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what's the max acceptable age difference between couples?!!

For the older person: Half your age + 7 is the general rule lolol

i stalked his twitter and he said he's 21 LOL idk i just think it's weird cuz theyve been dating for over a year so he started dating her at like 14 when he was 19 or 20... im trying not to judge but IT'S WEIRD

It is weird dude lol srry if he's 21 it would mean that when he was a senior in high school or freshman in college she was a eighth grader?¿

funny u say that bc i think lexy's bf is 21 lmao and she's like 15/16 so i think it's kinda weird

She's 16 and I think he's either 19 or 20? It is weird but why r u bringing her up LOL so random like I barely know her

what do u think about a 15 year old girl dating a 21 year old lol

Literally gross as fuck lol... what's a grown man doing dating a child LOL like something has to be FUCKING wrong with him to be preying on children cause he can't get girls his age or he's just a creep ass


What the fuck

im so sad i turned down this cute boy all because my insecurities wont let me feel confident in myself :( i just have this really pretty picture so he saw that and hmu and we talked and had fun. but now idk if i should hanging out but what if he sees im uglier in person ;___;

girl its just a pic, you might think you look really different but you probably look exactly the same to everyone else and if he stops talking to you over a slight change in appearances, which he should already expect cause people never look exactly like selfies, then hes trash

Caucasian race (also Caucasoid,or Europid is a grouping of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon, including some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia.Caucasian has to do w skull structure, not hair color.

Your statement is literally irrelevant to what I've been saying
I'm saying white people of European descent call themselves Caucasian because they assume Caucasian is the "more politically correct" or "sophisticated" version of white such as calling someone African American instead of Black.

Even if they are calling themselves Caucasian, its based on a racist type of science/history? AND IT HAS NO BASIS?? The whole idea that it has to do with skull structure is literally bullshit if you werent reading off of a wikipedia page of what the founder INTENDED.
His classification had literally no type of proof? He just wanted to classify different people in order to make scientific racism a thing which hahaa yes guessed it contributed to the Nazi party beliefs (he was literally german?) and he called it Caucasian after the people ACTUALLY in the Caucusous.
"It was postulated that the natives of the Caucasus exhibited the idealized physical appearance so the Caucasus were believed to be the birthplace of mankind. The logic behind this idea — the assumption that Whites exhibit the best physical appearance — is implicitly racist."
And so people shouldnt be using the word Caucasian to describe themselves of European descent bc
1) literally racist, baseless science used to discriminate and uphold white supremacy
2) not even from the Caucasus region
3) if that were the logic all Asians would be calling themselves Mongoloid instead??

so shut up say youre European white and move on

what eyeliner do you use?

Liquid: stila
Gel: Bobbi brown

just so you know the definition of caucasian is a white person of european descent lol

A Caucasian is a person from the Caucasus region 🙄 white people for some reason??? Decided that they wanted to call themselves Caucasian instead of European I have no idea why and this term spread FALSELY but they literally sound really stupid calling themselves Caucasian when they are not from this area???

BUT REALLY A CAUCASIAN IS A PERSON FROM THE CAUCASUS REGION!!! Which is basically the Middle East+lower region of Russia(where most people look pretty mixed Asian too ex. Black hair)???

Well hope you stay confident and know it's diff for everyone but it's nbd and you're great :)

Aw thanks :3

do you wear makeup when you go to work?

Yup yup

But yours seems perfect?? :0

:( compared to their gurus??? No way

Will you start your channel up again??

I'm not sure LOL I've been getting less and less confidence in my makeup skills

do you think it's weird to meet someone on tinder lol if you weren't with vu, would you try it out?

I dunno tinder is kinda only for hook ups and i can't do casual hook ups i have to have a meaningful relationship w u

Idk how to describe it but I feel like my makeup will never look like.. all the people I see on social media. Idk how to describe it. It's never.. perfect ??

