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if you're going to a party/house party, and you're wearing a tight dress are you meant to wear a bra or not? my friends are saying you shouldn't but surely it's okay to wear a bra with a tight dress?x
if it doesnt have a built-in cup then definitely wear one, otherwise they'll look saggy lol
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is it bad to post selfies a lot on instagram
nah lmao
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Do u think trey songz is hot?
who dat who dat
do you like miranda sings??
Of course #jussayin
Do you ever use that blah therapy website?
nah, i usually just talk to my friends or my brother if i've got shit on my mind haha
Does being eaten out feel good?
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i have had so many breakdowns if i think that i have to start school in 3 days and it's making me feel anxious :'((
the best thing you can do is not overthink it, dont plan or organize too much for it, just get the essentials together and have fun for the next 3 days. just throw yourself into it when the day comes, put yourself out there and talk to people because if you avoid it, going to school will be much more difficult for you when you HAVE to go x
does your stomach ever rumble like so loud in a silent classroom and its so fkin embarrassing i hate it
literally my life, i usually just cough to cover up the noise omg
i cant pick an instagram filter, b&w or amaro help
b&w fo sho
Your hands at the end of your ice bucket challenge omg AHAHA
how do i make a boy jealous/feel bad that hes not with me but without like shagging other boys haha
idk i usually just talk to all their friends and get stuck in with the kisses hhahaha
I am starting collage in a few weeks time, do you have any advice ?
spell the word *college correctly for a start lol
no but seriously just be yourself, dont be afraid to talk to people, pay attention in lessons, make sure your course is something you're really interested in and have fun x
i don't get it , if girls play videogames then why people always say that they are wannabe gamers or want to impress guys but what if some of the girls actually enjoy playing and have been playing from young age?
it doesnt bother me so much lol, more fool them when they get on an xbox with said love interest and they suck at stupid games like lego harry potter or something hahaha
as long as you can play games that are relevant, youre good
i'm really nervous to go to school ,like i'm changing schools and going to bigger one and in my old school the teachers weren't good and i'm afraid to be the dumb one ://
i've been the new kid before and honestly, as long as you put yourself out there and talk to people, you'll make friends super easily and your school years will go by in a breeze. and if you're still in secondary school, no one gives a shit about grades so you wont be known as "the dumb one" hehe x
Why do you ignore all my questions I just want help
i have 5 days worth of questions to answer because i was away at leeds festival last week and i've had literally no time to answer everything that was sent to me. i'm working my way through them, just be patient and i promise i'll get to your question x
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
Oo the police are coming over hashtag swaggin lol
Pls help, when I was drunk this guy told me he really liked me and I told him I liked him back - but I don't, I feel like a really horrible person, I just want to be his friend but now he keeps saying he wants more? I don't wanna tell him I just said it because I was pissed because it will hurt him
literally i've been in the same position as you not too long ago and i'm the worst person to ask when it comes to letting guys down gently sounds really awful but i usually just ignore them until they get the hint that im not interested haha
if i kiss with a guy does that mean we are like almost together?
depends lmao i kiss guys all the time and it's meaningless
but i mean if it's all tender and cutesy then i suppose so
i really want to do ombre to my hair but i feel like then i wont get my natural hair color back:/
if you're already thinking about how you're going to get rid of the ombre before you've even coloured it then that tells me you can't want it that badly :P use a semi-permanent dye if you're not sure
Do you wear a watch?
my ice bucket challenge - x
So who did you see at Leeds fest then?
thursday: the midnight beast
friday: the story so far, tonight alive, papa roach, a day to remember, you me at six, macklemore, blink-182
saturday: gerard way, crossfaith, mallory knox, enter shikari, vampire weekend, paramore
sunday: only saw die antwoord hahaha, hangover day x
i want to get a puppy really bad but my mom says that i'm not home enough and wont have time for him bc i'm going to change schools and will leave at 6 am and gome home 6 pm so he has to be alone all that time but do you think there's any ways to him be at home all that time?
ive had puppies before and if you're going to be out most of the day you'll have to get someone to take care of them. they're real animals that depend on you to look after them and you have to be prepared to take responsibility to do that for the next 10+ years, especially when they're pups
if you dont have much time to walk your pets, get an older dog that will sleep during the day
Did you go to the Gerard Way signing at Leeds fest?
nope :( i had queued already for 3 hours to be at the barrier for his set and i didnt want to miss it just to have a "hi and bye"
i'd rather wait for a UK tour and hope he does VIP so i have time to properly tell him everything i want to say haha
Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
very much so
what hairstyle fits me if i have oval face, gurly hair and quite big forehead?
oval shapes suit any style really, and if you want to draw attention away from your forehead, probably try something with a side parting, or a fringe xx