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Cus I'm a massive cunt to you, duh XD and nah m9 cus he's better den mi over m8's, lol jk, anons aren't my m8's.  Stephen Dunn
ahah you ent no cunt to me fam lol and 2 dat
Well cup your arm so your hand is on your hip, stand completely still, there you go, you're now a mug. Also anon, go away m9.  Stephen Dunn
haha this is why you are my brother Stephen you a so fabulous XD and i think you ment m8 lol
opinions on college class?
i get on with everyone if that's what you mean
Well then you must be some next mug! XD
o enlighten me on how i am a so called mug
Dude, he's with you're ex, that's the most reasonable reason for you to deck him, lol!
dude i couldn't care less lol
Really? I wouldn't like him if I were you, lol!
Opinion's on sam wyatt?
he's a sound guy never had a problem with him XD
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dude... you get weird questions on here XD
i know right
How many times a day do u masterbate?
err what okay why do you wish to have this information i do not know but o well the answer my dear anon is 0
She probably did to be honest, she is way to over dramatic though, I remember about a month ago someone was playing with fire and she proper had a go at them cause it was apparently really close to her, she needs to grow up
agreed she dose
get out me carrrrr
am i annoying you yet
a little
i dont have a car doh
poor you fam
or am i??
i don't know
brum brum in me car
get out me car
sup ma nigga
#notification brah
what chu saying
don't you wanna know
beep beep mofo
im in me mums car broom broom
Well she did cheat on james so why wouldn't she do it to you?
true but o well im not with her so.i couldn't care less
I heard a rumour that she cheated on you with callum, was it true?
i don't think it was
How long do you think until they break up? I give it two weeks :')
i don't know or care tbh cos she will always fine someone else
Then again she is a kinda slag so not really a good thing to be with her, I'm just waiting to see when she fucks things up with sam XD
ahahahah anon that's hilarious XD
Shame, I suppose its true when people say all good things must come to an end...
it wasn't good but ye it did come to an end