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Arhum Imran @ArhumImran
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Dp rate - 4.5/5 :)  Kannupriyaa :')
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What do you portray of life if it was an animal?
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Attitude hun?  Samad Qureshi
Ya :3
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baava heavy <3 :p  Samad Qureshi
Ikr :3
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Thankyou:-)  Ariba Malik
Do you use insta?
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Um, thats rude  Ariba Malik
Relax. Kidding! Lums first :p study hard ok?
Um, so friends or fees??  Ariba Malik
Both :D
Um for sure yar inshalah ho jae ge friends :p Btw free nae ?? What do you mean !:  Ariba Malik
Ofc I'll talk my fees for that. Friend ban jaogi to Mufta lagao gi? :@ :D you have to treat me if you got accepted
Yeah na ik that study to bad ki bat ha entry test is the main part:/ But i'll work hard btw *_*  Ariba Malik
For entry test study for sat easy test afterwards. If unfortunately, we became friends I'll give you the keys points and guides how to go to lums :D but not for free
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Um, thankyou so much means alot Kher aftr my ics i'll go there
Good luck. You need to study hard for that. Like really hard!
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Aw :p lekin payara hona zaruri hai fir lums??  Ariba Malik
Yes! Apko to without merit rakh lainga *_*
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What so ever :p u should go there its an amaizing place  Ariba Malik
I am not pyara enough to go to lums *_* you are pyari you can go easily
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okay.  Farrukh Zulfiqar
Sorry ^^
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Oh sad to hear that any ways do apply in lums :❤️its my dream to go therr ufff*_* level hai seriously  Ariba Malik
Haha. They didn't gave me scholar ship :| I hate them.
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likes for likes, bro?  Farrukh Zulfiqar
Really tired :( I'll do it later
Aww:*_* Kia plans hai kis univrsty k?  Ariba Malik
Well, I got accepted in fast Comsat bnu and IBA. But I also got accepted in McGill Canada . Shit happened and I couldn't go abroad for some reasons and I didn't paid Pakistani universities fees. So, currently I don't have any uni to go :D
Ics :/ cous marks ache nae the thats why merit bhot ho gya ha :/  Ariba Malik
No worries. Atleast got into Kinnaird! I wish I could go Kinnaird as well *_*
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I'm in collg abi admission hua hai kinnaird :p monday ko orientation ha very exited  Ariba Malik
Wow! What are you gonna study from there ?
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Oh acha :) so wish you luck  Ariba Malik
Thank you so much. Wbu? College or Uni?
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first two likers get 10 likes?plz
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Haha okay sure so now in universty??  Ariba Malik
Ya! I am having some problems though. Not in university yet.
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Okay but i support pti❤️imran khan  Ariba Malik
Please. No political talk! No offence they all suck
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Forgot to untick:p  Ariba Malik
Np. :)
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Awlaaa :p Pti or pmln??
Pakistani ❤️
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No no :-) i love pathans but em not pathan em malik:-p  Ariba Malik
Malik jee :D
I am khan though ^^
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