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can you and vu make a video on youtube on how to keep a relationship stable? i need advice :/
i mean i don't think there's anything out of the ordinary or special we do
we just follow idk the basic guidelines for relationships that are pretty much self explanatory and just play our part
Like in my opinion i don't think relationships should have to be constantly modified or having to "work things out"
I think when you find a good relationship everything will flow naturally and fall into place and you don't need to worry or think to much , relationships are supposed to make you happier and at ease and be fun not stress you out
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why he drop out? and does your parents know cause if my bf droped out they wouldnt even let us date
bruh i was being sarcastic
is vu still going to school?
no of course not he dropped out of high school during his junior year
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can't go to dances because of the cut list n probably won't get into college right??
no?? LOL wtf fuck off you must not even be in high school if you don't even know what a fucking cut list is
whats a cut list
when you have over 5 unexcused absences AND some teacher reports you then you get your name on the dean's cut list outside his office and you can't go to school functions and stuff L O L
have you ever even been to a high school dance because ive nevr seen pics of you at a dance
1) always been on the cut list sophomore year
2) bf doesn't want me to go
3) when I got asked to two different wbs freshman year my dad didn't let me go LOL
4) no money or date for prom, a lot of my friends decided to go to senior prom and skip this years
so you just wanted to go to take pretty pictures?wtf. isn't that a little narcissistic LOL
No? What's wrong with wanting to dress up, feel good about yourself and take nice photos with friends for memory sake? My gosh I can't say anything these days without someone saying something about it.
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do you have any prom pix
i didn't go :(
sorta regret it just because i wanted to dress up and look pretty and take cute pics tbh
everyone looked soooo good
Do you like Ailee?
I do
i heard hanren chan died and she was from lowell did u know her
No I did not know her unfortunately
do you know anybody from san jose
my mom's side of the family lives there
Did you delete your fb?
currently is deactivated yes
omfg. I love autums concerto and summers desire. Autums concerto just has such a great story like !
summer's desire is my current fave right now everyones so attractive and wtf she's so lucky shes gorgeous talented and the two guys after her are perfect but can be too obsessive at times but still omfggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
What grade are u in?
why did you deactivate?
i got annoyed with certain anons and decided to take a break
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Drama recomendations?
omg girl listen i have watched a bajillion asian dramas in my life and i've loved about 90% of them i suppose but just some i've watched recently and loving..
Emergency Couple (almost complete! I think there is 1 week left...)
Cunning Single Lady (2 weeks left until completed)
Summer's Desire (totally addicting)
Autumn's Concerto (totally cliche but you gotta love it)
Hana Yori Dango (there are 2 seasons + a movie, my favorite version of the Boys over Flowers for sure over the Korean and Taiwanese)
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Have you every befriended a person you judged negatively before getting to know them?  Lowell Anon
Yes LOL cough Polly but i love her with all my heart now HAHA
I'm sorry!! Well I'm back now! ❤️
Who are you?
Who am I? WHO AM I? I am the guardian of lost souls! I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible...Mushu
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I have really thick and wavy hair and I just wanna say thank you and that you have inspired me to love my hair <3
yay! im so glad! our hair type has its cons but it definitely has its pros too :)
about the abs question: (answering other anon's questions) i'm pretty sure body fat% is more important than exercise. source: internet
what did you do in drama tech in middle school? is it like the tech class at lowell?
the backstage stuff for the plays the drama department put on! like making (sewing+putting together) costumes, props, painting the backdrops doing the lights and sounds etc
How do I get abs? I have like a flat tummy but I've been doing 100 curl ups everyday for like a month and I don't see any results
try doing different/more exercises and sit ups instead.. also add things like crunches or planks etc
and you gotta do more everyday like if you're doing 100 sit ups one day the next day do 105
hey ur back! i miss u so much baby girl.
missed you tooo