Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
San Francisco
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
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Do you like sparkling or still water?
Sparkling water is disgusting and only rich people who can afford to drink it regularly pretend to like it
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if you werent at lowell where would you go for highschool?
Probably SI
Well I do, Victoria just got fat. I thought she was pretty in middle school but not anymore.
Weird exception haha well thanks
How do you know Yvonne ?
She's my cousin
You look way print tier now than you were on middle school
Obviously dude I don't know anyone who got uglier since middle school
whats ur insta?
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
Don't let the rooster cadoodle his cock inside your henhole.
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Omg you're probably gonna get 1000 likes on that bus photo!!!
Thoughts on kpop
I listen, watch, and follow korean entertainment
do you have tumblr?
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what was your lowest gpa so far ? i feel like lowell just wants to KILL ME
Like a 2.83 LOL
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Show me where to kiss? :*
Sgood baby
Show me where to kiss? :*
Hey beautiful x  cam caddick
What's good nigga
Hey beautiful x
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you look like you're trying way too hard in your twit con
you look like you're trying way too hard in your twit con
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I think I saw you around Irving today??? Near Walgreens but I didn't want to say hi because you seem scary to approach hahah
Probably was me haha next time feel free to! I love saying hi to people.
you're pretty hurt in person js
I think what you're experiencing right now is projection... Please see a psychologist to sort those issues out...
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can you post a pic of your makeup collection? Do you have the most makeup at your school
No it's too messy sorry LOL and i don't know probably in the top 5 though
how do you get so many ig likes when you're so unpopular in person???? lol
Are you stupid? I'm not sure if you're being serious or not? I have a lot of followers, which has nothing to do with how many friends I have in person. Do people with 100k+ followers know all their followers? No.
Lots of friends doesn't mean being popular. Popularity means a lot of people KNOW who you are.
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What is a good website for k drama
viki or dramafever
get ad block tho
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I hate how when girls rant to guys and the guy totally disagrees with her opinion. You're supposed to support the girl to make her feel better, not twist her words around and make her feel like crap.
well i think they should be able to disagree with her opinion but its not right to twist her words around ahha
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what does daisy to do you annalise
think of a lesbian couple
now subtract the sex and making out
that's basically our relationship
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What are some good websites to watch kdramas?
Viki and dramafever make sure you have Adblock though
Got any tips on how to keep a convo going with the girl or boy you like
Send her shit like this
Got any tips on how to keep a convo going with the girl or boy you like
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but youre still here LOL
1) i said i was gonna deactivate once i send out my college apps
2) a few weeks ago i decided not to