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Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
San Francisco
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
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does sephora give free makeovers to people for senior portraits or prom?
i dont see why i mean they aren't professional makeup artists and you have to purchase a minimum of $50 to get a makeover. Most of them are just girls who like makeup but they are in no way professionals.
omg love your hair so much
thank you!!!
does anyone ever tell you that your makeup looks cakey af in person
Does anyone ever tell you that you're a pussy ass bully who needs to get your nose out of other people's business and evaluate your own life choices rather than others???
Did you ever get your eyebrows professionally done?
how do you do your eye makeup?
I have a variety of ways and it depends on my mood or time I have that morning
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why is your boyfriend answering for you. stand up for yourself
Uh I did answer those initially and he reanswered them please try not to sound like a dumbass and make sure you're right before making accusations thanks!
asian bitches luv white cock ;)  pete
Man if you don't get your silly ass, bald headed, creepy face, weird ass out my girls ask
You look like you live with your mom fuck ass nigga
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kik username
I'll fucking kick you
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Kisses you repeatedly  Sasuke Uchiha
How about I fucking punch you repeatedly fucking creep quit talking to my girl weak ass anime character
I like your natural hair!!
Thank you!!
What phone do you currently have right now and when are you going to upgrade? :D
4s!! And like March is when my contract ends
You should try a new hairstyle.
What's wrong with being natural???? Geez why are you ppl never satisfied with what I do let me do things that make me confident and not destroy the health of my body parts!!!
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I'm not white  Sasuke Uchiha
I have a boyfriend
Post a pic of your hair?
Post a pic of your hair?
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I like you  Sasuke Uchiha
you make me uncomfortable
find another guy to perv on. not interested. :/  pete
as if i would ever be interested in balding creepy 2/10 white guys who are full of themselves ??
sorry but i don't send nudes out to strangers :/  pete
who the fuck are you you fucking creep get over yourself
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Favorite ice cream flavor?
birthday cake and mudpie!
Is it okay to fail once in a while?
of course how else would you learn and strive to do better
does sephora give free makeovers
they give demos
Tips to get volume hair? Without reading or heat?
uh you have to use heat and tease to get the best amount of volume
they do have root lifting powders/moose though so you can try that
how would you rate ur stress at lowell 10 being the highest
it fluctuates a lot
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it it okay for guys not to shave (legs, beard, arms, junk, etc.)
Why should I care what you do with your body hair LOL
How do you deal with stress?
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For the bra, does the cup size or band counts for a bigger bra size? Can you explain?
Both matter!! But I would say the cup size counts more? The band size is the measure under your bust so obviously if you have a larger band size your chest is wider and larger than someone with a smaller band size. However cup size is the difference between the band size and the measure of the fullest part of your bust. So it kinda measures how full your chest is LOL. But both matter! Like people talk about sister sizes like a person who is a 34A can sometimes wear 32Bs
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