Honestly I feel like that too but whatever

Is there a reason in particular you didn't want to go to UCs? Just curious, I didn't either lol

Basically I didn't want to go to a school that was so big that I would have to compete for classes and housing and because of that not being guaranteed to graduate on time/ have somewhere to live

ALSO UCs don't have my program it's more of a private or state thing!!! I think only riverside had my program

do you prefer HOL boudouirs or iconics? btw you look super cute in your twitter/ask pic!! <3

Boudoirs! Thanks!

is it excessive to wear falsies every day lol :(


Which 4 events are you going to?

Steve Aoki

I feel like you would be a great friend to have irl lol

Trust me man I've been dating her for almost four years and she's literally the bestest and most down friend anyone could ever be blessed with. Her friends don't deserve her. 🙄

but still... how did you get over the fact that everything, in the end, really IS pointless and meaningless? Like we're all going to die and be buried or cremated and no longer exist so why go through all the trouble of living *sigh* i know philosophers have yet to find a final answer but yeah..

Well yeah life is basically pointless at the end but you're gonna live it anyways so might as well make it something somewhat enjoyable and make an impact on this world whether it's at a large scale or just like your family/friends and the future generation

And I'm saying for me I realized I was gonna live life anyways because though I was sad and confused and all I truly didn't want to die? Like I thought about it but I knew in my heart I wasn't actually gonna do it. I just wanted to change how I felt/my situation? Like ya stuff sucks right now but I know there are things out there in life that I do enjoy and love and want to do.
And it would be kinda I don't wanna say selfish but selfish of me to leave everyone in my life simply because I couldn't handle my current situation when I could def find it in me to change it so ya

Also i let go of others expectations for me and the materialistic value of money over happiness like my happiness and self care and love outweighs money/others opinions or expectations like this is my life not yours!!!!!
Dunno if you feel the same as me like ya it's hard

do you think you would do equally well in math and science courses or do you think liberal arts / humanities is your forte only

I feel like if I was passionate enough I could def do really well in math/science :3 but for math I have to have like really good teachers I can never really self teach myself math... and I'm not awful at science I have aced all my science courses at Lowell aside from AP bio but apparently I wasn't that bad at it cause I got a 4 without studying?

omg :( im so glad you're happier now! or so i hope. your situation in sophomore year perfectly describes my situation right now lol how did you get over it :( like lately im just a walking pessimistic sack of sadness and all i do is complain about how sad i am lol :-(

Thank you!!! I am definitely pretty content and optimistic about life now :-)

Idk I think like I was really there contemplating like if life would get better you know?? And I was just like thinking yeah everything seems so pointless now but what do I want my future to look like and like I'm young I have all this opportunity and time to change my situation that makes me so sad and to get to where I want to be if I start now.

And once I kinda figured out what I want in life I kinda just felt motivated to work towards it and accomplishing small goals to get there just makes you feel really good about it and happy and optimistic (but this is also why I hate when things don't go my way lol it messes me tf up)

And the happier you are the more you can enjoy the present u feel
Idk if I'm making any sense or actually expressing how I actually feel because it's all so weird now that I used to feel that way

Do you think you are comfortable with revealing your ACT + SAT scores now that high school is long behind us lol also what were all the AP exams you took?

O yeah and I took
Human geography
Us history
Micro economic
Macro economics
Environmental science
Whoops jk I took 7 not 8!!! And if u didn't read this before I deleted I said I got a 30 on ACT (but 31 if I superscored) and my SAT was either a high 1900 or low 2000 which is why I sent my ACT scores to schools not SAT

also im so fucking sorry for being annoying / sort of weird but i am really curious about your situation LOL like how come you did so poorly in sophomore year? if you are comfortable with sharing

Uhhhhh basically I hated school and life and everything and I was really tired of everything and skipped school A LOT. Like literally acquired hundreds of absences LOL I really didn't see the point in school or even life and I was confused and sad all the time
And the more behind you fall in school the even less motivated you are so ya idk it's complicated lol


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