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how did kai become your bias in exo?
Well first of all
Just look at him that man is the epitome is perfecto SO HANDSOME
And he just dances SO WELL like I can FEEL the passion and stuff wHen I watch him dance ugh I can never take my eyes off of him his movements are so IDK IM SPEECHLESS
And he just has so much sTAGE PRESENCE like on stage he's this confident person then off stage he's this sleepy cute and shy puppy
and he is such a freakin tease with his like smirks and hip movements and lip bites n stuff like stop it!!!!
And like he has a deep voice but not that deep just URGH
Then he's just so adorable and dorky like he likes chicken a lot and he's just so silly with his members
And he is tall too so UGH LOL
how did kai become your bias in exo?
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How do you lighten acne scars?
LOL idk I just kinda pray and cry
do u lose eyelashes when removing mascara? i always lose 1 on reach eye :(
Only sometimes! Be more gentle and use something else.
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
(Pic of Victoria Secret, sephora, and chipotle giftcards and kittens)
how do you take off your mascara/what do you use to take it off? waterproof is such an asshole :-(
I don't use waterproof :( but I think Maybelline has a good one it's like a small bottle with a pink cap. Lancôme has a good one too!! But wipes won't help you
oh its okay bae! i understand your insecurity but yOURE STILL REALLY PRETTY EVEN WITHOUT MAKEUP TBH AND YOURE SUPER SMART TOO
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What's your insta ?
Was sophmore year when you were cutting class? ur style in sophmore year was really cute LOL. your hair and your make up was so subtle and adorable Ahh I still I had ur face :)
Yeah LMAO thanks LOL my makeup was sorta the same as now except I didn't do my eyebrows until the end though
Is it awk that I like my English teacher?
In what context..
You're so nice thank you!!
It was just a really shitty time for me!! I was just really sad a lot and really unmotivated with everything really and I just felt really lost in life and unsure hopeless confused and down about the future :( and that got me in a whole big mess with school and my relationship with my parents and yeah just not a good time!!
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What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
second semester sophomore year
Whats the app that everyone uses to make cute cartoon of themselves ??
Lol no one reads my questions I literally answered this yesterday
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I know everyone's a bit self conscious, but you've got everything!! You're smart and pretty and you're socialable (popular) I think maybe more than half your IG followers may be people you don't know! And if people are being rude on ask, just know you've got the whole package!!
Aw thank you for your sweet words :( <3
do you have a lot of acne? cause i dont even see it
I still have visible scars from a previous and really bad breakout :( I'm still trying to lighten them up
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what had been your mood lately
teeth grittin eyetwitch holding back my tru feelins :D
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do you have a dream college?
Nope! But i guess that's better for me right? Expectation is the root of all heartbreak.
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i know you said you might just go to a CSU but are you going to apply to UCs anyway
yeah hahahaa
okay!!! but i might skip the foundation part cause im self conscious :/
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so college won't find a way to get ahold of your deleted accs? o-o
They're not that important to get companies to hand over information of applicants who deleted nor will they care enough to go through that much trouble LOL tf it's already hella effort to look them up and look at whose online and not private
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advice on taking ap classes?
First of all, take AP classes you sincerely want to take, don't take it cause you think it "looks good" or just for the heck of it. Don't take what you can't handle either.
Go to class and pay attention! Take lots of GOOD notes, do your assignments (for BS), study for your tests, and make sure you don't fall behind-ask when you need help.
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dun go
ur twitter?
why are you deactivating soon
Idk answering questions isn't all that fun anymore especially since I get the same questions over and over and sometimes people are really mean to me
And idk colleges may stalk me so haha
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