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Arhum Imran @ArhumImran
Arhum Imran @ArhumImran
Ex-Beaconite | Forever Alone | BBA | Dota Fan | Scorpio | 13 November | 19 | Ask ? :) Kik: LodaFanz Instagram: Arhum.Imran BBM: 7D69344A
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first 2 liker get 20 likes rest is upto you? #boringsundaypleaseee :(
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Don`t you feel that foot fetish is growing more in boys day by day? They are asking girls for post picture of their feet and asking for many other imaginary foot things?
Wtf? :3
2 people like this - *gives you a huggie* :'))
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like= 6 likes? *-*
Ok *_*
I already have 10 abs. :'3 no need
first liker get 35 likes rest get 2?
Likes blocked! Sorry
Dp rate : 8/10  Sakshi!
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Why do zombies like brain so much?
Because they don't have one :'3
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Like= 3 likes for first few, Please please pretty please ^_^ P.s Display<3
Ok :'3
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Followed :)) may be follow back ?  Abubakar Chaudhry
Done ✌️
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Allah ki shaan hea :')  Hira Shoaib
Kon? :'3
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happy? ^_^  Hira Shoaib
Happy :)
You be so K3w!
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haww, de dein ge, thori deir ruk jao? :P  Hira Shoaib
:'3 main foran daita hon :(
Jaldi likes chaiya
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:'3 likes he nahi daita log farig customers hain apka -.-
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What would you name your first child?
Daughter = koko
Son = spongebob
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Like= 3 likes for first few? ^_^ p.s Amazing display *-*
First 5 only and exception for extra ordinary people *_*
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like = 5 likes for first few ?
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following u follow back? (asking to everyone that I follow) :p  hammad chand
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Ok you can fuck me. But don`t cry when my turn comes.  Samad Qureshi
Tauba. :3
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Which one do you support? 1)GO NAWAZ GO 2)RO IMRAN RO  Samad Qureshi
None. And fuck you :D
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Followed, back may be?  Farhan Sheikh
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followed you back maybe?  lover boy ❤️
Done ✌️
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What is the most overplayed song of all time?
Young & beautiful
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Name some beauties of *_*
I don't use ask much :( idk I only know one beauty and she is ❤️
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