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would you have gotten circumcised if you had been a boy?

no comment

Do you think that boys should get circumcised after they are born?

no comment

3 prettiest girls you know?

i think everyones pretty in their own way

What's your Chatous username?

what is that

What was the last movie you saw?


what kind of phone did you get?

Well they don't make my 5 and my insurance only replaced t with the 5c lol

when u gunna get ur phone?

I got it already like so long ago lol

who is ur fav. comedian?

Don't have one

you seem lik a smart girl howcome ur not in honors

Bc I never tried to be

What reason would she have to hate any of the cheerleaders?

Why do I feel like this is all the same person

Bianca? Adilia? Jenna? Samantha?

No I don't hate any of them!!

Do you hate Fallon?


Haha that's funny! I hear different about you!

And that is called a rumor

fav. colour?

Don't have one probably black

Honey, everybody's got a type.

Yeah my type is attractive

What would it take for us to be friends?

Just talk to me

Ur name is really sexy! Peace

Thanks I guess..

aqua blue eyes and fiery red hair, what a beautiful paradox


Ok, so then what are your favorite tv shows?

Les revenants, pretty little liars, and the vampire diaries

What are your favorite movies?


u play video games?

Not really



u single?


got new glasses?

No I just usually wear contacts


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