damn how does judy have 10.9k followers on ig lol


Did you go to flume?


How did you find out someone is uploading photos of you..? There's so many creepy weirdos out there 😣😣

Someone told Caitlin's friend who told Caitlin who told me

Do you usually go to raves/music festivals sober or do you take any drugs? If so what kind lol

I always go sober unless my boyfriend goes with me! So far we've only gone to hard together and we plan to go to porter and maybe marshmello together! So basically 85% of the time I go sober

What did you take at mdbp (;

Nothing I went sober

Where did you get your cat ears headband?


what shoe size are you normally? my adidas superstars are size 7 too but it feels so loose when i walk T_T

I wear 6 in heels and 6.5 in normal shoes ^_^ mine are big but they're still wearable! Wear thicker socks

how do you dance at raves and concerts and maybe even parties? im just curious because i really suck at dancing cuz im too embarrassed to, but i really wanna get hyphy and join the fun lmaooo

Dance however you feel like dancing dude!!!! Dance by yourself or with friends or random strangers up to you!!! No correct way to dance LOL also if depends on what kinda music you feel
Like if the event is for trap or deep house it's gonna be way different dancing then bass which is head banging n shit

hello! i just wanted to quickly say that being vegan doesn't mean we would never, ever in our life harm another creature. it would be morally acceptable to attack anything we find to be DANGEROUS to ourselves. it's just we don't believe in harming INNOCENT animals like cows & chickens & pigs & etc!

This was so random LOL what inspired the rant

What size are you in the adidas superstars? And do they fit comfortably bc when I tried it on the heel part felt loose when walkng..

Mine are kinda big for me!!! I'm wearing a 7 even tho I should be a 6.5 :3 I feel like the shoes r just pretty wide in general

Is it natural/normal for boyfriends to look at other girls like their ass or something at times?

Ummmm unless I tell my man to look at a girls ass he shouldn't be staring

Y do girls wear thong bikinis at the beach

They're comfortable with how they booty looks

Picture of your pandora bracelet and charms please!?

How was MDBP

Best event I've gone to probably! Jai wolf, Dillion Francis, tiësto, and slushii were all SOOO good

your cousin yvonne looks more like you than your sis does lool do you get that a lot and are you guys first cousins

Yeah we get that a lot and yes my dad is her moms bro

Do you think drinking is an essential part of college? Stats actually say that a pretty surprisingly large imo percentage of people including students don't like to or rarely do it in life, but idk how it'll be like in reality cause Im kind of intimidated by what college could be like

No it's not an essential part... There will be situations where people will be drinking and encourage you to drink and whatever but hey it's up to you! Or maybe your just not the kind to go to parties much then your basically ok lol people don't just drink alone in their room

Can you just download reading material for class on a kindle instead of getting the hard copy book?

Usually yeah it's up to you unless your professor says no

How long did it take for you to get hired at starbucks and how was the interview?

Umm I got hired on the spot haha and it was okay I mean the questions were pretty easy

Favorite matte liquid lipstick brand and color? Please give me a few of them! (':

I don't really like matte liquid lipsticks that much:( like I like regular lipsticks more! But if I have to chose then I like KVD... Double dare is a really pretty color! Kylie's lip kit in Candy K is pretty nice too. Idk I don't like them that much because they are like pretty drying, gotta remove it completely to reapply, and they flake off when you eat and stuff

Do you watch Thai dramas/lakorns?

I've only watched one!

do you use deodorant a lot? how do you keep body odor under control

Yea I use it everyday

what are your favorite places to go in SF?

All I do is go out n eat lol

What online website did take drivers ed?

I don't remember I took it like two years ago! Sorry!

hmm how about your all time faves foundation?

I really enjoy the Estée Lauder double wear and too faced born this way


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