do you use deodorant a lot? how do you keep body odor under control

Yea I use it everyday

what are your favorite places to go in SF?

All I do is go out n eat lol

What online website did take drivers ed?

I don't remember I took it like two years ago! Sorry!

hmm how about your all time faves foundation?

I really enjoy the Estée Lauder double wear and too faced born this way

What websites would you recommend to buy college textbooks?


You're great at giving advice! You must be a good older sister lol. I don't know why people would ask for your advice and not take it..

Aw thank you! Some of my friends def don't listen to my advice ever lol but jokes on them cause it always ends up backfiring

Do you mind asking you some questions about Starbucks? I'm thinking about applying there :)


What advice do you have for the first day of college? I will be starting this week.. Super nervous😐 also what materials (like notebooks or binders) did you bring on the first day?

First day I bought a folder, some paper, writing utensils, and my laptop!

First week of college is lots of excitement and fun and the advice I can give you would def be different whether you are living at home or on campus!!! So which are you?

Is it bad that I don't want and trust my bf to go to a bonfire where they'll be smoking and drinking

Why don't you trust him

Are you a democrat or republican?


what's your fave foundation??

It changes a lot but rn I'm feelin the new Milani one :3 but I just started using it because I ran out of my born this way foundation...

Would you let your boyfriend go to a bonfire/party by himself/with his friends without you?

He goes to parties all the time without me LOL

Likers get: Jhappi / Pappi / Rakhi / Bum pe laat this is new pls do this pls pls

I don't even know what this means

Are you gonna vote for Hilary even tho everyone doesn't like her bc people said they're gonna vote for her just cause they don't want trump

I have a lot to say on this but in short, most likely, yes, to keep trump out I will vote for Hillary. (Even tho its electoral votes that matter lmao)

Does your dip brow from ABH dry our? And when it does, do you use any oils for it?

It does!! I just add ONE drop of like baby oil lol

does your pandora bracelet rust

It has not yet!!! But I think it's less shiny. It needs to be polished

When are you going to LA?

I just got back!

what lashes were you wearing in your hardsummer pics? so pretty (:

Koko goddess :)

i thought vu wanted to be a dentist but now his bio says ee & math major + cs minor? wat happeened

He decided that dentistry wasn't for him and he liked and was more suited for math and electrical engineering! Plus he has been into like compsci/web design/coding and whatever so ya

own any tiffany and co ?

Ya my necklace

Hey, where's a good place to buy a bikini quickly? I'm going on vacation next week and I couldn't find any cute ones in F21, VS/Pink or H&M! I'm willing to look online but I'm not sure where to start :( please help!

That's kinda where I buy all of mine at a short notice sorry

where did you take drivers ed?


What do you think of 100% natural or vegan makeup/lipsticks? Have you tried any or do you know any brands?

Ummmm I don't specifically look for them/ don't have a preference... I mean I think I own a few but I'm not totally sure

Where is your shirt from in your recent Twitter post?

Charlotte Russe

diet/exercise routine?



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