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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
To celebrate with her.
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Comment.. hmmm ma aap ko jnti nai lkn during swimming ar sun glasses.. cool ;) :p  Ridaa
best profile contest - 1st winner gets 300 likes and gift 2nd winner gets 200 likes and gift 3rd winner gets 100 likes and gift all you have to do is like 40 answers of ‎@arunsapra and snd a #bpc or @ on this account results will be declared on 2nd November so get maximum likes on your pic to win  famouspeople
Haina? :3
Dp rate: 8/10  Fatima Zabaish ✔✌
Sad :'3 </3 matlab ka 2 number kapra naa hona ki wajha sa kaat liya?
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aww thats so mean of her.
Tujsa sirf pyar keya hota to kab ka bhula daita,
Per ya dil ishq kar betha hai tujhsa,
Ab tu mujha bata kah tujha bhulaon bhi to bhulaon kaisa?
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hahahhahaha you`re a funny guy. Hope she gets you
Uska peecha Maina poetry shuru kardi :'3 ab dakhlo kitna complicated hai and she is not gonna come back :')
Wesay you must be committed haina?
Yes! I am committed to someone who is not committed with me. Complicated stuff
Thanks bhaii but I can`t untick. My guy will see it :p
Aik to insecure banda. Disappointment :'3 theek hai meri bhen.
hahahaha na karo yar apni BMW ki pic post karo.
Rofl BMW. You made my day anon! Untick fast I want to give you gifts and huggies :3
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You seem to be a rich guy!
Tauba astagfar. Mujha meri maa khana ko roti nahi daiti :3
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lol wassup nowadays?
Nothing much. Finding more ways to do fahashi! :3
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haha ap shokhay hojaatay hain foran.
Sirf apka liya ✌️
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Bari fahaash dp lgaai hui hai.
Bas ap logon ka dil bhi to rakhna hota hai <3
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Tbh - Nice Photo!  Minahil Bint Talat Sheikh
Thank you ✌️ kabhi kabhi he ati hai achi :3
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Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
They do cry and smile. Get your facts correct you dumb fuck!
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who would you hate to see naked?  Miss Tabitha ™
Any old fat person.
Ewwww :3
who would you hate to see naked?
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Tbh I don't really know yo but you seem to be a gud person your answers are really worth reading And ya dp rate-9/10  ✨ ☆ The Chosen One☆ ✨(✔)
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If you were a bird, where would you fly?
Jahanam (hell) :@@@@
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Dp (Y) :)  Aneeq Inam
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Funny story ?
Next level poetry
Funny story ?
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I have a crush on my best friend and he also likes me as per my other friends... What should i do ? - A GIRL =)
Hold tight and wait till he gets married or date someone else! Stupid.
Go give him hints! Spend more time with him and if he is really interest he will let you know! In Pakistan, you just can't be friends unless you are like zero percent attractive to him/her. Good luck though ✌️
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What beautiful Clothes they are: Aren't They??
Lalalalalalal :@@@
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Share something interesting ?
Share something interesting ?
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likes-done ^_^ followed..back maybe?  kush
Sure ✌️
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