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When are you getting in my bed

Adam Treascot

Never :)


My best friend - @AlisonH988 :)

Your bg?

1 week ago :)

Owch...I think I need a new phone :/

Pic of you and your sister?

My sister - Left
Me - Right

Pic of you and your sister?

Happy now?

Pic of you?

A bit old but...yeah :)

Yesterday :) (I love being a model)

i'm an 18 year old guy from new york please let me text you

Text me here! I won't give you my number! It's too private!

if i put my number up would you text me without answering it?

Never in your wildest dreams!

i want to mary you

marry* and no!

Hey all! Louis Tomlinson made his first account here so lets help him with the likes!
His account is @Louis_W_Tomlinson go and like his answers if you are a real directioner! xxx

Do you have a boyfriend?


Can you put up a picture that really shows off your butt? :)

Sorry but I'm a model! Not a bitch! -.-

Right now! #Bored

Put up a bikini pic please :)

you directioner?


Hey kitties,directioners and calderics...I was wondering....why we never do something sweet for Eleanor? She always do something for us....likes our answers....and etc. So I decided something....let's help her reach 50.000 likes here in! Let's make her happy! If you love Eleanor copy this,put it on your wall and like some of @EleanorCalder538 ' s answers! C'mon angels <3
Kisses xxx

how old r u?

19 :)

she is my love, but leave her alone, and tomorrow, talk with her (:

Louis Tomlinson


talk with her...

Louis Tomlinson

I can't! She isn't listening to me....she is angry cause someone called you ''ugly''! Look at her acc! :(

Sorry but my best friend - @EleanorCalder538 believes him so....bye

Babe I miss you <3

Eleanor Calder

Miss you too <3

Amyyy :D

Louis Tomlinson

Umm? o.O Sorry but Louis is @LouisKevinTomlinson1D

why you ar not on google?

Why should I be?


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Amy Carter / Dancer / Model / England :) <3
My bff's - @DirectionersloveZayn,@JakeJames1,@VasiStyles,@AlisonH988
Louis - @Louis_W_Tomlinson