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Snowboarder. Hunter. Celloplayer. Aries. New york girl. What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?
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Is there anything you don't like about what he does
What does he do that you like best
The way he like smirks at me and looks at me is legit the cutest thing
Wow he is so mine
Nope mine babe
His personality
He's the sweetest guy to me, cares for me, loves me and respects who I am, and is always there for me, even when he's not actually with me
Care to elaborate?
Elaborate on what?
Whats his best feature
His amazing personality
who is your crush and why are all these people so preoccupied with your relationship status? haha
Exactly... Legit and he asked me out to his j prom.. People really need to find something to better occupy their time with
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HEY i'm right around northeastern
HEY tomorrow I'm doing northeastern & Harvard in the afternoon!!
Hes gonna leave you for me
Nah yo
Your crush is kinda hot... I might take him
Kk under my dead body
hey you are gorgeous! beautiful, really, especially in those photos your dad posted. they look really natural and great. hope you're having fun with him on your trip! how many more stops?
Thankyou so much! :) Were going to Tufts, Holly Cross, Harvard, and North Eastern!
He told me he made a mistake by asking you out
Kk you think whatever you want bae <3
Don't you feel bad for him
Can I date you?
Hes going to leave you soon sorry!
Okay cutie!!! :)
Did you even hook up with him?
Mind your own shit bae
You guys aren't even dating, youre such a tease
You're funny hahahahahhahahah
Everything he does is a lie
He told me he doesn't love you
I said that you should stfu
Is your crush the perfect boyfriend material
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Watch one of my fav shows
I think your crush thinks your relationship wont work
I think you should go mind your own buisness
Can you like 75 of my answers and ill like 100 of yours and with a gift too☺  ❌TIEEZY✔️
Why isnt he your boyfriend?
Because were still taking time and stuff yo