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Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?
I am sure your tired as well as I am of the idiots who try to bully others! Tell me how you would stand up to a bully if you saw how they were with someone else. If we as a whole do not stop this crap, it will never stop!
I don't know how others handle it, but if somebody I know and love gets bullied or me, I'm going to punch that motherfucker in his nose or his throat depending on who their bullying. If they're bullying somebody I love then I'm going punch that son of a bitch in his nose and I'm not going to quit until somebody forces me to. P.S.-Not a lot of people can do that if I get really pissed. But luckily I've never had to do that yet, because most people are afraid of me and know not to fuck with me.
Truth is we sre pretty close and in football you hit like a girl.  Isaac Decker
-_- definitely.
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Thanks bro! I love you like a brother to! You're still a heck of a ball player! (Football)
Thanks "Fatty"
Zack Johnson?
He's my little homie! I may pick on him and tease him a lot but I just do it because I love him like a brother.
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Are u a virgin
What do you think people should do more often?
What happened
None of your business
Is it still aleighia
Is it still aleighia
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What's your Kik
Who's the best football players you faced from monroe? 8th grade?
Tahj, my man Dalton, Tyrec, and my man Ethan.
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What questions do you usually ask when you want to get acquainted with someone?
"Zaaaaaayum boo, who is you?" That's usually the first one.
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How tall are you
What happened
Not gonna put that on here...
The one u put on Instagram
What is that picture all about?
Which one
What made you smile today?
Something that somebody told me.
How do you know
I know because she still likes that one son of a bitch that doesn't even deserve her. He never did, never treated her right, was never the kind of guy that she deserved. I'm not saying that I deserve her either, but he definitely didn't deserve her. But hey I guess it's hard to forget somebody that you fell in love with... I know that's how I feel right now...
That is so sweet
I guess...
You must really like her,don't ya?
I love her...
Y'all would be precious tho
Thanks, but she only likes me as a friend...
You and aleighia should date
Believe me I'm not against dating her, but she just doesn't like me that way. I guess I'm just more of a brotherly type of guy to girls....
Sleeping beauty
How should a guy treat a girl?