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I don't like eet!
do the ROAR !!!!!!!!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
easily -10000000000 i can't sing XD
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KETCHUP!!!!  Hollie Gilliver
Do the roar! Do it?  Hollie Gilliver
i love you daddy XD !!!!"
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who gets you through college the most?
the most oooo don't know lol probably Luke cos of all the monsters
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who can you rely on at college for anything?
i can rely on all of my mates at college
Why so serious?! :D
you think serious is you allie i was born in it moulded by it XD
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I can see it in your eyes!!! And err how rude!
Rude i am not my good sir
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
Pizza comes in slices
Hello? Is it me your looking forrrrrr!!!
coz I do  Bri Davidson
do I even know you
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from my dp do you think im hot or not?  Bri Davidson
why you wanna know
thanks annon
so Lauran(Fugly) cheated on you and your back with her lucy(beauty) Doesn't cheat on you she you finished with her?
ye me and lucy had nothing in common so it pointless staying together
Laurens fat.. Lucy's a model... kind of cute dude
laurens not fat
2 best gf's you've had :)
lauren franklin and i guess lucy
miss lucy?
not really i guess as a friend but nothing more
So you should be... Bully x
i am forgive me x
butthead! how very dare you :O x
im sowie
Hey arsewipe :P x
hello butthead x
Opinion on Lauren Wini
shes a amazing person a true friend
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Lucy moved on pretty fast. Weren't she in love with you the other week?
oh err thats nice i guess
Jon Wheatmoth's the name
errrr k then
We should get frisky, message me
errrrr what lol who are you
who makes you smile??
random people failing on youtube
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