Anna Batchelor @AnnaBatchelor
don't insult people to me, i won't post it
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Can the anon twat not? Its abnormal. She clearly warned you she'd block you so don't act surprised & innocent. Fuck off her ask. Or grow a pair & come off anon? Stop being so pathetic :D  Jacky'
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Anna Batchelor is amazing:') miss you sweetie :*  Jacky'
Miss youuu xx
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do you ever wear dresses
you are so beautiful
I cant wait till you give your first footjob
do you want me prove that me,, whose asking the feet questions,, is friends with you
I don't give a shit am blockin u
do you wwant me prove were friends
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all I wanna no is If you have nice feet,, how am I gonna jerk off over that answer ?
Carry on n I'll block u
I don't get why you don't like foot questions,, its not like I can jerk off over the answers
You'd b surprised
ive seen your feet before anna I don't no what your moaning about
Whys it so hard to understand that I simply don't want foot questions
can you please just answer that then ill stop,, tis all I wanna no
do you have nice feet then ?
Fuck off with the foot questions or I'll block u
do you have mingin feet or summert ?
No I just don't want them gettin feffed up ffs it's not hard to understand
why wouldn't you ? I seriously wanna no why cause I don't wanna ask my girl if she'll think im a freak
Doesn't interest me
would you do it if it was a guy you were comfortable with ?
what do you thnks weird about it ? can you honestly tell me cause I wanna ask my girl if she'll do it but if you think its weird then she might too
I just don't want to do it.
why wouldn't you want to put your feet in someones face ?
Cause it's weird!!
fetishes ? what do you think soles are at all ?
The bottom of your foot
whats wrong with that question though ? do you even no what soles are ?
I'm not retarded. I don't want to b involved in weird fetishes
why have you blocked that last thing ?
Cause I don't want weirdos asking me weird questions
i would love to have your bare soles all in my face
do you like cumming
Hey:)) Can you like my 6 answers???:*Thank you♥♥♥♥ LOVE YOU♥♥♥♥  Angelique Meunier♫ DJ HB
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whats wrong with having a fetish
Don't involve me
how old was you when you lost your v
Non of ya business