Aim @AmyGivelin
Aim @AmyGivelin
Swansea, south wales 16 kik me-amyyygivelin
i dare you
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Do you have official app for Android?
Yes lol
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Do you already have app for iPhone?
I don't have an iPhone
Are you usually the heart breaker or the heart broken?
Heart broken
What you dressing up as for fancy dress?
God knows haha when is it?
What's the most delicious fruit?
Looks:10 Personality:8 <3
Thankyou aw I wish;o x
u 2 together !?
together ??
When was the last time you broke the law?
Just robbed a bank me
u still speak with him ??!
who used u???
Someone I thought was my bestfriend:(
How do u feel right now??
What sport do you do?
Im glad alex didnt want you
That's nice
What annoys you the most?
Forgetting where I put something
Smash and 9 <3  Jack Luff
okay just try babe ehe <3
Where ya from:o
I don't have kik :/ just come on after for like 10 mins baby <3
I might do I dont think I even know my password aha:/
I wana get to know you before I give my number baby;) you got bbm? xx
Aw okay aha;) no I dont sorry xx
after? <3
Maybe;o I've got work in the morning;o aha! Add my Kik x
how come? <3
Watching a film with the. Fam, sorry;o <3
aw, id rather get to know you on Skype ehe, come on for a bit? <3
I can't tonight;o <3
im not being silly ehe, will you add me so you don't have to give yours out, mines on my profile <3
Kik me or text me instead;o? Don't really use skype<3
random lad, you're gorgeous <3  Jack Luff
Aw wow thankyou but don't be so silly!;o <3