Amel Djazairia @AmelCroft445
Amel Djazairia @AmelCroft445
West London
IG/Twitter - Amel_Djazairia
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Why you like Marseille?
Because it's a nice place and my family live there
If u didn't go barnhill wat other high school wud u go
Dormers wells
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Would you kiss me?
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I think your twin and fatmazohra look alike
That's what everyone says
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You are beautiful
Thanks xxxxx
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Do you speak french as good as you speak English? Then i mean fluent (sorry My English is not the best Hope you understood what i meant
Yeah, I speak French fluently as it was my first language
Does your mum Wear Hijab?
Do you have a nickname? What is it?
Yeah. Amoula :$
Have you ever stolen anything?
Why would I
How do you know when you're in love?
You feel it lol
What eyeliner do you use?
Can you dance?
You can be the judge of that
What did you last take photo of?
Freshta's eyes
Humans VS aliens. Who will win?
Humans obviously.