Angel @AngelM
Angel @AngelM
16 years old gurl.. If sorrows gather all together.. it'll eat you slowly, and creatively </3
Take a deep breath & chill... Now ask me (A) but anonymous q's wont b taken srsly ;D
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What is your greatest talent?
Writing <3
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hey angle <3 whats ur fav kind if music ??
Hey Nani
umm anything is gd xD
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What do u do when u don't find anything to do ;S  Sara
Go on
or call my frnd
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What is the greatest goal you want to achieve within the next five years?
My book..
get into a gd college ..
and b proud of myself
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yes you can. <3  Alanoud.
Thanks xD
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What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?  Alanoud.
ummm id rather keep that to myself xD
can I?
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How are you today :*?
am gr8 wau? xD
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In which year [9f km] :p?
LAST YEAR WHOA!!! xD [ In high skool xD ]
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why is that :P ?
Umm id rather keep that 2 myself xD
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bmaa 2ni fee 7alt 6afsh 3almya :P esh 27sn shy momkn l.wa7ed ysweeh 2l7een ( '3eer l.noooom :P ) + ask me 2tha wdk <3:d
o ana b 7ala mnn el twator...
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name one thing you worry about running out of
umm ntn i guess..
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what do you like the most, black or whait - iphone or blackberry - red bull or powerhorse - food or sleep - lap top or T.V - football or basketball - friend or love - comedy or horror - apple or Windows - ipad or ipod
Redbull tho ive nvr tried power-horse
Windows <3
iTouch :3
thanks 4 passing by ;)
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i'm gonna stop asking My Question Of The Day for many reasons. it was a good run i really enjoyed it =D anyhows. have a nice day ;p  Raed Alghamdi
:'( i loved it so much xD
anyways u 2 :P
umm & we'll miss ur q's ;)
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Hey pretty :* / What was the last movie you saw?
hey hottie xD
umm i think it was called "My Mom's New Boyfriend " xD
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Your name is Angel? where are you from :$?
My name is Malak = Angel
from Riyadh but lives in Jeddah :3
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You're favorite football team is?
umm.. i dont do sports xD
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you can be my angel, i could be hour homie ...  Aei
LOL! is that a song :O
and nah ill pass :O
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What was the last thing you bought?
Balila xD & i ate it :3
what are ur plans for the aid al-fitr ( L.3eed ) ? :P
LOL! idk xD wherever mom goes im goin wid her xD
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who named you? XD
LOL! i think my mom did xD
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That weird moment when some1 starts singing a song you were just singing in your head o.O"...did u face that =D ?  ℓσσdy∞
LOL! yah xD
Would you rather marry the person who loves you more then you love him..Or.. the person you love more then he loves you? [ n ur opinion ]  ℓσσdy∞
LOL! xD 5ly yjoon awal b3deeen afkr bl mow9'oo3 xD
وش رايك في الأشخاص الي ياخذو ذكرياتهم الجميله والسعيدة (اي غرض يكون) ويحطوها في علبة وكل ما تضايقو فتحوها عشآن ينبسطو؟ وهل أنت تفعل هذه الحركة  Queen of askin
صراحة ايه ×) عندي علبه وحاطة فيها اشياء, ذكريات
بس لا ولا عمري فكرت افتحة هههههههه xD
Yes lol what about it?  Mish✖️
-.- T_T
Enough, stop talking ¬.¬ ..!
y3ny ana ke4a wla ke4a ma ra7 aji :/ i was imagining x(
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