Anastassia Thibodeau @Anathib
Snowboarder. Hunter. Celloplayer. Aries. New york girl. What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?
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congrats on 5000 answers
Oh me ghee I didn't even notice.. Thanks mann
What's your ideal Tyler.. Oops sorry i meant type?
HAHAHA you got me
how was your day?
Great! Thanks for asking! How about you??
what did you do today?
Had class, had Thai good for the first time, got momofuku cookies, and went to whole foods! Now just chillen and watching GReys!
why are you up so late?
Cause curfew is 12 and UR a turd
why eh?
Bec go to sleep
and it's not like you love him or have really strong feelings for him. it's just a fling really
can you follow me on Instagram? Please? I will surely follow back.
Sryy but get a lifeee
yeah it's probably best not to because you wouldn't see each other
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do you think you'll be able to be in a relationship with him after the program ends?
Long distance is a bitch so idk
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do you guys kiss in public and do all that couple stuff?
cause you guys went out and stuff
Yeah I know but I haven't really told him about that and stuff
does he not like Stan?
have you guys gone further?
was it in private? is he a good kisser?
Not really and hell yess
aww are you gonna stay together after the program ends?
Idk man idk
when did you guys kiss for the first time?
Uhmmm like 4/5 days ago
are you guys going out?
Not really idk where like assumed to be tog uk
who was your last kiss with?
This guy
who was your first kiss with?
when girls say that that usually means they've hu with a lot of guys :/
Lul cool think what u want bae :))
you think you're gonna get into Columbia?
I can strive to do anything
How many guys have you hu with?
None this isn't your buisness babe
are you gonna see any of the people there ever again?
Depends on wether we get into the university or if I go to different places/countries & meet up with them.
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