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Annela Larsen @AnnelaIsabel
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would you have gotten circumcised if you had been a boy?
no comment
Do you think that boys should get circumcised after they are born?
no comment
3 prettiest girls you know?
i think everyones pretty in their own way
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What's your Chatous username?
what is that
What was the last movie you saw?
what kind of phone did you get?
Well they don't make my 5 and my insurance only replaced t with the 5c lol
when u gunna get ur phone?
I got it already like so long ago lol
Describe yourself
pissed bc i lost my mofo phone
Lol most of ur answers r idk
please dont tell me you dont want to be in honors because its not "cool"
I'm not in it because I transferred so it wasn't really an option and and it's too much work and I'm lazy so I don't even consider it
who is ur fav. comedian?
Don't have one
you seem lik a smart girl howcome ur not in honors
Bc I never tried to be
What reason would she have to hate any of the cheerleaders?
Why do I feel like this is all the same person
Bianca? Adilia? Jenna? Samantha?
No I don't hate any of them!!
Do you hate Fallon?
Haha that's funny! I hear different about you!
And that is called a rumor
fav. colour?
Don't have one probably black
Honey, everybody's got a type.
Yeah my type is attractive
dont be so down about a 135, people who went to 9th grade got worse
Sucks for them
135 is pretty good, you should be proud. :)
I guess
What are some things that you find hot in guys?
Idkkkk you just have to be attractive to me I don't have a specific type
wat u get on the psat?
135 but I never went to ninth grade so.
have u seen any cute boys lately??? XD
What would it take for us to be friends?
Just talk to me