M♊️ @Ambition213
M♊️ @Ambition213
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Ok ☹ -C
Don't be upset
Ugh just tell me anything 😩 -C
I have alot but ummm I don't wanna talk here in public 😑
Idk what else to say I feel like I got caught xD -C
Lol no no I didn't know u yet don't worry 😂 feel free to talk please
Don't apologize -C
Ummm ok so what else? Don't stop 🙊
Oh gosh 😅😓 -C
Sorry 😑
Anything 😅 -C
I will tell u but umm I can't write it here 😂😂
Haha 😅 tell me -C
Lol no I can't 🙈😂
Ok good 👏🏽 -C
You know what my dear C, I have doubts about you and ummm if you're what I doubt about, lol i think it's gonna be awesome 😂😂😂
Why u didn't eat ? Ugh -C
I wasn't hungry 😑 but i ate before 2 hours don't worry 😎✋🏾
Aww what's wrong ? ☹ I'm fine -C
I didn't eat all the time and i played Paintball 😜🔥 and god damn I'm so exhausted 😅 i wanna sleep but I'm busy 😓
So how r u today ? -C
Tired and dizzy 😅💔 wbu ??
Sorry I thought I asked u one lol -C
Lol it's ok :*
I can't help it lol -C
Oh 21 hours since the last question 😓 lol ur so evil crazy C 😂❤️
I like u a lot u r the coolest 🙊 -C
Oh god here we go!! 😓😓 u try to make me shy don't you?? 😒🙈
Aww it's ok ☹ -C
So what else 🐵
I never said something bad about u why is that ? -C
Lol no don't misunderstand me but u know my English is not that good im so sorry and i know u won't say something bad to me 😔❤️
Hell yeah -C
Well thank you ❤️❤️
U rock -C
Is that a compliment?
But what ? -C
Never mind 😋
If they good friends don't question it, good ppl r for good ppl, be grateful -C
Lol yeah they're good but... Lol it's ok thank god for everything 😅❤️❤️❤️
Lol why u question having friends? U too be fine ♡ -C
Because i have few friends maybe less than 10
Good evening, sir. U don't know why u have friends? Thanx don't worry about me -C
Hiii gd evening 😻 umm yea although I appreciate "friendship" so much, no need to thank me my crazy anon ❤️ be fine
Sometimes I feel like u don't want to get to know ppl and I mean I'm always here why u feel lonely it just made me sad :( -C
Umm that's true unfortunately 😂💔 i have few friends and idk why, also thank u for being here that makes me happy and please don't be sad ^-^
There is a lot ☹ -C
Nah I'm alone and if there's alot, I wasn't feeling alone
I hate that there's a lot of ppl who like u ☹ -C
Lol I don't think so 😂