Anastassia Thibodeau @Anathib
Traveler, vinyl indulger, cellist, snowboarder, and surfer. 16.
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Who were the 3 you didn't?
I don't feel like really listing names here
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I guess the guy who you loved the most
Honestly idk
How many?
1 that I actually went out with, 3 that I technically never went out with
Who was the best guy you went out with?
Describe the term "best guy".. And I haven't gone out with a lot of guys yet haha
How would you describe your style?
I remember all the good times we had but we'll never see each other again
Awww wait what do ya mean :(( there's always a way we can see each other!
You have bigger boobs than I do
Cool i guess?
do you enjoy hooking up
ur weiirdd
do you see yourself as an indulger
Yes I do
would you rather cuddle or make out
what are you a big fan of
The beach, snow, vinyls, bubble tea, the forest, listening to chill music on a walk with your bestfriends, life I guess
do you eat bananas
Nope not usually.. Not a big fan
Did Stan get you topless
Okayy byee
stan told me u had nice boobs
Nice story brahh
Do you think your boobs are small
you didnt change ur pic
Gawssh give me a secc
do you see yourself as an artist
are you a vegetarian
has anyone ever told you that your boobs are small
What time did you wake up this morning?
9:15 am
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Can you tell us if he at least replied? :p
Yass he did
wht did he say
OMG chat me if u wanna know .. Too many qsts
I hope you get into Columbia this year stassi! :p
Thankyou so much! This means so much to me :)
remember when you fought tht lady on the traain?
HAHAHA yasss... Good times