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anna ab @AnnaAbingdon
we gonna rock down to electric avenue
Make a gift
waddup shag
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why did you delete :( :(
ask is boring and no one uses it anymore
single or taken ?
idk whether im keeping it open yet aha but thanks
today i went to boys bathroom by acident cuz i'm in a new school and went the wrong way and my classmate was there and bc i'm awkward as fuck i stood there thinking thru where i was or quite some seconds and i'm afraid he will tell everyone and it's so emparassing :'(
unless you're in primary school, i really cannot see why spending mere seconds in the boys toilets is even an issue or embarrassing
Get naked with me
i dont want to and my boyfriend would punch u lol
How long did you have to wait after your navel piercing to be able to wear high waisted things eg jeans again?
just whenever it stopped being sore so probably about 2 weeks, just make sure it's comfortable and the bar isnt being pulled or pushed into awkward positions
halloween ideas for girls? wanna look hot but not too slutty ygm?
i'd say be a vampire or a cat or something lol
Tomorrow i will go to this really big party but i'm afraid to get drunk cause i have seen alot drunk people doing dumb shit and regretting later
that's the beauty of alcohol lol, just take it steady if you dont wanna get mortal lol
What's something you can do when you're over 16 but can't do when over 18 ?
do you mean when you're under 18? :L
but ya can get a scratch card, buy a lawn mower, enter lottery, have ya first legal shag etc
why whitey?
it sticks with you when you throw up everywhere and pass out in the smoking area of a pub in front of all your acquaintances lmao
Do you have any nicknames?
anna ab and whitey are the only nicknames ive ever aquired lol
i really wanna pick up a baddass sport or hobbie can you suggest?
i dont know of any hobbies or sports that are considered "bad-ass" lol
And what did you reply to that with ?
i cant remember hahaha it was like 6/7 years ago
Have you ever had someon ask you, "why are you so quiet"
yeah, when i first started secondary school
Where did you get your lacey collared top from? x (4th picture on insta)
primark, about a month ago :)
i'm so pissed with my bff, she moved in the beginning of september and i've know her for 10 years and now when i call her she discusses her problems or end the calls and be like oh so i arrived home or my someone called me i have to go byyee and even when i say wait she will still be like noo byee
you need to give her some space, if she's moved to a new place making new friends there will be her main priority. just tell her you would like her to keep in contact and make time for each other but you have to respect the fact that she cant and wont be on the phone with you 24/7
i have really long eyelashes and when i but make up on at the morning they look fine but after some lessons the mascara smudges under my eyes.I have even tried to not to but mascara on my lower lashes but it doesn't help and i don't have time to fix my make up at school.
use waterproof mascara and try not to put too much makeup under your eyes that the mascara could stick to
im at a new school and theres a party this weekend, and some girls have invited me to get ready at their house, but im kind of shy and stuff and im scared i wont fit in and they'll think im boring haha do i stop my awkwardness help
just go. trust me, feeling shy is shitty i know, but feeling left out is much worse
see it as a chance to make friends, contribute to the conversation whenever possible even if you dont give a shit about the conversation topic. talk and maybe get some pre-drinks flowing, it's bound to be awkward at first but once things pick up you'll wonder why you ever worried. i've been the new kid before and believe me, just talking about any random bullshit is better than saying nothing at all
whats your favorite color?
black :)
What is a good porn website
What is the best commercial you’ve ever seen?
i went to the clinic earlier and the nurse guessed my profession straightaway, it was so fucking weird like how the fuck do doctors just know eVerYTHIGN
Fabulous Anna ab how are you ? x
better than ive been in a while :D you? x
i'm going to this party where most of my classmates will be but the thing is i'm the only new one and i'm bit scared bc i find it really difficut to talk to new people ://
if it's like an alcohol party im sure you won't find it too hard to fit in once you've had a drink :P but if not, i know it's hard but you need to just suck it up, put yourself out there and talk to people. ive been in your position where im the new kid and i can honestly say you won't fit in until you get your voice heard. if you're just constantly waiting for people to approach you, they probably never will haha x
have you ever just met someone and been like omg i love you, cos the other day i met this guy for the first time and i literally felt the biggest connection ever it was so odd
lol yeah that's called attraction :P
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