Anastassia Thibodeau @Anathib
Traveler, vinyl indulger, cellist, snowboarder, and surfer. 16.
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but you're watching twilight zone with you're dad when you could be out with friends...
It's a Saturday night and I took the act today and shopped the whole day... I'm so tired
do u ever go out?
Not now because I've been taking a lot of tests / getting college stuff done
what are u up to right now
Watching the twilight zone with dad and conan
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
what r u doing 4 fun tnght
Ordered Xaga and hung out with mom, bro :))
what schools have you applied to
I haven't applied to any yet.. Haven't sent any apps yet. But I'm applying to 18
What are you most excited about right now?
Getting into colleges
What does your dad do
He's a consultant for something on Wall Street.
Can I say hi to you
Yes please do
looking forward to anything?
UHm life I guess?
how are you today stassi
I'm good thanks for asking
r u rich
the wealthiest 1%
yay gelato!!!
Are you planning on entering a relationship soon
If the right guy comes along, yes I guess.
Are you on a relationship right now
pap of donk
Those are exclusive sorry bae
Do you ever look at your chin and think "wow that's perfect"
Hahah no
Oh you squat? Niiiice
Chee me up
Kk text me!
If I were a cow would you milk me?
Nopppeee sorry ://
What's your dream job
Too be either a chemist or physicist and possibly a college professor at one of the IV's