have you tried the colourpop highlighters? they're pretty cheap but idk if they're good like the becca and anastias ones

The formula is weird to me LOl

The highlighter?

Found it!!

Do you ever tell your mom to dye her hair a different color? It's very orange


Do you follow Grace Tran on instagram and what do you think of her do you think she's pretty?

I don't and idk her

did Vu have experience working in a restaurant before he started at his current workplace?


Where do you work


where are you working this summer

Where I've been working

Does Vu work? If so, where?

Some "Japanese" restaurant

Post the Anastasia highlighter ?

Ok so I couldn't find it this mornin and I was in a rush lol I'll try tomorrow

all three pls?

I'm not home yet relax

Is it better to have a lighter foundation or a darker foundation?

I rather be lighter cause once you add contour blush bronzer etc it doesn't look that bad it just looks like you over highlighted

can u pap of ur Kate spade bag? and also the name of the style? thanks!

Which one I have three

My friend has recently begun wearing makeup and.. Tbh its not that great? I mean unblended gold eyeshadow, clumpy mascara, wrong foundation color and not even at least blended all over her face, really dry lipstick. I really don't mean to be judgmental. It's just that idk if I should say something

Gently let her know lol
Like don't be harsh about it be more like "hey have you heard about (insert lipstick, mascara etc) I love them and I think it would look or work so good on you!!"

"OMG did you get tanner? Your foundation looks a little light today" (or vise versa) etc

what is are some reasons why a girl will block people on snapchat

Creepy people
Dick pics
Generally don't like you

How do you think of it? 1-10? Do you like it more than the 4 pcs one?

I like it! It's my only true gold highlighter! I think it's really nice for the price too. I don't have anything bad to say TBH it's a solid highlighter haha it's pigmented, looks nice, goes on smoothly. It's a 8 or 9! Quality is same as the glow kits so it's all about preference to the colors I suppose.

Do you have any Anastia one piece illuminator? If so which one? How do you think of it? can you post a picture wearing it?

So hollywood! And ok ill wear it tomorrow so ask me tomorrow

Do you know how to swim

I used to be on a swim team maaaaannn

Pap of your bra drawer?

Not avaliable

Is she taller or you?

No she's like three inches shorter lmao

Pap of you and your sister?

Band size?

32 I'm a thin person

How do you convince yourself not to buy makeup? It's so hard!!

Every time I want to I look at my massive collection and decide hey is this worth four hours of MY SUCKY work IS IT REALLY

Do you have self control when it comes to buying makeup?

Before no lately yes

Do you get mad if your bf likes or favorites another girls pic?

TBH it depends on my mood or generally who or what the pic is LMAO and not that I get mad tho it's more like annoyed

Is it awkward to like.. Buy it though? I've never bought.. 😭

No one cares!!! Just do it!!!! Or go to a clinic or school nurse hahaha


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