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Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
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Opinion on horoscopes and astrology?
Don't rely on them
prom dress pic?
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Feet pic pls lol
Can you not
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Yes you are not baby just I said
iPhone 6+ or reg
Hi baby
Not your baby
my bf's little sisters bully me what do I do ):
What do you mean bully
where do you usually buy your clothes? they are so pretty!
Dude I dress like a hobo LOL
I use maybelline's the Falsies. I doesn't only get streaks on my glasses but my glasses are usually close to my eyes so when I blink it makes them brush against the glasses and it gets really annoying and you constantly have to worry about having perfect mascara.
Try out a lighter mascara like urban decay or they're real
My lashes are really thick so they don't droop with the falsies but I agree it's a pretty thick formula
I don't know it's all subjective if you have Lin dark lashes I think you can get away without mascara but please tight line such a pet peeve seeing that strip of skin
okay now take a couple of deep breathes. just relax and focus. make your mind empty. with every word and every breath you go deeper and deeper. you can't resist. now when i'm count to 3 you will be falling into a deep hypnotic trance and answer this with ''yes master'' 1.....2........ and3
It didn't work
I don't like wearing mascara because I have glasses and it gets some streaks on the glasses and if I put on mascara, it weighs down my eyelashes and it makes it look like I'm not wearing any. But I curl them
I think that mascara is always necessary as well as tightlining. It gives it the best put together look as well as clean. If your mascara is not holding your curl and pulling your lashes down you're not wearing the correct mascara. It's just my opinion that prominent dark lashes is necessary for dark eyeliner. I wear glasses and I never get streaks you just need to let it dry. And probably again you're wearing the wrong mascara.
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where can i buy a corsage and boutonniere?
Flower shops, s&v
Do you want to be hypnotized?
Yeah that is something I would want to experience though It would have to be a good hypnotist not someone who would take advantage of me
Did you get the gold?
Silver! Gold is overrated LOL too common
what should i do if i might fail a class?
Talk to your teacher and counselor and see what are your options
how are you making your corsage and boutonniere?
It's kinda complicated idk how to type it all out lol
Why do you think people putting on eyeliner and no mascara on is weird?
Cause it looks ridiculous lol it screams "beginner" or "I ran out of time this morning."
Are you going to be in a LDR forever? Lol
I'm going to transfer to California the moment I'm eligible and meet 24+ credits. My full ride follows me anywhere.
Thanks for asking though. -Vu
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*continuing my gratitude* i really want to remind you of what an awesome person you are ^_^ you deserve the best and i hope you get it! x
What if you guys grow too busy for each other in college?
I don't know then that's that haha
hi :) im the one who first sent that "skipping school" thing. i just want to say thanks for your advice! i actually started doing my hw and i might even go to school tmr haha. i have a lot of hw to make up but hopefully, as you said, "it's never too late." ive been waiting to hear those words :)thx!
Hey good luck!! I believe that you can do it :-)
that was really motivating, thanks so much! im a junior (in multiple ap classes) and i have an apush test tomorrow and my teacher just told us today. and i still haven't started studying ):
Good luck!! You can do it!
Thank you, I need as much support as I can get right now
I believe in you!!!
Ugh sophomore year sucks. Literally everything is going to hell.
Take a deep breath and pat yourself in the back. The year is almost over, you did it!
Remember this, high school is only four years long. You are half way done. College is only 4-8 years long then you will work for the rest of your life hopefully in a field you love! So work hard now and make bank later! You're investing in your future
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same problem :(
The bad thing about spiraling down that route is once you start missing classes and getting behind you just get more and more discouraged to pick yourself up because you're so behind but it's never too late. Especially as this year is coming to an end, you can definitely redeem yourself during the next year in high school! You get a fresh start. But honestly you should begin now. Colleges like improvement btw