What do you think of 100% natural or vegan makeup/lipsticks? Have you tried any or do you know any brands?

Ummmm I don't specifically look for them/ don't have a preference... I mean I think I own a few but I'm not totally sure

Where is your shirt from in your recent Twitter post?

Charlotte Russe

diet/exercise routine?


have u been on any vacation

This summer or in my life LOL this summer I went to Vegas and I'm going to la next week

where do u work at


How would I color correct my dark eye circles? I'm like a medium honey tan skin tone (I'm bad at describing lol) & my circles are a almost grayish color.. Would I use an orange concealer? Even tho I choose a darker concealer it never exactly hides my circles!! So orange I guess?

Definitely orange

How's ur summer

It's going fantastic! Making money eating good and being with Bae

I took my earrings out for like less than 20 seconds and now the back of the left one is closing already? it's obvious where the hole is but I can only get the earring in about 3/4.. Would it be okay to ask a nurse to re open the hole? Don't want to pay to repierce it.. Thanks

A nurse doesn't really know anything bout piercings lol just shove it in yourself TBH it's not that bad lol refrain from taking it out again for a long while tho

Are you gonna vote this year?

Hell yes

how do koko lashes compare to house of lashes?

HMMM they're kinda the same lol but Koko lashes are cheaper. But boudoirs are my fav so

Tips on studying for the SAT. Honestly ima fail

I didn't study lol YOLO

thoughts on a guy getting boners?

It's natural? Wtf LOL

Do you still hangout with Daisy Ma?

Ya ofc

What are your thoughts on guys who follow Instagram accounts filled with girls (models but most of their fame is from Instagram) and their almost nude self but he has a girlfriend

Lmao that ain't gonna fly by with me

Were they boyfriend jeans or were they skinny jeans?


How do girls notice them?

We have eyes lol sometimes it's noticeable lol or you can just tell by how sus they're acting

Or if it's someone you're getting intimate with you can just feel it lol if you're all pressed up against them

Which is better? Lyft or uber?


Does the roots of your hair start to smell? Like mine starts to smell if I don't wash it everyday.. I wash it every other day

The roots? No but the ends of my hair absorbs the smells of places I've been particularly restaurants or coffee from my work haha

In ur tweet about the foundation that's full coverage and not cakey which one did you use?

It's not really bout the foundation I used rather the method I used to put on my face but I used the too faced born this way foundation

Hey Annalise! Love your sense in style, and I came across a picture of you at Clarion Alley holding bubble tea and wondered where you got your entire outfit from if you don't mind me asking :) I really like your cardi, top and jeans in the picture

Cardigan: f21
Jeans: Pacsun or cotton on I can't remember right now
Top: brandy Melville

What Starbucks do u work at?

In presidio park

Lipstick advice?

What do you mean?

Do you like Jeffree Star as a person?

Not really anymore


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