anna ab @AnnaAbingdon
anna ab @AnnaAbingdon
we gonna rock down to electric avenue
Make a gift
waddup shag
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I am your slave haha
then no thankyou
Can i kiss your shoes queen?
only if you're arron lol
Ok I'm gonna ask her why she did it... D'you want me to tell you what she says?
if you want to lol
I want watching, I just walked in by accident...
if you dont want to say or do anything about it then dont....if you want to talk about it then do so. tis your mums life, not much else you can do
But that'll be awkward....
and watching your mum having sex isnt?
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But what if I catch them doing it again?
be like mom why are you sleeping with my teachers
Could I actually do that?
sure, why not
hahaha no
So the other night I accidentally walked in on my mom having sex with another woman and it turned out to be my math teacher and now I haven't talked to them since. What should I do?
use it to blackmail your math teacher into giving you good grades lol
‎@chainsnjh is jealous of ‎@oliviaculpo
dunno who they are so i couldnt give a shit
Can I ask you for some advice please?
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
waiter in italy kept calling me beautiful and then gave me free chocolates, cant be bad :~)) #pulled
don't forget to find the current """fandom famous""""" person and fight them about 4 times a day :)))))  Amber Nicole
omfg hahahaha yes yes
do you like kitty pryde?
dunno what that is lol
How do I be fandom famous like you and justanotheramba?
get loads of interactions from the person you're fangirling over and be an absolute cunt to everybody, worked fairly well for us i think
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opinion on AHS? favorite season?
one of my favourite tv shows haha, season 2 was my favourite but im really liking the current one so far
You're in Italy?
yup :)
What is your best feature?
italian swag m8
What is your best feature?
please don't close your ask, you give such good advice :/
yeah thats the only reason ive considered keeping it open lol
why did you delete :( :(
ask is boring and no one uses it anymore
single or taken ?
idk whether im keeping it open yet aha but thanks
today i went to boys bathroom by acident cuz i'm in a new school and went the wrong way and my classmate was there and bc i'm awkward as fuck i stood there thinking thru where i was or quite some seconds and i'm afraid he will tell everyone and it's so emparassing :'(
unless you're in primary school, i really cannot see why spending mere seconds in the boys toilets is even an issue or embarrassing
Get naked with me
i dont want to and my boyfriend would punch u lol