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If you were in a plane and it was about to crash you would you want sitting next to you
my closest loved ones so my last moments could very spent with them XD
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Post a selfie!
just woke up not cool anon
Post a selfie!
What kinda fruits you like??? :p
im just gunna say this, jovi didnt wanna make a scene and he wanted to talk to you but you was so wound up we as friends suggested not to, if you want him to talk to you why dont you just say?
cos Im bit going to talk to him
hey i dont talk to eaither of you, one of my friends was getting upset cause he is upset
okay that's cool
Whats Your game?
recently I've been playing saints row the third but i do like halo aswell XD
he tried not to make a scene, he should have talked to you tho, go tell him that
you shouldn't have to tell him
put yourself in his position, what would you have done?
talked to me or at least not create a seen in the middle of town
You should have a civil punch Jovi in the face with Stephen and Lauren and Holly
nahh that would solve nothing XD
You should have a civil convo with jovi
hummmmmmmmmmm let me think errrm nope !!!!!!!!
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Who will be the next person you will kiss?
why anon that's a bit forward we've only just met at least buy me dinner first
What is your relationship status?
did you and lauren break up? :(
highlight of the day?
finishing college for the year
what do you look for in a girl?
i don't know why do you want to know
What happened with you abf Lauren franklin?
it just wasn't working anymore
Ngl, your choice but you shud be with wini your a good match and it's obvs you both want to
now you're single you can get with wini
why you do dis
so what we get what we smoke weed...- hate you for this! constantly singing it!  Hollie Gilliver
thhehhehehe im so evil
Old times man :(
i know :'(
do you want to be with someone right now?
not really
have you ever been envious of someone?
nother really
who makes you smile the most?
i dunno
I miss the times of Grapefruit and Naruto... *sigh* :(
i know same :'(
You are lovely, so shush! XD
Im not though XD