Which shade of the ABH lipsticks would u get if you could get ur hands on it?

Pure Hollywood, dusty rose, Ashton, stripped, Kathryn

You have a nipple piercing? Omg how is it!? I've been debating for the longest time

What do you mean LOL how is it? It's great I guess

Do you have any eye makeup tips for uneven hooded Asian eye lids :(

Watch lots of tutorials and keep practicing!!!

Have you ever wore your retainers 24/7 like you're supposed to and if you don't will your teeth eventually start to move

Yeah that's what happened to me LOL I had to go back to the Ortho and get a new retainer

What do you think about the new ABH liquid lipsticks? do you have any?

I do not have any!!!

Which one do you like more or use more then for the Anastasia highlighter? :)

I use them both the same depending on my eye makeup

What stage in the relationship do you think you and Vu are in ?

Stable IDK

Which Anastasia highlighter do you have? The gray or pink box?

I have them all

cheap highlighter recommendation??

I don't own many cheap highlighters lol They aren't many good ones on the market

Do you know lovely.mimi_ on Instagram if you do what are your thoughts on her lol

Idk her

Like when girls say their boyfriends stay with them even though they're crazy

KINDA YEAH OK it's a stereotype

I thought you were gonna make YouTube vids


do you think hot girls are crazy

Crazy in what way

Would you recommend the dip brow pomade to people with sparse brows? I still have to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in some sparse areas after filling my brows in..

Yes it's the best for sparse brows if you use it right

Do you usually follow back on Twitter or add people back on Snapchat

Maybe it depends

where do you get your beauty blender?

Sephora or dermstore

Do you recommend expensive skin care? I've been researching for a while but I'm not sure if it will work or if it worth the price.

I don't have many expensive skin care items most of mine are from Korea and are decently priced! No more than $15 per product!

How do you like the Charlotte tilbury film star bronze and glow? Is it worth the price?

it's amazing!!!' Omg idk if it's worth the price but it's so nice if you want to treat yourself. The colors are so flattering and beautiful and it's overall just luxurious

how long did it take for you to get rid of your acne + how long did it take to dramatically reduce the scars?

Hard question to answer. Many months

do you think the mario bedescu drying lotion is bad to use on breakouts? why does vaseline work so well?

I've never used it. Basically drying out your skin can be really bad for you cause your skin thinks it's dehydrated and then produces MORE OIL!!! AND THEN MORE BREAK OUTS OCCUR.

Vaseline works because it creates a barrier between your wound and the environment and allows your skin to heal while not drying it out or anything

omg your acne scars look just like mine but mine are still active and ugly and bumpy :( i know youve probably repeated this several times, but do you think you can share how you got rid of your acne & then your scars again?

1) drink hella water
2) stay hella moisturized!!!
3) use sunscreen EVERYDAY IDC
4) use products catered to your skin type, the more natural the better too!!
5) make sure ALL of your makeup is off before you sleep. I use makeup wipes, cleansing water, AND wash my face every night.
6) instead of using those acne creams on breakouts you pop (AND DONT POP THEM IF YOU CAN) out Vaseline on it TRUST ME
7) clean makeup brushes and hands before applying makeup

did they give you anything to put on the piercing? Like an ointment or something??? and how much did it cost for both? and for just one?

What do you mean LOL you don't put anything on it you keep it clean it cost 35 each

hands pap?

Yo today this lady told me I should become a hand model LMAO

How do you like the better than arc mascara?

Makes my lashes look so good but omg it comes off and gets all over my lower lash line and smudges SMFH I wanna try to water proof one to see if it'll prevent that


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