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Andrew wright @AndrewWright_33
Andrew wright @AndrewWright_33
My profile sucks.. Go away
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Who are you going to step up with
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Where should you never take a first date?
NEVER to the zoo
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What's upppp?(:  Jill Schneider
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Hah oh yeah I'm stupid sorry :)  Jill Schneider
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What's your favourite chocolate bar?
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Pap of messages?
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your hot. nuff said.
Haha whatt
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Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
Jess kent or Blakemore
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Have you ever fired a real gun?
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What's up? Do you have kik?  Jill Schneider
Hi I don't know you but you're really cute. Okay bye :)  Jill Schneider
Hehe hi
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Dont have one
You too?
What grade are you in?
dont say i suck the patriots cheated,they soft, and they suck. dont deny
Shut up LOLZ
Yep. The patriots are soft and they cheated
You suck hahah
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Would you marry a robot?
Of course
U know the patriots cheated. They ain't that good. In addition, they are soft
DA fuck? You soft. Bitch
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Are you in Love?
Are you in Love?
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What things do you love?
Tom brady and morgan... Ouu
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What's your Instagram ?(:  Kenzie Paige Walston
Qt  Jessica Priddy
What's the best thing that happened to you today?
How to make a woman happy?
Gotta have the monster D
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