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Ana elsmaa wli ybi yshoufeni foug❤️
Okay bgulk ena ent lai7een etklmi once in a while.. On snap
M3ndi a7d with this intials send a snap
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Mbla bs this is my real initials bs I've never told u... I gave u half my initials gbl
Sh3rfny ana. Just say
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Shd3wa 3ad I gavve u my initials
Ma3rf a7d wya hl initials
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I'm maz
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Tra a7bk
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Fine I'm not telling u bs I really want u to find out urself .. R u in nakheel btw?
Im not
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I'm MA
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I'm finally telling u who I am and fyi I was the mysterious girl... Who always talks to u
Ur not telling me who u r
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I'm m
M shnu
I'm mmmmmmmzmmmm
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U know ur the only guy I've talked to in my whole life ??? This should show u that I luv u
Who ruu
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What do u think about a girl etha mag6 klmt w 7bt boys in your age?
جمع اخطبوط؟ يلا خنجوف شطارتكم.  OFF. ✋
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Shnu el snap ?? El snap kan a pic
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Single or taken
Ya kthrhm el lazgat😂😭
واي واي قلبي انت ماقدر على الصورة😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
did u open my snap?
Shnu ihwa
Pap of ayshy.. Aba a36eekm likat. 😌  OFF. ✋
Pap of ayshy.. Aba a36eekm likat. 😌
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tboony 2s2lkm?  OFF. ✋
ما تتمللون من الميلس ؟ شتسون هناك
الأشكال الي أيون لك👌🏻
Why? Oh so u don't have my number?😭 that's so sad we've been thru A LOT!