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Did you watch 50 Shades of Grey yet?
Havent you had any fake fucking friends who fuck with you and talk shit about you? Whatd you do? Ughh i cant stand people
ummm in the past! LOL i dropped them not worth my time
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Honestly I feel you in an emotional for your ask about Caitlin. I have a an older sister that's 22 & I'm in high school and she acts like she's 10. She never cleans after herself & does nothing in her room all day. It's worrying since she's practically an adult and isn't doing anything with her life
LOL that's kinda lame... sorry no offense to your sister haha
Just knowing that your sister is as annoying and rude like mine makes me feel so much better because someone else understands the pain!!! Just wanted to say that lol
well welcome to the club we can share our frustrations together
You get extra credit for dressing up?
yeah whoever twins with my teacher gets extra credit
Do you think the Beautyblender is really worth $20?
What color are you and vu wearing to prom?
idk surprise!!! its predictable lol
Ive had these friends since ms, but idk if i should even consider them my "best" friends anymore. I know they are closer to each other than i am with them, and once i caught them talking shit about me. We've made up and everything was fine. Now i feel like theyre talking shit about me again.
I don't know..that sucks honestly but friendships don't always last. Expand your circle, you might find better people worth your time. Don't waste time and effort on people who don't treat you well even if you had a good past. It's not worth it you deserve more
As if dealing with moles werent bad enough now theres stoichiometry wtf i quit life
I feel this on an emotional level
My hair is breaking what can I do to fix it
Cut it off lol stop using heat use good serums and conditioners
But the more you floss the less you bleed and the less sensitive they get...and flossing is actually really important because the gunk in your gums can actually go to your heart
I know that's why in trying to floss more now!! LOL
Are you nervous about graduating?
why do you hate flossing?
I am lazy and I have sensitive gums so it hurts :( and I bleed LOL
Was ap human geo easy
It was alright LOL if it's NOT your first AP class it's SOOO easy. It's a good transition course though to prepare you for other APS though! Just so you know what to expect/difficulty/workload
how many ap classes did you take sophomore year?
Just one human geography
How would i ask if she has any feelings for me?
Ask her to chill with you lol like ask her on a date and make sure it's clear it's the two of you
Then just kinda make it clear it's a date by like paying for her and stuff flirt you know
See how she responds!!
how many/what classes do you recommend taking senior year?? should i relax and take 5 or 6 or 7? does it matter much in the college decision process bc they look at senior courses? sorry i'm having a crisis haha!
I am taking 5 LOL. I would def recommend taking five maybe six if one is TA! Just because it's important to show colleges you are still taking classes and trying but remember you Have a lot of standardize testing college apps and scholarship things to do too so 5 will be chill to do all that while maintaining good grades!
Pap of your prom heels? :)
Pap of your prom heels? :)
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oh why not?
hes always out haha idk
do you and vu webcam a lot?
no not anymore
But nonetheless he's still my sibling and all that and I hope one day he wont be a pain in the ass especially when I go to college dear lord
Good luck to you and your family!
what are your opinions about abortion? just a curious question
I'm pro choice
You should go to sleep and get better faster! :)
I've been taking naps all day and I just woke up so I'm currently very awake!
Yah my bro is hella shady towards me and my family. like one time he asked his friends to meet up outside our house to play ball and specifically told my mom to not come outside bc she was gonna ask 'weird and boring' questions like ???? imma slap you in the face if ya dont sit yo high ass down son
wtf? that's so messed up. i get tempted to smack caitlin all the time
My sister does that too!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like I can't control her, not that I'm trying to control get but it's basic things that need to be done and she turns it into something that's rude and disrespectful. Isn't crazy how we grow up with the same parents but sibling turn out differently,
siblings lmao just pray they'll turn out okay