anna @AnnaAbingdon
i was born flawless
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Who is excited for Sunday
I am hehe, getting new xbox games ayeeee
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good place to get iphone covers? x
amazon x
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
someone convince me to get my tongue pierced lmao im too pussy to do it
favourite music?
my chemical romance
while she sleeps
iggy azalea
lady gaga
britney spears
cast of lions
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What belly bars do you have and where are they from?:)
i only have the one I got it pierced with, and a hello kitty one from Claire's accessories (bit hypocritical but i dont recommend buying ANY body jewellery from claires aha).
i got it pierced in the winter and i cba wearing massive jingly bars when im not getting da belly out lmao
like= 5 likes?
this is so 2000 and laaaate dude
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Can you motivate me to revise for my gcses please
You must be pretty desperate if you're coming to me lol, I didn't revise at all for mine
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Ohh i wanted to see what you look like with blond hair :/
Haha it didn't go that blonde tbh, just a mucky ginger lol x
what is your hair condition like after using bleach? im doing the same to my black hair in a few weeks, but going green instead x
errm its not really that bad tbh aha just a little dry :) x
are you going to see tmb at dot to dot x
probably not bc im seeing them in leeds like 3 weeks before and im real busy in may so trecking to nottingham is like major cba lol
What annoys you the most?
everything annoys me lol
What hair colour do you think would suit pale skin and blue/grey eyes?:) I've got mousey brown hair and I want to dye it but I don't want it to make me look even paler than I am right now lol x
if you're really really pale then dont go for black/dark colours bc it will make you look even paler than you already are (unless that's the look you're going for haha)
if you've got warm-toned skin then anything with red or brown tones look best, and if you've got a pinky undertone, stick to ashy colours :) x
(to the last anon) I have thick hair just below me shoulders and it depends on the sort of dye, though I usually get 4 boxes (use 3 keep 1 for roots, there's usually buy one get one free etc)
I've never dyed my hair before and I'm dying it dark brown sometime this week, how many boxes of dye do you think I would need to buy for boob length hair that's pretty thick?x
2 at least, if it's properly thick id buy 3 just to be on safe side x
its a suicide secret and they know OF the secret they know im hiding something
if you feel like they should know then tell them, and if you dont want to, just feed them a bullshit story
im keeping a secret from my boyfriend and my best friend what if it splits us apart?
depends what the secrets about lmao, if ya dont tell no one then theyre not gonna find out are they? x
new hair selfie?
there should be one below this question lol
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Omg! You're gonna look bloody amazing with your whole head that colour ooooo, what's the blonde for tho?:Pxx
To bleach it, I can't put bright pink straight onto black-ish hair ahaha x
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yes yes yes i agree with anon! we need to see a photo!!
lmao fine lol this is the general gist of it (excuse my appearance lmao)
yes yes yes i agree with anon! we need to see a photo!!
bet you look flawless :-) x
aha thanks doll x
tonight tho? bare excited to see it x
ahaha maybe if ya lucky x
put up a pic now with just the fringe, then one with full head :-) x
got no makeup on hun, i will when i look less ratchet ahahaha x
a will later on doll, still debating on whether to dye it all this colour lol x
hows the hair goin
looks fuckin rad hahaha, think im gonna dye all my hair this colour
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