anna ab @AnnaAbingdon
anna ab @AnnaAbingdon
we gonna rock down to electric avenue
waddup shag
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Do you like Enter Shikari?
yesyesyesyes!! they slayed at leeds festival omg, im hoping to see them at download this summer x
what's your opinion on cannabis?
it's cringey and overrated
Opinion on justanotheramba
love that girl to bits man
Most hated tmbeasts
i dont really know any current tmbeasts apart from the main stans so im not sure hahahah, everyone that does something to be hated gets pushed out tbh
There is this huge music festival in another city quite far from me and i was planning to go there with three of my friends but my parents said that it's too far and if something happens they can't come how do i get them to change their minds? i'm 16 btw
try and explain that your friends will be there, maybe try and get their parents to talk to yours? 16 is still realistically quite young so try to be mature about it, nagging and throwing a paddy will only reinforce their belief in that you're too young and aren't responsible enough to handle situations if something happens
Getting turned on by reading your answers
we have the same problem
Why do you give so many blowjobs? Do you like the feeling? Does it taste good? Do you like it?
i just have a boyfriend lol, the two go hand in hand
How many blowjobs u given?
how the fuck am i supposed to know that lol
how rude of u
blocked & reported
Opinion on skyeab_
do i even need to say hahhahahahahh
Opinion on gemsmi32
mehhh idk lol
Best tmbeasts
Prettiest tmbeats
Most popular or famous tmbeasts
Would you ever get a piercing? Where?
"Would" you
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How fast do you fall asleep?
Like 5-10 minutes oops
In college the other day a girl in my class started touching my thigh, and after class I asked her what it was about and she just kissed me there and then, but I kinda liked it. Should I consider being a lesbian?
It's not something you "consider". You're either a lesbian or you aren't, you don't get to choose
I started giving my bf head the other day and he stopped me and told me to use my hand instead does that mean I was bad at it lmaoo? He'd not even given me a chance to get started im really confused cos I always thought blowjobs were what guys wanted the most
Ask him, not me haha
Everybody says that i'm dumb for letting my crush play games on my phone bc he's using me but atleast then we communicate more and sometimes he sits next to me and we start smalltalk but i think that we have gotten more along so maybe we wil be friends one day and so on
Of all the bad things he could do to you, using your phone is like bottom of the list haha..don't worry about it
Do you want me to get her to say sorry and tell everyone it was a lie? (-:
Nah haha, I've moved on from all that. Useless dragging it all up again
Don't be upset with her Ann, she only sent the fake screenshot to people as a joke (-:
I'm not hahaha, I got bored of this bullshit 3 years ago, it doesn't even affect me anymore lol
Hi, I know what the anon is talking about! Emma did say that you said that but as a joke. She made a fake screenshot as part of a private joke (-:
Thank you v much lol
but she posted a screenshot on our group chat
Hahahahahahah hahahahahahah hahahahahahah oh really? Let's see it then.
What would be your perfect date?
i like going for cute asf meals and for walks at night
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Who is your most attractive friend?
My little one
Who is your most attractive friend?