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Heyy ariana I lurve like all ur songs but I like ur acting more!!! I love Sam n cat and I also love victorious xxxx r u gonna make any new movies? X  Nishka
I would call it...
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Love you  Axel Rivas
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Come kik babe <333  Lars
I love you babe I will on sec
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NOTE TO FANS!  Ariana Grande
Hey Guys So I went to twitter and saw that macbarbie07 is doing a giveaway and I clicked on that hashtag and I noticed someone ‎@calmandbeari I think we should help her How about if she Say RETWEET please RETWEET I hope I'm hopefully helping a fan please this would be amazing !xoxo
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Love you for ever <3333 xxx  Lars
You too baby
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What's it like working with Mac miller? Is he nice? (ps your extremely talented!)  grace
Thank you he is awesome!:)
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Hi ariana! I'm going to sound so cheesy but you're actually perfection,you're one of the most beautiful classist women I have ever seen and if you answered this it would be a dream come true! I love you! Could you maybe follow me on twitter?i completely understand if you can't! Love you,my idol <3  Chloe Hugh
Awh you are so sweet! Did your dream come true already ? Love you too baby
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I love you so much Ari<3 youre perfect<3  Zoe Street
Thank you babe
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Can I get a follow on twitter please ‎@nickzkickz. I love you a lot xxxx  nicholas mcfarlane
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i love  NellyVasquezS
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Can I meet you sometime?
Your choice!
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Ariana Grande ! Please please pleaseee follow me on twitter ! Xxx pleaasseee ! Iloveyouuu <3 follow me please on twitter - ‎@xkusjeyasmine_
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If your plane was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?
Probably my mom or brother
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Happy Birthday Ariana! :)  Alfonso B
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Cats or dogs?
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Can I meet you??  erin
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Will you be my date to my senior Prom next May?  Michael Wolfe
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Happy birthday!
Thank you
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Happy birthday ari love you xxxxxx
Thank you
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Oh we'll I like Sam and cat a lot too  Dakota
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How are u??<3  Vita Drčec
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happybirthday!! you wont reply but yeah xx hope you and jai have a spiffing time  kiarah stubbs
Thank you!
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Wats your kik and can u please follow me on instagram, please beautiful  Rashad gage
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When is your birth day?  Nicholas Wyatt Travis
June 26
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