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How many hours do you sleep at night?
4-5 hours :'3
We are NO PTI, NO PMLN, NO MQM, NO PPP. We are just Pakistani and we highly codemn this bullshit and looser activity by terrorists. Support Pak Army and let them finish these germs from our country :) (If you don`t agree with me please ignore)  Samad Qureshi
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pap with your bae?
I recently lost my mobile so don't have one!
p.s i don't have a bae :'3
Current relationship status? #nohateplz
I am single! Untick? #nohate :'3
What do you like to cook?
French Fries :'3
Like = 10 likes for first 3 and 1 for the rest? ^-^
Ok :'3
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How Do You Show Your Anger?  sobanKHANpathan
:'3 aisa
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Share some of your top favourite music tracks.  Samad Qureshi
Calvin Harris & John Newman - Blame
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first 2 liker get 15 likes rest get its up to you :) hope you won't say no. #boringsunday
OK :'3
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aye nae tum meri wall pr barrey arsey se :3  Ahsan Uzair
I lost my mobile :'3 No social networking :x Plus i don't use ask much! tch tch </3
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8 likes for 1st 3 liker? please?
Sure :'3
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10 for 10 likes :) ?  maryam
6 people like this - What do you think of this Song/Music Video
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Like =ask Pap of ur fav thing....  Mahnoor Rizwan
Like =ask 
Pap of ur fav thing....
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Have you ever played tennis?
No :'3
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What is the best way to spend a Saturday night in your opinion?  Samad Qureshi
Eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep and repeat
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Dp : 8/10 :')  Zeelaf
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What makes you cry?
When the person you loved the most! don't give a shit about you </3
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like= 5 likes? pleaseeeeee
First like = 10 likes
Rest = 1
And special ones will get = 20 likes
I'll try to do it all till 10 pm :'3
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Salam friends mujhe namaz ki aadat nai parti itnay din nikal jaatay hain ma namaz nai parta or duniya ki ayaashio ma magan rehta hu jis se meri zindagi bht buri direction pe chali gai hai. I think Allah mian mujh se naraz hain please mujhe kuch way btain jis se mujhe namaz ki adat parh jaye :'(
:X neeyat achi rakho Allah madad kara ga!
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Hey! Can you please report this account its my friends, It has been recently hacked :) If you do i would really appreciate :') It only takes a minute.. Please do it :'\ God bless you :")
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Lilac for u boy
Kindly untick so that I can see what is lilac :'3
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