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What sound drives you crazy?
When people chew or breathe loudly
What was the last time you were angry? What happened?
I don't remember because i don't get mad easily..
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what are you interested in ???
Books, tea & biology
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you don't talk to guys because your engaged ???
The relationship between unrelated men & women is a taboo. & no i'm not engaged :|
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What made you happy today?
A phone call from my dad
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Do you already have app for iPhone?
Yes, & it sucks
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ana m7md
I don't talk to guys bye
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can i have ur number?
Who is this?
7beebee :( ♥♥ inshalla kolha km youm w ashofk ♡
nshallah 7bbty ❤
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wallh mra I miss u :(
I miss you too :( i'm wearing my red dress rn & it smells like you :( ❤
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iloveyou ♥
I love you wayy more baby girl
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Wht skl
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really u dont talk to guys anymore ;p what a surprise ( and by the way is this a April joke? )
No, it's no joke :s i don't get why you're stalking me, we were never friends!
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w rbbe tjanininininininiininininininininiiinninini wallllaaaaaaa ;'(
Thank you so much <3 do i know you?
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at3ab o ana agool jameela jameela o allah yzeedek jammal bs mafe jamal ba3ad jamaallk ;( <3<3<3
Omg thank youuu :o
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Da mot5lf sebeeeh :)
Mn jd mr'9
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adri 3lay sh67at x.x anyways keef el holiday m3aki?
I don't talk to guys anymore.
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lol yeah, u sound pissed ?
No i'm not pissed, bs this is unexpected
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u always ask & get it right when i give u a clue :d
That dude with the thing about feet!
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Y u no answer kik? ;(
& you are?
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Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
My dad
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Esh 7yjebulkom ahlkom be monasabat al njaa7 =)) ??
Probably a hand watch
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What is your relationship status?
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Km ttwg3e nsbtk ?
Hopefully 95% :c
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What size are your feet ? :p
That's not cool dude, why can't you just stop already?
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