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i'm going to this party where most of my classmates will be but the thing is i'm the only new one and i'm bit scared bc i find it really difficut to talk to new people ://
if it's like an alcohol party im sure you won't find it too hard to fit in once you've had a drink :P but if not, i know it's hard but you need to just suck it up, put yourself out there and talk to people. ive been in your position where im the new kid and i can honestly say you won't fit in until you get your voice heard. if you're just constantly waiting for people to approach you, they probably never will haha x
have you ever just met someone and been like omg i love you, cos the other day i met this guy for the first time and i literally felt the biggest connection ever it was so odd
lol yeah that's called attraction :P
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yeah i just read what i wrote back and realised i have no right to be angry about him doing stuff with someone else lol i was just really pissed off at the time ahah
dont worry about it haha i understand why you'd be annoyed x
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two of my friends slept with my boyfriend whilst we were still together and i'll be seeing all three of them at a party next weekend - what do I do? :(
you're not still with this boyfriend are you?? if not, just avoid them completely and if they start shit, just slap the cunts
thats what i would do anyway hahah
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ew fuck no they'd get done for paedophilia like
she said he cheated on you because he found out you slept with another guy...
fml tho
everyone knows my opinion on her, ya really think out of all people, id go to her telling her all this? :L
i stayed faithful, it was only after we split up that i slept with others
but skye said you told her he cheated on you?
im literally praying for you if you actually believe a word that comes out of that girls mouth lmao
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and you're mine sassy ab ;-)
ly <3
Anna you are so gorgeous!xx
awww thanks doll xx
There's this guy who I have been kind of on and off with for a while and he told me he really likes me but then he went to a party and did stuff with another girl and started talking to her. Shall I call him out on it? Or does it sound like its none of my business cos that's how I think he'll feel
if you're not properly together then i suppose there's nothing stopping him, but if it's really hurting your feelings then just tell him, dont shout at him because of it bc you might make him angry or scare him off lol
bitch she could pull me and i aint even into chicks
you're my role model omf HAHAHAAH
Did casey really cheat on you?
not that i know of hahaha, i doubt it cos he definitely wasnt the type
you cant pull. and that casey guy cheated on you.
couldnt give a fuck since i dumped him about 6 months ago hahahaha, and you've obviously never seen me on a night out if you assume i cant pull lmao
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you push youre tits together in selfies pmsl your flatchested really
push-up bras......the desired effect is to push up your tits you thick cunt
i can still pull regardless so am not bothered really if you think im flat chested pmslllllll::))))((((@:
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you still are my queen <3
woo proudly wearing my #vogue crown yh
you still are my queen <3
omfg you were like my queen in 2012 and ive just stumbled onto ur account and can i just say ty for leading me through my tmb years
omg ily hahahah
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idk im not a slag or anything but girls sometimes give me cats eyes if i wear shorts or something haha
who gives a fuck what they think? :P dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and dont dress to suit other people, you're there to have a good time hehe
opinion on katy perry
she's ok i guess hahaaaha
is it slaggy to wear shorts and tights to a party at this time of year? x
i went out on the town last night wearing a too-small dress and no tights lmao. wear whatever makes you feel the best x
fave lana songs?
body electric, dark paradise, cruel world, ride, born to die x
Got mine done yesterday and it wasn't too bad getting it done but it's really stingy right now? Is that normal
yeah its normal haha, you gotta expect some discomfort when you're shoving metal bars in your body :P as long as you keep it clean and don't fiddle with it too much, dont put any moisturisers/creams etc round it and it'll go in about a week :)
How sore is a belly piercing on scale of 1 -10?
like a 3/10 to get it done and the healing is like 3.5/10. surprisingly it's one of the most conventional piercings but it's the only one i've ever had problems with lol
You've taken your piercings out?
only temporary - i cant have facial piercings for my college course so when im going there, i dont wear them. i still wear them at weekends and when im home haha x
no, I'm a fan of enter shikari but I'll admit that their set at Leeds was awful.
well okay lol, i thought it was one of the best ones i saw but ok ok prayin 4 u
I'm a 14 year old girl and have a 15 year old brother. He always annoys me and hits me in the boob. Last time he did it my mom said she is fed up with it so she is letting me choose his punishment. I can choose to take his phone away for a week or punch him in the balls once. Which should I choose?
if he's 15 i wouldnt put your hands anywhere near his genitals cos a breath of air could get his downstairs worked up at that age lmao, take the phone