Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
San Francisco
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
Make a gift
ask away cause im deactivating soon
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colleges youre appkying to? :P
as of now
sf state
university of sf
mount st mary
concordia irvine
pacific union college
{maybe} pepperdine and university southern california
Do you keep up with current events?
do you wear a retainer? Your teeth are getting crooked
Yeah I do and no they're not
Do you live in the sunset
Are you into Got7?
how can i not when jackson and mark
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favorite place to buy jeans?
levis or pacsun
How do I choose the right foundation color for my skin? Any advices?
you can get someone to do it for you at sephora
or just try on a bunch of samples LOL, put multiple streaks on your jaw and see if what works
after you get your shade in like 2-3 diff foundations you can go on a website online and it'll tell you your shade in A BUNCH of other foundations based on those
Bra size.?
i dont know.................
how many laps do you need to run for an a
5 haha
why did you get a B in PE
cause i kept running 4 laps on monday rundays blame kovasic lol her grades were 100% based on how many you ran even tho they are supposed to be worth 10%
Favorite cleanser , moisturizer or any skin care products you use or like ?
shrug they all alright but i recommend cetaphil for moisturize for everyone
what was your lowest gpa in middle school
for the grading period.. i got two 3.83's in 6th grade cause I got a B in PE
for semesters.. never got lower than a 4.0
each time new your girl got a bikini pic he saves it like a thirsty nigger
i barely have any bikini pics out there tho.........................................
what do u know about 'fat friday'
im friends with a few of the members (?) haha
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haha you cared enough to respond fatty ugly buttocks
i am somewhat obligated to answer things that run into my ask...r u stupid...
haha because u dont have the money for it and i do
ok but im not the one who has to pathetically find satisfaction through anonymously bragging in other people's asks like i dont even care good for you
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Haha i live in a mansion and u dont fatty ugly buttocks
haha u spend alot of money and labor on gas, electricity, and house maintenance and i don't
that one kid in your class called ernie stalks u. vu should beat him up
Ernie the fuck you doing cuh
that one kid in your class called ernie stalks u. vu should beat him up
Can u make a whole face makeup turorial on YouTube please?
i am not comfortable with being 100% makeupless in public!! :<
I hate my lashes it never holds the curl for any mascara and it always just stays straight no matter what
that sucks :(
When do you feel the most comfortable?
in my bed
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If you and Vu were to break up for over a year and it was his birthday would u say hb to him
We're not breaking up not now not ever
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I want to be your friend but im so pitiful it hurts OTL
why are you pitiful
Do you think vu is the one?
if i didn't see a future with him why would i be in a ldr it would be a waste of time
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what do you mean people were stalking you on facebook? creepy messages and stuff?
there were some guys who i shall not name who i found out regularly stalk me and i wasnt even friends with them so they'd go on their friends/siblings acc to do so