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What is your best feature?
i don't have a good one lol
Wouldn't u lyk 2 kno ;)
just wondering really
Ooohhh, was gona say I can make tht change ;)
who is this
M35, I'll have a cigar ready for you XD
m36 woooooo
M33 Das a bit shit
m34 yep
M31 what time do you start?
m32 supposed to start @ 4:30
M29 mans gon gets a drink on his way back home
m30 totally should.
M27 fairs brah, you in bar or kitchen tomorrow?
m28 bar fam
M25 how long is dis gonna go on 4?
m26 till i can't be assed to reply
M23 I know dis shit fam
m24 good bled
U got a gf?
yesh whyyy
M21 sounds a bit gay
m22 but not though
Jus looked at ur pics on fb, Yo ur bare peng doe!
M19 come at mi fam
m20 i will destroy yo bled
M17 u wanna row ting?
m18 bring it
M15 nah bruv
m16 toats bruv
M13 nah blud
m14 yerrrr bread bin.
M11 nah
m12 yerrrr fam
Lol m9 ur a fag
lol m10 u is ber jelly
You guys should kiss.
so should you guys
Dude, we were quoting movies now we're sky high? I haven't taken any drugs though? XD
i know man
sky high man sky high
I shapeshift:)
a guinea pin not even a swarm of guinea pigs
Yeah but what did you say when you threw it?
i said something cool
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What did you say?
something cool