Ana Rodriguez
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Is there someone that wish u could talk to? Not including family.


I can't say

How will you ever know if I love you though lmao

Why don't you love me back?

Lol who are you maybe I do

So you did lol

No that's nasty

Who'd you have sex with this weekend?


We getting fucked up tonight?


Well people that you didn't invite that you wish could be there

If I wanted you there I would've invited you??

Who do you wish could be there if they could?

Armijo Matt my cousins Matilda Regalado basically everyone I invited lol

Who don't you want in Austin this weekend?

Basically anyone I didn't invite.

So what is it like working at heb?

Is that really the question you want to know?! Lol well it's difficult because it's retail but any retail business is. Other than that I love it. Company has such good values and people. And lots of opportunity to grow. Plus everyone loves heb here in Texas. Very respectable company.

Was it Joseph?


Then who was it?? Give out a clue

Why don't you tell me who you last slept with then maybe ill tell you

Just say it was Paul. He's told everyone already

Lmao he must be dreaming!! Never happened.

First letter of the last person you had sex with?

No of your business

What does it take for you to have sex with someone?

Trust, attraction and commitment.

What do you look like right now?

Hell lol

Is there something bothering you at the moment?

Hmm why do you ask

Why do you think girls are annoying?

Lots of reasons.

Would you prefer to have the power to fly or be invisible?

Fly!!!!! Duh!

Do you wish your boobs were bigger?

Lol nope I think they are the perfect size right now. I wish my butt was smaller though. Gotta take my ass to the gym for that though lol.

Do you prefer to be alone or around people?

People. I hate being alone.

Why do people lie?

I think some lies are a necessary part of life.. But that's only small white lies. All other lies people use to protect themselves or others.

Y won't you answer the question

What question

Who's your stalker?

Not gonna call people out like that lol

Lol you're not fascinating enough to have a stalker.

I totally agree with you. But it's true I do have a stalker lol