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Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
San Francisco
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
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What do you do when you're bored?! First day of break.. So bored and unmotivated!
Watch tv shows and movies LOL
What do you like about your boyfriend?
I hope she likes my bank account
What do you like about your boyfriend?
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Why are people judging you so much lol. They should look in the mirror before they hide behind a computer screen and judge you for what you like to do.
was the act harder? did you take sat?
the second part of the act math was difficult and the science wasn't that easy either, plus add on the fact that you've been testing for three hours by then and are tired of everything
for me personally the reading and writing for the act was really easy
the sat math is really easy and critical reading is a bitch
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-- didn't do so well in their tests feel like shit. In general, I just was never for people tweeting anything about their scores, regardless if it's good or bad. I don't mean to offend you in anyway either n I hope I don't come off that way
well i am not offended rather annoyed that i can not express my excitement on my personal twitter without getting shit for it in fact i get shit for everything i say or do or what people assume i do okay
so sorry if i sound very defensive because i am literally fed up with the shit i get
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you said you don't like when people brag about their scores but you're already being kind of hypocritical when you tweet things like "so happy with my act score!!" Or "so happy w my sat score!!" You've done this for I think all the score results you've gotten. No offense. But it makes people who--
saying i am happy with my score does not mean anything other than i am happy with it???
i know people who are like ugh i got a 2200 i'm so unhappy i need to try again and others who are like wow i got a 1600 and i am fine with that.
I am not bragging about my scores. I am not showing them off as I am not telling anyone anything about them other than the fact that i am happy and satisfied with it?
I am just expressing that I myself have surpassed a goal I have set for myself and am happy about it. Your goals may be different from mine and you may be unhappy with your scores but that has nothing to do with me?????
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What did you get on the sat?
i have never publicly posted my scores despite how proud i am of them because ive always found it annoying when people brag about their scores so im not about to be a hypocrite but if you ask me privately i will tell you
At Lowell, is it mandatory for all graduating seniors to apply to colleges?
no its your life
How do you do your hair its so pretty aahhhhhhhh
Usually I do nothing to my hair aside from straighten and recurl my bangs and the pieces around my face. If I have time I'll recurl pieces that aren't so defined with a flat iron or curling wand
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does sephora give free makeovers to people for senior portraits or prom?
i dont see why i mean they aren't professional makeup artists and you have to purchase a minimum of $50 to get a makeover. Most of them are just girls who like makeup but they are in no way professionals.
omg love your hair so much
thank you!!!
does anyone ever tell you that your makeup looks cakey af in person
Does anyone ever tell you that you're a pussy ass bully who needs to get your nose out of other people's business and evaluate your own life choices rather than others???
Did you ever get your eyebrows professionally done?
how do you do your eye makeup?
I have a variety of ways and it depends on my mood or time I have that morning
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why is your boyfriend answering for you. stand up for yourself
Uh I did answer those initially and he reanswered them please try not to sound like a dumbass and make sure you're right before making accusations thanks!
asian bitches luv white cock ;)  pete
Man if you don't get your silly ass, bald headed, creepy face, weird ass out my girls ask
You look like you live with your mom fuck ass nigga
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kik username
I'll fucking kick you
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Kisses you repeatedly  Naruto Uzumaki
How about I fucking punch you repeatedly fucking creep quit talking to my girl weak ass anime character
I like your natural hair!!
Thank you!!
What phone do you currently have right now and when are you going to upgrade? :D
4s!! And like March is when my contract ends
You should try a new hairstyle.
What's wrong with being natural???? Geez why are you ppl never satisfied with what I do let me do things that make me confident and not destroy the health of my body parts!!!
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I'm not white  Naruto Uzumaki
I have a boyfriend
Post a pic of your hair?
Post a pic of your hair?
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I like you  Naruto Uzumaki
you make me uncomfortable
find another guy to perv on. not interested. :/  pete
as if i would ever be interested in balding creepy 2/10 white guys who are full of themselves ??