If you could only use three makeup items, what would they be? Tough, lol..

Foundation, eyebrow stuff, contour

how much max would you think is the budget for a college student to spend per month on non-necessities like clothes or beauty products?

If you have a job... No limit lol if you can afford it you can afford it but before I had a job my parents have me $500 a semester for general spending money which is basically $100 a month. Spent it all on food makeup and uber lol

how tall r u


And what's worse is the kids (it's a second grade class) have caught on OR he said something suspicious Bc they are teasing us a lot about it ESP at their recess.. Lol He seems like too ... reserved/respectful to make a move and I have no idea how to get closer to him

Ask him for his number or something and start texting!! Ask if he wants to grab a bite after work or something LOL I don't know!!! Take initiative if he won't

Is it weird I like to wear girls panties if I'm a guy?

No comment dude

Did you apply for a job when you're 18? I feel like I'm the only 17 year old that doesn't have a job while people my age have been working lol..

Yeah I applied for jobs the same month I turned 18. It's chill dude who TF cares if you have a job or not lol if you need one get one if you feel unproductive and want to do something with your time do it. If you don't want one don't get one!!

The one where youre in the bathroom wearing the same ootd

your recent eye makeup picture is so pretty!! what did you use?

I used the tarlette in the bloom palette for the crease & outer V (last 3 shades on the bottom row) & I used the Lorac unzipped palette for the lid shade (unreal)

whered you get your outfit from in your new twitter avi? sooo cute (:

Top + jacket: Charlotte Russe! Might get a black one too!

Bottom: f21

Where'd you get your bikini (from the most recent bikini pic)

Bottoms from target, top from some Chinese seller hahaha


Is it crazy to be intimidated by/scared of having sex I guess? For some reason it feels like it'll be painful or idk. Awkward? Idk.. Or maybe with the right person ot shouldn't feel like this

It is totally fine and most people, girls especially feel really awkward and scared by sex especially for the first time. It's totally normal and I say wait for the right person who makes it feel really special and right. Don't do anything you are not comfortable or sure about.

Can you post your snap story selfie on here


Are you close to your BFs parents and siblings? And is he close to yours? Idk at what point and age that should happen in my relationship, so awkward w his brother lol

He's close to mine but I'm not to his lol mostly cause I can't speak Viet && I never go to Texas

What if I've worn a decent of makeup for years but no one can tell or says anything about it.. Lmao ..

If no one can tell you are good dude the goal is to look not cakey

is it wrong and selfish to go on a date with a guy you've been on the fence about and rejected 3-4 times just because you're lonely and think it'd be nice to give him a chance? i made a pros and cons list about whether or not i should go for it and i have a lot of shallow cons :(

If you go make sure you're really considering him or else you're just wasting his and your own time and giving him false hope

ill stalk your boyfriend's twitter & instagram but not because i like him but to see more pics of you because you're so pretty HAHAHHA


how does one have a thong fetish or a fetish in general

How should I know

Is it weird to have a thong fetish

No comment

Have you ever thought of being like model for a company or brand?

No I haven't :3

stores to hit up in California for cute clothes?

What lol are you not from here

Is the mission popular for catcalling or something?? Like I would hear girls who always say they constantly get catcalled over there ...

Let's just say I walk down the street in the mission and I get hit on 2 times per block

How often do you get catcalled & do you just ignore them or flip them off LOL. Also are you usually alone when you're being catcalled?

TBH fairly often lol but it really depends where I am what I look like that day etc. I'm either alone or with girl friends lol

What do you recommend for contour?

KVD shade and light

What do you use for contour and highlight?

I use many different things depending on the day


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