Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
Annalise ♡ @AnnaliseTran
San Francisco
Lilies that fester, smell far worse than weeds.
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what does daisy to do you annalise
think of a lesbian couple
now subtract the sex and making out
that's basically our relationship
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What are some good websites to watch kdramas?
Viki and dramafever make sure you have Adblock though
Got any tips on how to keep a convo going with the girl or boy you like
Send her shit like this
Got any tips on how to keep a convo going with the girl or boy you like
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but youre still here LOL
1) i said i was gonna deactivate once i send out my college apps
2) a few weeks ago i decided not to
i thought you were deleting ask lol
yes and ???
Do you have a youtube?
vu is it weird that daisy does more romantic stuff for annalise than you do?
Mmm, I'll be honest, I have more than enough money to do all things romantic for her. Like last year I think I went above and beyond some months and days but this year, it's been really hard because I have to prioritize with school and bills and other things. Annnnddd, I live on the other side of the world and I can only do cute things for her when I'm down every three to four months. I think I do pretty good though if ya ask me, aha. But by saying Daisy does more cute things, I can agree and disagree :3
fave drinks from jamba juice?
I only get white gummy
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should i take ap hug for next semester for my 7th class? when did you take ap hug, your first or second semester?
Lol personally I would never take seven classes ESP if it's an ap class, maybe look at how you're doing now if you're willing to add more stress and work to it go for it. I took it first semester.
Was the prom proposal during the rally to your Daisy?
It was for daisy urbina!
Good bye mblaq
Pls stop reminding me of sad things
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Hi Annalise :) what are you going to be for boat?
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Where did you buy your costume?
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ANNALISEEEE will you do an updated makeup routine for us PRETTY PLEASE WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP :(
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how mnay points did you have before goin into lowell when you applied
goodbye luhan :(
Don't remind me
do you do any extra curriculars... like at all. i feel like you just take pictures of yourself
Excuse me not only do I take lots of pictures of myself but I cry a lot
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I'll Follow you until you love me... (To college) Long distance doesn't work in college ;)
Boy I'll beat your ass gtfo here
who cleans ur cat's litter box
Omg gurlieee i see my school's name on yo listttttttt ^_^  Yvonne ❁
Blame my parentals
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are there any clubs in lowell
Too many to count
how hard is lowell for you on the scale of 10 being the highest
Tbh usually my classes are pretty decent and then I have that ONE CLASS which DRAGS DOWN MY GPA AND SUFFER SO MUCH IN
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do you ever borrow caitlin's stuff and never give it back
We share the same room that's impossible
have you ever thought of getting your old bangs back? your old hair was so cute that im thinking of cutting my bangs ^_^
Yeah sometimes! But honestly I'm over the whole bangs thing especially cause I have wavy hair so it's a bit more effort to maintain them and they only looked good sometimes
what's your boat costume