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How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
about 10 seconds
What are brothers for man? xD  Stephen Dunn
true dat ye
Twazzock XD  Stephen Dunn
cheers mate
Because that's so much better, Ffs you really are a silly sod XD  Stephen Dunn
i know its great XD
Excuse me you fuck-faced sea cucumber, what did you just call me? Do you want me to slap you with a wet fish?  Stephen Dunn
Well that there sucks massive donkey dick, you should invest in some late night/very early morning riding of le board of skate  Stephen Dunn
nahh fuck that i got work at 12 lol
Why hey dere bro, been liking a few of my answers have you? Are you really that bored? XD  Stephen Dunn
why yes my good sir i am
How big is your penis?
why do you want to know
How bigs yur d?
English please
Ahhh K den
ye i know its k den XD
So stand up and play
Well then, sit down, shut up and play skate! Aha xD
actually important lying down playing skate
What's your point broseph
haven't really got one XD
I know that's why I asked haha
so that was a pointless question then if you.already know. lol
Sup broseph
bored as hell can't sleep
I don't like eet!
do the ROAR !!!!!!!!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
easily -10000000000 i can't sing XD
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KETCHUP!!!!  Hollie Gilliver
Do the roar! Do it?  Hollie Gilliver
i love you daddy XD !!!!"
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who gets you through college the most?
the most oooo don't know lol probably Luke cos of all the monsters
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who can you rely on at college for anything?
i can rely on all of my mates at college
Why so serious?! :D
you think serious is you allie i was born in it moulded by it XD
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I can see it in your eyes!!! And err how rude!
Rude i am not my good sir
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
Pizza comes in slices
Hello? Is it me your looking forrrrrr!!!