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waddup shag
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You are really beautiful
thank you :)
What was the best thing you ever found on the street?
U suk willy gud
Thanx arron lol
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have you had anal sex? I want to try it with my bf
If you want to try it, go for it. It doesn't matter whether I have indulged in the act lol x
Squat and you will get an ass
Or not, because I'm happy with the way it is? Lol
What part of your body do you think it is sexier? your boobs? or your butt?
i dont have an ass so i guess my boobs lol
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when was the last time you gave a blowjob?
Whyyyy hahaha
What do get for a girl for a 18th birthday? We have been friends for quite some time and we are planning to do a group gift
maybe like a video of you all saying little messages and memories or like a book of the same thing
have you read the fanfic lights by ‎@the_stefro
idk lol
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Is it true that girls queef during sex?
You never answer my questionz
if it's inappropriate or just silly tween bullshit that doesnt make me laugh then i dont post them haha
Omg is it true you aborted my baby because I dumped you??!!??!?!!  arronadambrook✌️
Yh soz
that emgeekilljoy girl is saying casey dumped you because you aborted his baby :( is that real?
I'm dying
first she didn't say that
Second I dumped him bc he was boring as fuck lol
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because she deleted ask and you know both them well and normally have opinions
I don't know any of these other fans that regularly travel very far, we'll both agree amber made a massive impact to the fandom both online and offline and was an extra for their show, the energy she puts into that band is just recognised by him. That's my opinion, please don't ask me about it again
you and amba used to be really ugly and bitchy and now your both hot and nicer
It's a thing called "the end of puberty"
Im 16 and still a virgin, like full virgin, ive never done anything with a boy apart from getting with them, is that odd? My friends always make me feel like it is
Not at all haha I thought it was weird still being a virgin at that age but now I'm 18 I feel like I was so young to be doing that kind of x
Do you smoke? Or just like socially?
Nope and nope :-)
It's Saturday! What are you doing today?
i have a part-time job...take a guess.
is amba still a tmbeast?
Will amba ever have her name spelled correctly??? So many questions
who do you like in the tmb fandom
No one
who annoys you in the tmb fandom
is it true you and amba had a fight at a tmb gig and she broke your nose?
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but the fan was 16 at the time and it was after the 2012 tmb signing when him and viki fell out
These asks are giving me suicidal thoughts
Amber told me she deleted her ask cause someone kept bringing up old arguments and it bored her :/
Thanks, I'll sleep better knowing that information
but thats what jessika lewis told everyone and isnt she best friends with ashleys sister?
-_______- I swear I have more brain cells than the tmb fandom combined
Use!!!! Your!!!! Brain!!!! What reason would stef have to sleep with a fan other than to get paedophilia charges???