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What's the biggest regret of your life?  sobanKHANpathan
Loving the same person thrice :'3
قافل شبابيكه وترباسه .. خسران نفسه خسران ناسه .. ملقاش الدنيا ع مقاسه .. ف رهنها واعلن افلاسه ..  Ahmed abdelkader
W T F ? 2 Likes = done + dare = 1. write my name on your hand and post its picture. 2. Change ur name to "I'm one dumbo" for 2 days OR 3. like my 15 answers.. Choose any 1 of the dare.. #BestOfLuck :)  ✨ Afifa Sheikh
Can you truly love more than one person?
tbh cute :3  Hareem Aqdas
:'3 thank you
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10 likes and send an ask with your name for thoughts and display rate :) ‎@Awq1310
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What do you do when you get angry?  sobanKHANpathan
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please like this page or atleast visit it for once :) you will not regret it! help us grow with just one like ! Please! :)
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followed :) I.e. if that's fine with you? back maybe?  Hamza Touqeer (Not a penguin)
Lol. Ofc it is ok! ✌️ followed back
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How are you enjoying the lovely Lahori weather? (asking to the people I follow)  Bhai Jaan
No. Bohat thand hai bc :'3
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followed ^ـــ^  Ahmed abdelkader
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Dp Rate - 9/10
date/not=not  Maha
Aww :( but I like deepika :'3
2 people like this ... the one commented or cutida this video on youtube Thank you?  jessé Sá
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dp rate 8/10  ayesha
like = dare 1.change ur name to justin_bieber lover for 3 days 2.put = follow ‎@AimanSaba677 in ur bio 20 of my answers now it is upto u :)  Aiman ^.^
Yeh Justin bieber wala mazak acha nahi laga :'(
done !  An Nas !
Same ✌️
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10 likes = 10 likes ?  An Nas !
Sure. Go first !
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
Only one :'3
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I've replied to u.. bcz u have liked my answer of talk or not.. I am not asking to talk or not.. just read the question properly and answer it properly or remove it frm ur wall  Fatima Fiaz
Kindly next time you do someone like that post it like this talk or not? Talk.
You can read your question it is
like = talk or not talk. Well, as you can see it's not my mistake. Anyways, sorry.
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Like for tbh Sir your display is really decent :)  Mahnoor Khan Salvatore ★
Thank you ma'am :'3
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3 people like this like = compliment: Cool Display Picture.
Well, thank you ✌️ followed!
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1st liker 50 likes & follow and rest 5 likes?
First = 10 though
Rest = 2 likes
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