramieniem, kiedy nie trzeba to ruszam nadgarstkiem, kiedy nie trzeba to palcami.

How do you stop your mouse fron hitting your palm when you pull down? I want to lower my sensitivity but mousedrift eventually makes the mouse start hitting my palm

I move my wrist along? You probably use only fingers when playing. I use everything I can. Of course sometimes I do pull down with only my fingers, but always I know how much of a distance I can cover without the mouse hitting my palm.

What is your worst canker sore experience?

When Ryousuke attempted to rip me off my money for his alleged homeless girlfriend.

Is the hyperX fury mousepad good?


Is it normal to turn emo after playing osu! ?

For a short while yeah

Do you sometimes instinctively look at a girls body part while not even thinking?

Whenever I look at a woman my eyes wander here and there in order to confirm whether she is capable of being my mate.
Biology, bitch

I hear mouse pads wear down because they have a coating on them is this true?

They wear down because they ... wear down like any material.
But yeah, higher end pads have a special coating which wears down quickly so you can feel the difference within weeks since the purchase.

Since you're decently conversational in japanese (B2?), are you good friends with japanese players and speak japanese with them? Did you even do that to learn while studying?

There are like two people I talk in Japanese from time to time. Not much I can learn from this apart from getting more confidence and flexibility in vocabulary use.

Have you ever try a aluminum mouse pad before?

I cherish my mouse and my mouse feet.

What mousepad that is most similar to the G-SR? I can't find it on my country

I don't think there is a pad that's really similar, but it's okay if you buy any high-end cloth pad like Talent.


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