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i was born flawless
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Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
very much so
what hairstyle fits me if i have oval face, gurly hair and quite big forehead?
oval shapes suit any style really, and if you want to draw attention away from your forehead, probably try something with a side parting, or a fringe xx
Someone is selling me an iPhone 5s for $410 should I get it or nah
depends how many GB it is, shop around on ebay to see if you can get a cheaper one :P
Would you consider going to uni?
nope, pointless for my future
Do you read your dm's?
Not often since it's usually people just advertising stuff. I only read them if someone asks to talk to me in person and in private. Otherwise just tweet me or fb me or message me on here lol
i think you don't know how helpful you are , but you are amazing ,xx
thank you hehe, that means a lot, really :) x
Clit piercings are amazing to lick when i give you oral
Fun fact // most "clit piercings" are actually hood piercings since only 5% of women have the build that allows a clit piercings
Lol bye
Clit piercing?
noooo way haha
Would you ever get a boob or vaginal piercing?
yes, i plan to get both nipples pierced when i get a few more new ones haha.
i want to be loved by my family and friends.I want to not be ingnored for once. I want to be a good person.I want to be positive.I want to be funny and not sad all the times. I want a guy to look at me and think i'm beautiful i want simple regular things so why do they come hard or never?
you are a good person. you are beautiful and so loved, you just don't see it. and as for the guys; the world is a huge place and you haven't been here very long, you still have a long time to find one man or twenty that will sweep you off your feet :)
happiness unfortunately isn't guaranteed, things you want aren't always going to be handed to you on a plate. and if you find yourself in a place where you're sad all the time and not feeling positive, you just have to find your happy place again. it helps by talking to your family about how you feel. i know it's not easy and it's going to be so so difficult but you already broke that boundary with me, so you can do it with anyone. they will help you -- a good website for if you ever wanna vent about random shit
and there's always me. i'm no miracle worker and i probably can't make you feel positive and beautiful but i can sit here and talk to you all day or you can just talk to me and i wont say anything or i can send you funny shit, whatever you want as long as you promise me that you'll get better when you're ready
Yep I get high on my cigarettes
i hope you're joking but if not pls go talk to frank
How sore is a belly piercing? Do you recommend it? I get queasy at blood and have a low pain threshold lol
yeah, it's not particularly painful, just like an unpleasant dull feeling for a few seconds. there's hardly any blood. it's a little sore for a few days but nowhere near as much as a facial piercing
no one in that group is a virgin pmsl
yeah cos obviously you know their entire backstory???? it's twitter not This is Your Life
you just said you didn't know who they were. make up your mind.
no need to be rude, don't ask for my opinion if you dont want it lmao
i know some of the girls in the group, that doesnt mean i automatically know everything about it, what they stand for, what their morals are and what they had for breakfast
supergroupuk is a "gang" for the sluts of the fanbase
sluts? im pretty sure most, if not all of them are virgins lol
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I'm not lol I've never smoked weed I've only smoked cigarillos, hookah, copones, cigarettes and cigars
i hope you're not implying you use cigarettes to "get high"..........
I'll i did was watch tv get drunk and high, have you ever been high?
r u da police
bc if so
nope not ever
I kinda regret being lazy and not getting a summer job
all i've done this summer is go on xbox and get drunk so you're not the only one hahaha
I start school on the 25th of August I'm so bored I want to start school tomorrow
For real omfg I go back in September and I'm dreading it lol
Idk lol
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if i pinned you down on the ground so you couldn't move your arms or legs, how would you escape?
pepper spray or a rape alarm
What piercings do you have?
ummm left ear x4, right ear x2, both ears stretched to 14mm, nose, lip x2, my belly and i think thats it lol
im switching them up a bit in september though hha
How many times have you been in town?
Quite a few now haha, I haven't been in a few weeks bc I threw up everywhere last time lol
So indirectly they get you sex, if that's what you're after? Let's go
i dont sleep with people that i meet on the town hahahaha. but if thats what you want then go buy yourself a nice bra
So really your tits are small
they're not small lmao i'd say they're average. making them look bigger just gets you more facebook likes and free drinks so if that's what you're after, i'd say they're a good investment
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