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i was born flawless
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I don't get how sex can feel good cause like wen you put a tampon in that does not feel good so sex is just like that except hella sore??
once you've done it a few times it isnt sore hahaha
masturbate, thats what sex feels like
What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
5000 dollars i guess lol
i red that you have to change your tampon after coming out of the water but i'm going to have beach day with my family and there won't be toilets :/ and plus i don't know how to ask my mom to buy me tampons cuz it will be my first time using them..sorry for awkard question
no you dont haha, i spent days going in and out of the water while i was over in Florida and I only changed them as i would on a normal day, and it was completely fine. and just buy them yourself? or if you have no money, just ask her. she has periods, you do, i do, every woman does, its just as normal as doing a shit and nothing to be embarrassed about haha
‎@poisonnandwinee licked a baboon's bum
her and I have that in common
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
we'd be overrun by chickens i reckon
how to go swimming when you are on your period?
errr wear tampons lol
You think you're pretty but you're a dog hahahahaha
you're most likely unattractive too so i will take your opinion on the chin :)
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definitely, especially with that style, it would look gorgeous x
Can slim girls have a nice ass? Or only curvy?
of course
What's triggering about after sex selfie?
triggers my horniness fo dat Stefan D
they should have deleted this instead of Kiss Your Sister
When my period started on july 9 and it lasted 5 days when will my next ones start ?
it depends how long your cycle is or if they're irregular lmao
favourite books?
The Lovely Bones, The Virgin Suicides, the short second life of bree tanner, and of course harry potter :)
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do you have a nice ass?
i'd like to think my squats aren't for nothing haha
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What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
instagram probably hahaha
there is no need to shout
Have you seen anything weird lately?
well a bunch of OAP's were protesting outside my bus station and the police had to go and calm them down, that was pretty odd
whats the smallest dick size you would go for?
idk lol usually its too late to change your mind once you find out right
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Anna you're hot stuff  Sam
aw thanks hun x
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I don't know why but asians seem to be really confident
ummm okay lol
does penis size matter?
your opinion on janoskians personality/how they look
i don't watch their videos or anything so I don't know what they look like or how they act haha. x
does size matter?
depends what aspect of size, i mean like if it's your body then it doesn't matter, but if it's a gooey slice of chocolate cake then of course the bigger the better
I don't get why people say our generation is fucked when some time ago it was okay for and older men to marry young 13 -15 years old and nowadays there is more learning and studyng in school and also alot of old people got drunk when they were in their teens. Like i just don't get it
it's a mixture of media influence and also people who are in this generation saying it in attempt to sound really cool and edgy
Which is your song of the week?
its a nice feeling going to bed with the room spinning and waking up functional and not too badly hungover ugh i love life
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