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Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
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Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
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ask away cause im deactivating soon
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Anons are poking at your insecurities just to make their ugly asses feel pretty. You're like a goddess, so fuck them, and just continue being your gorgeous self. xoxo
love you xx
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this a diff anon but omg in my apush we have 2 chapter of notes during the WEEK every week and then lecture then test T_______T
Yeah but I liked APUSH LOL despite all of the lectures and reading
I wanna take apush and ap psych but I dropped ap world and they said I couldn't take any ap historys :/ do you know if they will actually kick me out of the class if I try to take it?
Do you go to lowell...? Because if you do they won't drop you from it
what about ap psych? how much hw/ reading did you have to do for that?
For my class I had barely any hw and no reading (but some teachers do give out reading+book notes) the only HW we had was to study the notes we took in class for tests (which were like 80% of our grades)!!
Do you have acne scars that are sort of a depression on the skin? If so how do you treat it?
Ummm not really and I don't think so unless you get a chemical peel
Hey! Those Anons that made a mean comment about your make up, who cares! Who cares about them & their shitty comments okay. 凸^-^凸 We can wear whatever we want as long as we think we're pretty wearing it. I hope you feel better (:
Thank you lovely ^_^
How much homework and reading did you have for apush?
UH I had reading like 20-40 pages every weekend then a reading quiz on Monday. We then did lectures and activities Tuesday-Friday and ended the week with a test on what we lectured about that week. We didn't have hw aside from that very often maybe once every two weeks... And we had big exams every like four.
Do you watch anime
no but i did watch death note like back in middle if that counts
You still look pretty with or without makeup :3
Ok honestly I'm getting really annoyed with shit I get for my makeup like I'm about to deactivate
Like seriously yall keep poking at my FRRAKING insecurities let me do what I fucking want because in the end what makes me feel better about myself is all that matters so fuck off its so fucking annoying like I wear makeup to hate myself less thanks
(Sorry I'm answering this on your nice question because I got annoyed and deleted the rude ones.)
Your makeup looks like a mask though... You should get foundation matched
Please I don't care if it makes me feel better about myself then you shouldn't FUCKING WORRY ABOUT IT
no offense but you're gorgeous
No offense but you're sweet
I wish I can be as skinny as you! You're fit as well! D:
I have a really high metabolism! Haha
mother fucking anon sit your jealous ass down
What are pussy ass anons for? No lives
no offense but your makeup doesn't look good in person
No offense but you should fuck off
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Have you ever felt insecure about your looks?
why do you think i wear makeup dude
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in love with ur DP forever ahahah <3  Ningwa [SEHUN's]
aw thank you <3
oops just read what you're majoring in sorry lol
its okay thanks for actually scrolling down! LOL
gooooood luck annalise on your college apps and everything! I hope you get into all the schools you want :^) have fun your senior year, I'm leaving tomorrow and it's all hitting me right now aaaahhhh! you're so gorgeous and kind, I'm glad I met you even though I was SUPER awk haha <3  Shannon Tse
Thank you so much Shannon ^_^
Oh my gosh I wish we could of hung out more before you left!! Hopefully when you get back from break we can grab lunch again!! I hope you have the best time in college because you totally deserve it ❤️❤️❤️
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Vu thoughts on Sam Pepper's fake butt pinching video
I wish he would pinch Annalise's so I could punch his haircut into a buzz cut
That shit is hella disrespectful "famous" or not
Anyone else would have been arrested why shouldn't he?
It's only fun if you drink at a rave LOL but dont drink.... ur too young...
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What does a translucent powder do?
It sets your foundation, mattifys it, absorbs oil
Why catholic tho
It doesn't really matter to me what religious affiliations the school has as long as it's not overbearingly shove their beliefs down my throat bad
Would u want to go to a rave
Heck yeah haha probably this summer
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haha i remember pepperdine universtiy from zoey 101, PCA was my dream school when I was younger
Why do you wanna apply to a private catholic college ..
what's wrong with going to a private school wtf not everyone wants to go to a UC