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Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?
Truth is we sre pretty close and in football you hit like a girl.  Isaac Decker
-_- definitely.
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Thanks bro! I love you like a brother to! You're still a heck of a ball player! (Football)
Thanks "Fatty"
Zack Johnson?
He's my little homie! I may pick on him and tease him a lot but I just do it because I love him like a brother.
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Are u a virgin
What do you think people should do more often?
What happened
None of your business
Is it still aleighia
Is it still aleighia
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What's your Kik
Who's the best football players you faced from monroe? 8th grade?
Tahj, my man Dalton, Tyrec, and my man Ethan.
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What questions do you usually ask when you want to get acquainted with someone?
"Zaaaaaayum boo, who is you?" That's usually the first one.
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How tall are you
What happened
Not gonna put that on here...
The one u put on Instagram
What is that picture all about?
Which one
What made you smile today?
Something that somebody told me.
How do you know
I know because she still likes that one son of a bitch that doesn't even deserve her. He never did, never treated her right, was never the kind of guy that she deserved. I'm not saying that I deserve her either, but he definitely didn't deserve her. But hey I guess it's hard to forget somebody that you fell in love with... I know that's how I feel right now...
That is so sweet
I guess...
You must really like her,don't ya?
I love her...
Y'all would be precious tho
Thanks, but she only likes me as a friend...
You and aleighia should date
Believe me I'm not against dating her, but she just doesn't like me that way. I guess I'm just more of a brotherly type of guy to girls....
Sleeping beauty
How should a guy treat a girl?
I wanna know who it is