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Spam me something, I have no life.
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dream relationship?
Post a selfie?
Ashley's house lol
Post a selfie?
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can ya draw?
I'm not great lol
BGN people you live near to?
Is this some shitty new way to stalk or something?
were you craving dog all day? :(
Would love me with some duck sauce marinated poodle
had fun starving yourself yesterday?
Fuck no
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Where do you shop for clothes
Usually Oxford, Milton Keynes and Bicester village lol
Do you have any siblings?
Nope only child!
What does it mean when a bird poops on me?
You're ugly.
What do you want right now?
people who should go out in year 10
The one and only Christellie
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i like your dress sence
Haha thanks!
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Actually I cba now.  Angelo Gabriel Talay
omg amy maund liked that in under two minutes new record clapclap
Likers get Friend or stranger: Love or hate: Chill or ditch: Best feature: Cute or ugly: Like: Dislike: Rate:
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Do you have a 3DS?
I know this is you Sian
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wait, you ate sweats?  trisha
Yeah, they weren't great. I stuck to the Reece's
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what did you do last night
Halloween party and ate sweats
Rule the world Angelo
Yes. Yes I will
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What are you wearing right now?
Nipple tassels
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5 girls that Milner should go out with
He deserves any girl that catches his eye
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#doctorwho  WHOLOCKIΔN
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who in our are superheroes?
In our what?
Owl, car, spinach, nostril?
who should go out with who in our year?
Ellie & Chris
Rachel & Louis
Callum Milner & Chloe Clarke.
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