Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
San Francisco
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
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any tips for makeup beginners?
Practice practice practice watch lots of YouTube tutorials and don't wear cheap shit!! Also remove your makeup completely before bed and wash your tools.
Thank you so much<3 I love how you do your makeup
could you name all the lippies you posted on Twitter please?
Nars satin lip pencil rikugien
Two faced spice spice baby
Sephora maniac
Loreal sugar plum
Nars dolce vita
Mac twig
Sugar lip treatment petal tinted
Wow. Lol. I dont even think its the 4s camera. Its just you who is hella pretty. I think id break my iphone 6. Hahaha.
I dropped my iPhone taking a picture of her one time so I had to buy a new iPhone
kik username
Ouhvuu kik me please i want you to
Wow. Your most recent ig pic. What kinda camera? Is it your senior photos?
My iPhone 4s LOL and no
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Omg. You are so pretty im so jealous it hurts
Aw thank you!!
wow ok u dont have to be so rude about it "bro", i was just asking
Damn bro all these stupid ass questions yall act like you can't google that "bro *wheeze* how do you do this on amazon *wheeze*" like u for real or what
When is your grad night and are you planning to go?
No idea and yeah!
So, i accidentally made 2 purchases on amazon instead of one, if i cancelled the second one, i'll still get my money back, right? Cause i dont wanna get charged twice
Bro does she look like her name is
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do you sometimes have your hair down and straight or you have your hair up and tie it up?
Uh I barely straighten my hair lol
what's your favorite city?
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Do you ever put your hair up in a bun whenever youre feeling lazy?
Yeah lol usually in a braid when I'm lazy though
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post a pic of your outfit?
I'm wearing pajamas
post a pic of your closet
post a pic of your closet
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do you wear long coats?
To Vu: are you for certain going to UT? or are you going to try for a UC
UT then transfer but really I'm gonna see what's in store for me
You are like sf's sweetheart. Everyone loves you girl! So pretty!
Haha not everyone!
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what's your stance on leggings? do you think they're too provocative? i know you wear em a lot but still would like to know what you would say to the haters
Leggings are pants
Leggings are comfy and cute
People who think they are too provocative can go back to the 1800s
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Are your parents strict on you?
They used to be then I started being very rebellious so they have toned it down but they r pretty overprotective
post a selfie?
post a selfie?
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do you ever get wrinkles/dry parts from your foundation from smiling or making a facial expression? (sorry if it makes no sense) i use loreal's true match and it always happens to me so im not sure if it's just drugstore makeup or me
Sometimes it does crease but I'll just take my finger and rub it LOL
post a pic of your hair?
post a pic of your hair?
can you post a pic of the dresses you own?
can you post a pic of the dresses you own?
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how many dresses you own?
Bro she owns a lot next question
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