Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
San Francisco
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
Make a gift
Would your mother be proud?
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what was the essay topic for your SAT? btw youre really pretty!!!
something about telling the brutal truth or white lies so you don't hurt someone's feelings
vu daisy kai
Yeah I have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, and a husband
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R u single?
I am actually currently in three relationships if you must know
sigh i wish i could be pretty
everyone's perception of beauty is different, yours is just diffident from your outer appearance
are you going to take sat 2
What is your youtube account name?
R u really sending a nude?
Yeah like a nude middle finger
R u really sending a nude?
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Kik ?  Carlos Aparicio
Add me I'll send you a nude
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What makeup things do you use on a daily basis? (I.e. Concealer, eyeliner, etc)
Foundation eyebrow powder mascara
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do you wear eyeshadow to school & would other ppl judge
i dont cause im lazy and don't have time for that and no unless im sporting dark ass smoky eyes with sweats lol
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do you part your hair to the left or right?
my part is on the left and falls to the right
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you are really pretty! x :)
Thank you! :-)
what kind of mascara do you use
The Falsies by Maybelline x they're real by benefit
Are you currently playing any online games? i.e Maplestory
why does vu think you're a brunette then
Oh my god
what color do you think your hair is black or brown
its hella black lol
1 person likes this don't use tampons, Annalise :( im worried for you :((((
thanks for looking out for me but i've already known about that! That's why I don't sleep with a tampon in and I change it pretty often
How do I talk to the guy I like without getting awkward? Btw, he's a year older than me lol
Just be yourself!! Don't try to put up a fake image so a guy will like you! It might cause problems later in the relationship when you act more like yourself. Plus guys really don't care if they are older LOL all the guys i've talked to have been atleast a year older than I.
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did you take down your makeup tutorial on youtube? :( or did you never post one up im not sure
i did private it because i don't do my makeup like that anymore! I'll put it back on public when I upload a more current routine :)
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do you usually wear drugstore makeup or luxury brand makeup
drug store for liquid eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks
high end for anything
Do you know of any hairspray that doesn't smell absolutely horrible?
tres emme isn't too bad
annalise u look like ur trying to give vu CPR in that picture LOL. but it's cute
i was
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I thought you're not supposed to use your cell phone or electronics on the plane.... It affects the flight
I also didn't know wifi was $8 on Southwest Airlines.
I thought you're not supposed to use your cell phone or electronics on the plane.... It affects the flight
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Pap of your feet
Pap of your feet
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